Signagelive adds new technical team member to support continued growth in 2021

Marco Bisegna has joined us as our new Technical Pre-Sales Engineer. Marco is based in the UK Team and brings a great deal of experience to the role.

How long should you keep each piece of media playing for on your digital signage?

Find out how long to keep media content on your screens and look at best practices on how much volume of content to show.

Seven ways Digital Signage improves Corporate Communication

In this article, we take you through the importance of digital signage in corporate environments. Read on to learn how you can improve communication in your organisation.

Ten ways that Digital Signage can Engage, Inform and Entertain your Employees

Digital Signage is everywhere, find out how to engage, inform and entertain your Employees to improve communication.

How do I create simple Digital Signage menu board designs with my own content? [+VIDEO]

Displaying your menu information is crucial to making sure your customers know what’s available to them. Here is how to make the easiest menu board solution possible.

Should I Choose Cloud Based Digital Signage?

Here are ten benefits of cloud-based digital signage we expand on why they are the better option and how your business can thrive because of them.

How do I promote my Digital Signage content based on weather or events?

Creating and managing digital signage content takes time. So what can be done to promote digital signage content based on the location's context e.g. weather, events?

SpaceAdd leading the way in DOOH Media Development with Signagelive

spaceAdd is a DOOH company that provides effective performance to advertisers by installing advertising media in an undeveloped space.
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How do I change my Digital Signage software platform?

Looking to change your digital signage software? Where do you start?

How do I co-term my Signagelive Digital Signage licences?

We are often asked if it's possible for a customer to co-term their digital signage licences to one common expiration date - this is how it's done.
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What are the top 10 Digital Signage apps to use on your platform in 2021? [+VIDEO]

We have taken a dig into our App store to look at what digital signage apps are being used the most by our users.
Now and Next Feat

Join Aferdita and other panellists hosted by Tech Data Maverick Belgium to discuss ‘Now and Next for Digital Signage in the Workplace’ [+VIDEO]

Aferdita would like to personally invite you to join the LIVE session as part of the virtual event with our partner Tech Data Maverick Belgium.