Boost sales with a big in-store ecommerce experience from Cloudshelf and Signagelive


You don’t have to be in big retail to create a big in-store ecommerce strategy. With the Cloudshelf app, a Signagelive licence, and a small network of digital signage, you can affordably digitise your stores.

Whether for independent or scale up retail businesses, the integration of Cloudshelf with Signagelive effectively ensures that, for very little upfront investment, you can trial and prove the value of in-store ecommerce, before rolling it out to more stores.

Why use Cloudshelf with Signagelive?

Cloudshelf and Signagelive enable you to bring store-optimised versions of your ecommerce site via your digital signage into your store, your pop-up, or even at events.

Integrated with Shopify, Cloudshelf makes it easy for you to pull product information and imagery, straight from your website, so you can create on-screen digital shelves – “Cloudshelves”. You just need to choose which products to showcase and how you want to brand and display them.

Design each Cloudshelf yourself from scratch or with the help of the Cloudshelf Wizard. Through Signagelive, you can then manage, and remotely schedule them for broadcast on one, some, or all of your screens.

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Optimise sales opportunities with endless-aisle kiosks

Together, Signagelive and Cloudshelf offer a joint solution that helps you to maximise sales at every stage of the in-store customer journey.

Through the on-screen display of product information and a dynamic QR code, customers can use their smartphones to pay directly. This could be after-hours via a Cloudshelf window showcase, or on the shop floor, as they browse through product information on a Cloudshelf-powered touchscreen. Cloudshelf will then track all engagements and transactions back to the store, and even back to the sales assistant.

With Cloudshelf and Signagelive, you effectively have a way to close more sales for a particular item, even when that product isn’t in store. It’s an “endless-aisle” solution that overcomes the issue of limited floor space by enabling you to showcase the full breadth of your product range through Kiosks and digital signage screens.

Cloudshelves in Interactive Mode

When used with a network of Signagelive-powered touchscreens, a Cloudshelf in Interactive Mode can effectively serve as a virtual shopping assistant, unobtrusively offering specific product information on demand. With a few intuitive touchscreen interactions, customers can pull up more information on a particular product, such as its availability in different sizes and colours.

If an item is not in stock in the size or colour required, customers can search for the product on-screen, scan the QR code and pay for it securely via their smartphones.

With real-time updates from your Shopify website, your on-screen Cloudshelves also ensure that customers always have the product information they need to make the most informed purchasing decisions.

Create eye-catching attract loop content

While Signagelive enables you to ensure the seamless execution and timely delivery of your Cloudshelves, that’s not all the platform can do to help. Through Signagelive, retailers can also create eye-catching attract loop content – that is, a series of looped images that are designed to help you tempt more people to stop and interact with your screens.

With over 500 content tools, it’s easy for teams of any graphic design abilities to create everything from a striking product campaign to a tempting special offer. You can, for instance, use free features, such as countdown clocks to create a sense of urgency, and countdown the time remaining until an offer expires.

Cloudshelf in Display-only Mode

In addition to this, you can create powerful Cloudshelves in Display-only Mode for your non-interactive screens. Drive more traffic through your doors by featuring your flagship products or your hottest deals in head-turning Cloudshelf window displays. Alternatively, why not use Cloudshelves to signpost clearly defined zones, department by department, range by range, so that your stores are easier to navigate?

With Cloudshelf and Signagelive, digital transformation is a viable possibility, whatever the size of your retail business. You can now affordably trial and roll out a scalable in-store ecommerce solution that gives you the flexibility and freedom to use interactive as well as non-interactive screens.