Signagelive Stadiums Case Studies

Signagelive empowers Liverpool Football Club’s matchday and visitor experience



Liverpool Football Club have celebrated several milestones in their 125 years history, including the opening of the new Main Stand at Anfield in September 2016. Anfield is the tenth largest sports stadium in the United Kingdom and along with several football clubs across the country, the demand for season tickets has been growing steadily over the years. This has prompted Liverpool, like many other clubs, to extend seating capacity through new or enlarged stadiums.

To ensure the matchday experience continues to fulfil the needs of fans, Liverpool FC has added many additional features, such as improved access for wheelchair users, high-speed Wi-Fi and a complete suite of video display monitors across the stadium to enhance the customer experience.

As part of the redevelopment project, Liverpool FC decided to upgrade the audio visual technology deployed at Anfield stadium including better quality signage, with the ability for the first time to easily manage, control and publish to the displays around the food kiosks, hospitality suites, press box and corporate offices for all events.

Signagelive Digital Signage solution along with Exterity’s IPTV solution were selected to meet this need.


Key project requirements and challenges

A key requirement was for an integrated system with the flexibility to deliver a variety of branded stadium location-dependent content across 600 Signagelive powered displays, including menu boards at the food concourses, ability to manage their integrated IP video infrastructure adding the ability to show live premium TV channels within its executive corporate boxes for all events.

The highly flexible solution was to be managed centrally, with complete synchronisation to ensure all supporters could watch the same feed throughout the venue if required.

The displays have many uses including streaming live match footage, videos from LFC TV (Liverpool FC’s official TV channel), broadcasting sports channels, displaying advertising content and match day information.


The Solution

Lumino AV provided the overall management of the project, with Signagelive selected as the digital content platform provider, Exterity selected for the IPTV system and Samsung for their display technology.

The use of Signagelive allowed for Liverpool FC to introduce cloud-based digital signage into their stadium for the first time, empowering the management team to easily control, manage and publish their desired content around the stadium using their own content strategy. This strategy equipped with Signagelive’s feature set allowed for the targeting of specific content to food kiosks, concourses and executive suits, tailored for the type of event to ensure the highest level of digital signage use.

Taking the core fundamentals of scalability, ease of use and efficiency the Signagelive Team were able to work with the Lumino and Liverpool FC teams to provide consultancy, implementation and support for the project every step of the way. In the first season after the opening of the Main Stand, we also provided additional premium support for all home matches to ensure that any issues or queries could be escalated and handled, however, due to the stability and ease of use this service was not required for the second season and all management was taken in-house by Liverpool FC.

Aside from the Signagelive support service, we also provided custom creative services for the menu boards, allowing for dynamic data-driven templates to be used so that match day products and prices could easily be changed.

The Exterity solution includes AvediaStream TV gateways for delivering Freeview TV channels to screens around the stadium. AvediaStream e3655 Encoders to stream the LFC TV channel direct from its in-house production studio across the network to Signagelive powered displays in the ground.

Exterity AvediaStream e3635 Encoders deliver content as multicast channels to ensure the right content, at the right time is playing across the stadium.

Samsung supplied the new displays and external players for the legacy displays providing bright and vibrant images with large display areas and slim bezels.


Key Benefits

Across the stadium, from food kiosks to executive lounges, Signagelive powered displays are showing scheduled content that is tailored for the type of event and the time of day.

Liverpool FC now has the ability to manage their digital signage network from anywhere in the world, and can see what devices are both online have the latest scheduled content, without having to walk around the stadium to check.

Across Liverpool FC’s numerous executive boxes and lounges, Signagelive powered displays can be set up to display any video source or signage requirement.

Signagelive were able to provide consultancy to fully understand the project requirement and then work in collaboration to suggest ways to schedule content based on the event; providing premium support for the first season to give that extra piece of mind as the platform became an essential part of everyday operation.


Evidence of Success

Following a successful implementation project, the new digital video and signage solution is delivering an enhanced level of visual quality, reliability and features for both staff and supporters at Anfield stadium.

The integration with Signagelive makes it simple for administrators to quickly update signage content and deliver it to any location across the stadium using web-based tools.

The use of Signagelive Premium Support was not taken up after the first season as the platform and scheduling was so easy to manage that it was no longer required.

The Exterity system displays live TV, video and digital signage to just under 600 Signagelive powered displays showcasing the latest news, exclusive interviews, videos, live commentary and match highlights via a number of channels including LFC TV, Sky Sports HD, BT Sport HD and Freeview.

Colin Farquhar, CEO, Exterity

Liverpool FC offer an experience that highlights the flexibility and power of a modern IP video and digital signage solution within a stadia environment. The mix of video, display, cloud-based and on-premise technologies enables the club to tailor its content easily while providing future-proof capabilities, allowing them to deliver new services and features over time.

