Five ways council members can improve collaboration with digital signage


If you work in local government, you know how important collaboration is for the success of your council. As council members, you’re tasked with making decisions that impact the lives of your constituents, and that means you need to work together effectively.

One tool that can help you do that is digital signage. Digital signage is a powerful communication medium that can help you share information and ideas with your fellow council members in a way that’s efficient, effective, and engaging.

So what exactly can digital signage help you do to strengthen collaboration for council members? Let’s take a closer look.

1/ Share information quickly

Firstly, digital signage can help you share information quickly and easily. Instead of relying on email or printed materials to distribute information, you can use digital signage to post updates and announcements in a centralised location that everyone can access. This makes it easier for everyone to stay informed and up-to-date, which is essential for effective collaboration.

For example, if there’s an important meeting coming up, you can use digital signage to remind council members of the date, time, and location. 

Cloud-based content management systems (CMS) enable you to deliver content in near-real time on one, some, or all of your screens and from any remote location. 

With advanced editing functionality, you can quickly update live content in the event of any last-minute changes, such as, for example, a meeting delay.

CMS solutions can also offer free calendar integrations, which enable you to display your Google or Microsoft Office365 council calendar on-screen. This big-screen visibility ensures that council members can see, at a glance, any important calendar updates, while they continue to work on their own devices.

2/ Invite ideas and feedback

Digital signage can also help you share ideas and feedback. Collaboration is all about communication, and digital signage can facilitate that communication by providing a platform for council members to share their thoughts and ideas.

For example, you can use digital signage to solicit feedback on a proposed policy or initiative. You can display a survey or poll on the digital signage, asking council members to weigh in on the issue. This can help you get a sense of where everyone stands and what their priorities are, which is crucial for effective decision-making.

Look out for CMS solutions with touchscreen-ready features, such as Kiosk Mode, which can ensure a fast and ultra-responsive user experience.


3/ Build a sense of community

When everyone is working towards the same goals, it’s important to foster a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. Digital signage can help you do that by providing a platform for social engagement.

For example, you can use digital signage to celebrate the achievements of council members. You can post photos or videos of successful initiatives or highlight the contributions of individual council members. This not only fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment, but it also helps build a sense of community among council members.

Integrated CMS content tools, like Screenfeed Connect, enable you to design content using your own council pictures, information and statistics. In the case of Screenfeed Connect, you won’t need any graphic design or coding experience to use the tool, and you can neatly and professionally pull in data and photos from any files that you connect to the platform.

4/ Ensure council members stay on track

Digital signage can also help you stay organised, in the loop and on-task. When you have a lot of different projects and initiatives to manage, it can be hard to keep everything straight. Digital signage can help by providing a centralised location where you can post updates and reminders.

For example, you can use digital signage to track the progress of different initiatives by posting updates and milestones as they’re achieved. You can also use digital signage to set deadlines and remind council members of upcoming actions, as well as share relevant documents or reports, so that everyone has access to the same information. 

CMS data integrations make it quick, easy and secure to share information with colleagues on your council office big screens. You can securely roll out data reports, dashboards, as well as progress charts from any business intelligence tool, such as Microsoft PowerBI, GROW and

To ensure the utmost security, look out for CMS solutions from ISO-27001-certified CMS providers, as they have been verified to be able to handle and protect large volumes of data.