Signagelive teams up with meldCX to offer AI data-driven digital signage [+VIDEO]

Signagelive has integrated with meldCX to deliver AI insight-driven digital signage content optimised based on anonymous audience analytics taken from sensors. The combined solution enables digital signage network owners to measure return on investment and optimise content to ensure optimal audience impact.

When paired with either a ChromeOS, Windows media player or BrightSign device and a compatible camera, the combined solution leverages the power of advanced vision analytics to improve digital signage outcomes and deliver insight-driven content that is programmed to the preferred target demographics or pre-determined scenarios and behaviours like dwell time and/or attention. 

With meldCX’s Content at the Right Opportunity (COATRO) module, customers can monitor advertising campaigns, according to target persona groups, as well as conduct A/B testing. Through integration with Signagelive’s platform for Proof of Play data, it’s also possible to measure how campaigns perform at specific times and places by checking playback analytics against sales reports and/or other business metrics.  

These anonymous data analytics give customers everything they need to build more accurate audience profiles, and then use the combined solution to automatically trigger much more personalised content.

With Signagelive, the advanced scheduling functionality can be used to select precisely the right time and screen/s to which campaigns should be delivered, and live content is easy to update in real time, if and when required. 

The combined solution is built to have a transformative effect in any sector or application from retail and hospitality right the way through to corporate environments, and transport. 

With meldCX’s Viana Inference Rules Engine, the AI can be used to set business rules which trained to identify pre-defined factors, such as but not limited to demographic grouping, behaviour, product and zone engagement, vehicle types, journey profiling and even the items of clothing worn in the camera’s field of view. 

These rules can also be tailored to anonymously identify and be programmed to look for multiple scenarios that would feed or trigger content decisions, along with the ability to customise for a specific need – such as waiting threshold that could trigger entertainment content or messaging to minimise bulking. 

The integration of Signagelive with meldCX is, according to Jason Cremins, Signagelive CEO, the most straightforward way to harness vision AI for any digital signage strategy: “The introduction of AI has been game-changing, but so far, its power has proven difficult and often costly to harness, with no clear benefits and return on investment.

Our integration with meldCX cuts out much of the complexity of adopting AI-powered digital signage, only requiring you to have a compatible player and AI camera. Without the need for developers, you can apply it to any everyday business scenario, whether that’s to personalising content for different workplace teams, or upselling to selected customer personas.” 

Stephen Borg, CEO, meldCX, adds, “We are excited to bring this collaboration to the market. The seamless integration allows customers to shift from programmed signage to an intelligent framework for communication, engagement, analysis and optimisation across a wide range of use cases, based on the context of that moment in time and supported by accountability and effectiveness. This is far beyond gender, age and sentiment that the industry has become accustomed to which has been limited in its impact to date.

The power to understand customer conversion rates and discover actionable insights, influence AI generated content can make real differences to marketing strategies, have been the missing piece for some time and now we can address that challenge”. 

Customers can see, first-hand, live demonstrations of the new combined Signagelive and meldCX solution on the Signagelive Stand 6G820, Hall 6 at this year’s ISE Show in Barcelona.

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