Signagelive and ADI.TV drive real time, trigger-based digital signage solution for Formula One 


Signagelive and ADI.TV have come out on top in the race to deliver finger-on-the-pulse, real-time, relevant content for Silverstone’s most prestigious annual event, Formula One. Long-term LED partner of Silverstone, and global event experience company, ADI.TV teamed up with  Signagelive – a digital signage software provider – to create and power a cost-efficient, multi-scenario, multi-stream, content solution for a network of eight digital signage totems. Spread out at key thoroughfares across Silverstone, the two-metre high, triple-sided portrait digital signage totems were set up to display scheduled playlist content, as well as bespoke triggered updates. Robust and weather-proof, the digital signage solution was also space-efficient, and helped cut back on data usage.

Race for timely, relevant content

A trusted Silverstone partner, ADI is responsible for seventy screens and digital signs across the site, ensuring the connectivity and delivery of content throughout the year. For annual events, like Formula One, the eight digital signage totems, set up by ADI, are key to the fan experience. Cycling through scheduled playlists at the right times, they feature need-to-know information, such as the racing and event schedule, as well as messaging to help prevent crowding. 

During Formula One, these totems have a dual role. In addition to delivering scheduled content, they must also provide fans with important real-time updates, including the results of races, as and when they happen. In 2022, ADI equipped the totems to do so by installing a fiber network for each of the screens. However, for Formula 2023, ADI was determined to build a more cost-efficient, streamlined and impactful solution, that would offer extra flexibility, and ensure that scheduled playlists could run, without conflict, with up-to-the-minute pertinent updates.

Signagelive triggers

The challenge would be in finding a solution, which would not overload the site network or require the addition of lots of extra costly equipment. This is where ADI’s partnership with Signagelive came into play. Signagelive triggers would be key to providing exactly what was needed. With Signagelive triggers, ADI could easily override content playlists, and play the triggered playlists all the way through, before the screens automatically switched back to the scheduled programme of information. Throughout the three-day Formula One event in 2023, the trigger-based solution proved successful, not only providing instantaneous race result updates, but also news of any unexpected alterations to scheduled events. The solution also further strengthened health and safety protocols, giving the venue the flexibility of being able to instantly issue safety information in the event of an incident, or adverse weather conditions.

To control the triggers, ADI built a bespoke control webpage that could be accessed via a large touchscreen. The content itself was, where possible, pre-prepared as playlists to cover every contingency and multiple scenario, but for any unforeseen event changes, a graphics operative was also on hand to create new content, ready for triggering. With Signagelive, all the events planned and real-time content needs could be met, saving time, resource and budget. 

Robust, weather-proof and reliable

The platforms compatibility with BrightSign also ensured that ADI could build the most durable and reliable solution possible. Signagelive was ultimately run on rugged BrightSign HD1024 Media Players at each location, which allowed the totems to sit on their own. Every player was also encased in an IP-rated box, making the solution thoroughly weather-proof and protected. The connectivity was set up to be equally robust. While the primary data source was convenient on-site WiFi, ADI also loaded 4G routers into each IP box as a back-up. 

Lightweight data distribution

In 2022, ADI had to deliver multiple video signals across the site. This risked putting a strain on Silverstone’s already busy site network, which also must support everything from ticketing and payment terminals to other video distribution. However, for Formula One 2023, with this trigger-based solution, ADI was able to ensure that all data could be stored locally. This meant that the site network only had to be used if and when data had to be updated. Another advantage of the solution was that it didn’t require multiple encoders and players for each channel. With such a small operating footprint, space could be saved at the control centre, as well as the site of each totem.

Jason Cremins, Signagelive CEO, commented:ADI.TV are at the forefront of Signagelive partners who maximise the integration capabilities of our API-first platform to deliver unique experiences for their customers. The Silverstone project is one of many marque customers that ADI have delivered using Signagelive. We value our partnership with ADI and the innovative use cases they find to work with our software.”

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