Signagelive DOOH

Signagelive for Digital Out of Home Networks

Signagelive is the choice of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) network owners who require a robust, scalable, easy to integrate with digital signage platform.

We are not and have no intentions of being a specialist DOOH CMS such as BroadSign or Ayuda, which are excellent platforms for those that need the comprehensive features and functionality they deliver.

If you are considering Signagelive as a software platform for your DOOH network, here are some of the key features that will help you decide if we are the right fit for you.

Flexible and Capable Scheduling

Signagelive includes a comprehensive scheduling platform as standard that allows for media assets of all types to be added to a playlist and published to one or many players or displays.

Both at a media asset and playlist level you can set key attributes such as validity and recurrence, and use tags to automatically publish content to players that include or exclude the same tags.

Where more sophisticated DOOH playlists need to be created and published our dedicated Automatic Playlist Creator (+video) allows for campaigns, multiple media assists per campaign, media priority, juxtaposition rules to be set up so that the resulting playlists deliver the impressions that have been booked and agreed with advertisers.

Where a mix of central and local scheduling is required our Local User Management capabilities allow you to assign a slot or slots to a person for them to either upload and manage their own media assets or select from a predetermined set of media assets. This can be especially useful where you wish to allow a local site owner to manage pre-set templates for promoting their events and offers without impacting the overall structure of the playlist for the location.

Triggers and Interrupts

Signagelive includes the ability to set up Web or Local Triggers (dependant on Player support) that immediately interrupt the media playing on one or more players and plays a specific media asset or playlist for a fixed duration or until a further Trigger is sent.

In addition, through integration with platforms such as meldlCX Viana and NEC ALP we have the ability to deliver what we call ‘Soft Triggers’ where the media asset that is to play next change be decided and changed up the last two seconds of the currently playing media asset. This capability delivers truly dynamic nonlinear media scheduling which is a critical component for delivering programmatic advertising. The inputs and influences that determine the media to be played can be extended to include real-time, real-world location-specific data.

Integration with other platforms

Signagelive can be deployed as a Headless CMS decoupling the core functionality of the platform from the user interface. Every feature is available via our APIs enabling many customers and partners to build their own user experience on top of Signagelive or integrate with existing systems and processes to deliver their exact needs.

Connecting Signagelive to Programmatic Platforms

Along with our APIs at the CMS we provide rich integration capabilities at the media player enabling best of breed 3rd party integrations, this provides the capability to work with established and emerging DOOH programmatic platforms such as Hivestack to deliver a combined solution consisting of media that is scheduled through Signagelive alongside dynamic programmatic advertising that is determined at the point of playback.

Robust and reliable Proof of Play

Every time a media asset plays back, we date and timestamp it, add the meta and tag information associated with the media asset and make it available to you for reporting and analysis in two possible ways.

The first is that we retrieve the log files to our Proof of Play platform (+video) and make them available for analysis as a CSV file.
The second option enables the playback information to be sent directly from each player to an external server or platform. This could be to your own data warehouse or to an external platform for analysis.

Extending Signagelive with Audience Analytics

As a media owner, you need to understand your audience and the impact of the advertising on your audience. This is achieved by adding an Audience Analytics solution to your DOOH network so that you can compare the media that played back to the audience that was watching. To ensure our DOOH customers have a choice, we have integrated with the leading Audience Analytics platforms, including:

  • Quividi – our real-time integration with Quividi synchronises the proof of play data from each player with VidiReports for analysis.
  • AdMobilze – our integration with AdMobilze requires our optional Proof of Play Platform. Proof of Play data is synchronised with your AdMobilze account in the cloud to allow you to analyse the performance of your adverts with the audience information gathered.
  • meldCX Viana – as with AdMobilze, our proof of play integration with Viana allows for comprehensive analysis of audience data overlayed with what was playing at the same time.

Monitoring and Management

Delivering a DOOH network at scale across hundreds and possibly thousands of locations requires a digital signage platform that can monitor each device and proactively notify you of any issues when they arise.

In addition to an informative dashboard, Signagelive includes an optional Proactive Monitoring feature that can be configured to notify you by email or text of anything that is reported as being outside of the tolerance levels that you decide.

Comprehensive support for digital signage players and displays

Unfortunately, some digital signage platforms restrict customers to the type of digital signage player they can use for their digital advertising network. We believe that you should have the flexibility to choose which hardware they use and in some cases to install different hardware to meet your needs.

Whether you require a player to connect to a display or LED Screen or a display with an integrated system on chip (SoC) player, our extensive range of supported devices will help you deliver your objectives.

Flexible Monthly Billing

For our Digital Out of Home network owners, we offer a simple, monthly billing option where you only pay for the players and/or displays that you add to or remove from your network.

No long term contracts, no hidden fees, just a predictable and affordable fixed cost per device per month.

spaceAdd in South Korea choose Signagelive to power their Digital Out of Home Network.

Chang Keun (CK) Oh, CEO (Founder), spaceAdd Co. Ltd

Signagelive is one of the most efficient and stable CMS solutions that is compatible with many various media player options. As a growing DOOH media owner constantly acquiring new networks, Signagelive solves a number of problems when dealing with various types of projects with different requirements.