Looping Content is Dead – Video now online

Following my talk at Kioskcom, Las Vegas and Screen Media Expo, London, please find above the video and slideshow of the presentation. The pre-show billing for the presentation was as follows:

Looping content is dead: get dynamic or go home

The world of digital signage has changed, display technology has evolved and no longer do we have to put up with dumb screens waiting for you to tell them what to do next, running endless loops of content that no one is watching or cares about.

Today’s displays are intelligent, just give them some simple rules and they will intelligently displaying dynamic up to date content, where and when you require.

This exciting and knowledge-rich presentation will explore the new generation of digital signage solutions from dynamic media content and content management systems, through to the latest in intelligent playback and display technology. Learn how Open Standards and the Internet are changing the way we create and manage digital signage networks forever!

This presentation will draw on several examples of where other technologies and approaches have contributed to the development of open standards for Digital Signage from content providers to content management solution providers including Yahoo!, SMIL, Sky, Signchannel, Adtech, Google TVads, Flypaper, IAdea, Samsung and Viewsonic to name but a few.

Learning outcomes:

This presentation will ensure delegates have a better understanding of the following key points:

  • That you do not have to choose and stick to one supplier for the different parts of your DS system, open standards allow you to choose you content, CMS and players/screens from different vendors and they will all work together.
  • That you do not have to rely on expensive programme and scheduling resources to create a dynamic digital signage network that is always ‘on message’
  • This is just the beginning, every day new content platforms, CMS platforms and playback/display devices are being launched providing more choice and competition will ensure you [the customer], wins.

Jason Cremins, Chief Executive Officer, Signagelive.com

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