How do I co-term my Signagelive Digital Signage licences?



I purchased Signagelive licences on different dates over the course of the year and now my licences all expire at different times. Is there a way to co-term all of my licences to one common expiration date? 


We are often asked by customers if it is possible to co-term their licences to one common expiration date to simplify their renewal process moving forward. We are happy to let you know that YES, this is a feature that is available for our customers to take advantage of! 

You may be asking yourself, what exactly does co-terming licences mean

If you purchase and activate Signagelive licences at different dates over a course of time you will have different expiration dates across your network. Once you purchase a Signagelive term licence, the clock on the licence does not start counting down from the date of purchase; but rather once you have activated the licence on your preferred device. As your network grows and you activate licences over time, you may end up with a network with players expiring on different dates. If this is the case with your network, you then need to make sure to renew your licences at different times throughout the year. This can be time consuming and make it difficult to budget your digital signage portion on an annual basis. 

An easier option for some of our customers is the ability to renew all of your subscriptions at the same time, which is where the concept of co-terming licences came from. Co-terming involves purchasing term and monthly licences in order to adjust your subscriptions so that they all come up for renewal at the same time.

What are the benefits of co-terming my network?

When you co-term your Signagelive licences to one common expiration date it becomes easier to manage and renew your licences going forward. This can help your organization with budget planning and will reduce the time and effort spent on procuring licences throughout the year and administering them to your network. Having a common expiration date can also help decrease the chance of some of your licences expiring (and your screens going blank) throughout the year if you forget to renew a portion of your licence at some point.      

What licences can be co-termed? 

Signagelive does have network size requirements and renewal date criteria which will determine your eligibility to co-term. 

When can I co-term my Signagelive licences?

You can co-term your licences anytime throughout the year if you meet the necessary requirements. We will work with you to choose an ideal renewal date based on your budget cycle, current expiration dates or any other organisation factors that we should be aware of.