Ian Scott, Managing Director, Lumino AV

Exterity’s plug-and-play solution was ideal for this project, with its ability to easily integrate with other third-party systems and manage the delivery of all video content from a central location, as well locally in each supporters’ lounge. What’s more, Liverpool FC can easily add displays to the system, wherever there is a network connection.


Jason Cremins, CEO, Signagelive

As a life-long Liverpoool supporter I was delighted that Signagelive was selected to deliver the digital signage and IPTV playback throughout Anfield. The project demonstrates the power of our robust, easy to use cloud-based platform for sports stadia and arenas; from driving digital menu boards through hospitality lounge displays.

Our collaboration and integration with Samsung Smart Signage Displays and Exterity IPTV Encoders ensure Liverpool Football Club operates an enterprise-class digital signage solution delivering a reliable and impactful experience for anyone visiting Anfield.

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Signagelive provide the software used in the light/image sphere at the World Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan



“Wow, what an amazing project! Signagelive have previously been involved in some great projects, but nothing of this physical size or impact”

Jason Cremins, Founder and CEO Signagelive.

Signagelive provided the software used in the light/image sphere at the World Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan. VML-Technologies from the Netherlands who designed, manufactured and integrated the LED system engaged Peter Grinwis AVDIS BV to deliver Signagelive to schedule and monitor the sphere content.

AVDIS BV is distributor of various pro-AV brand products, who also provide resellers and integrators the advice necessary to make the right product choice.

VML-Technologies are a highly specialised company providing world-leading consultancy, design and manufacturing services for even the most challenging LED Media Facade.

Now for the technical know how – What was the configuration of the devices/Signagelive? Did they use sync?

It was used in combination with intel NUC players (UHD) and the Datapath FX4.

No Sync was needed – due to the high resolution they could create sufficient number of pixels to cover the total sphere.

By using multiple Intel NUC and Signagelive licenses and the FX4 they could create multiple segments within the sphere.

Signagelive’s innovative technology is currently powering digital signage applications for single devices through to the largest digital media networks reliably, efficiently and cost effectively, to thousands of customers in over 46 countries worldwide.

Signagelive Contact
Jason Cremins
+44 (0)1799 533471

The StubHub Center in Los Angeles deploys smart menu board solution powered by Signagelive

Signagelive SoC technology runs cloud-based menu boards for concessionaries and tenants to deliver memorable match day experiences for fans

The StubHub Center, a multi-use sports complex located in Southern California, has deployed Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSP), powered by Signagelive, to run digital menu boards in its refreshment concourse. Signagelive’s cloud based software is being used to run and manage eye-catching menu boards to increase fan engagement and improve overall takings for onsite concessionaries.

The 125-acre complex features an 8,000-seat tennis stadium, a 27,000-seat stadium for soccer, football, athletic competitions and outdoor concerts, a 2,000-seat facility for track & field and a 2,450-seat indoor Velodrome.  The StubHub Center is home to a major league soccer team, the LA Galaxy and is also home of the U.S Tennis Association (USTA), the U.S Soccer Federation (USSF) and EXOS, an international training center for elite and professional athletes.

Although the complex boasts world class sports facilities, it was not making best use of AV technologies to deliver a memorable fan experience and streamline operational processes. This was particularly true in the concessions area, where printed menus were being used by the majority of quick serve restaurants and franchisees. The process of manually updating more than 42 menu boards on a daily basis was not only costly and time consuming to manage; it was also prone to human error.

Further to seeing the benefits of digital signage at an alternative venue, operational staff at the StubHub Center investigated the possibility of implementing digital menu boards to create a better experience for fans and to offer promotional opportunities to tenants through sponsorship.

Samsung Smart Signage platform, powered by Signagelive, was selected as the preferred solution because it could be deployed quickly and needed no technical expertise. It also offered significant infrastructure and deployment cost savings compared to conventional digital signage solutions.

The Signagelive powered solution has enabled the StubHub Center to streamline operational processes by providing a centralised digital signage network that is not dependant on onsite media players.

Using Signagelive’s innovative menu management software, operational staff can quickly push out appealing menu combinations that display the correct pricing and nutritional information. Menu items and associated pricing can be instantly changed or amended on network-wide or a display-by display basis, depending on requirements.

Says Kyle Walters, Assistant General Manager at the StubHub Centre;

“Fast installation and keeping within budget were key drivers from the outset. Both were easily met, the system was up and running from start to finish in just six weeks.”

Says Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive;

“Refreshments sales at large sports complex are just as important as ticket sales because of the huge revenues they generate. Digital Signage has enabled the StubHub Center to create appealing menu combinations and push them out to the different displays. If certain combinations are not working, or are appropriate for the time of day, they can be instantly updated to ensure minimal revenue loss.”

As the StubHub Center becomes more familiar with its smart menu board solution, it hopes to take advantage of Signagelive’s more advanced capabilities, such as the ability to combine different content formats in a single menu board to deliver an even better user experience.