Dear Digital Signage Partner

It is important you choose a digital signage partner and platform that is trusted to provide you with the technical and commercial support you require. With over 20 years delivering digital signage solutions and 10 years delivering cloud-based digital signage in partnership with our channel partners, never direct to end users, I believe that Signagelive will provide you and your business the perfect engine to power your success.

Here are eight reasons to consider Signagelive as your digital signage partner and platform:

Exclusively Indirect

We sell exclusively through our channel partners to end users. We appreciate that our success is dependant on the success of you, our channel partners, and your skills and services to deliver solutions to your customers.

Hardware Agnostic

You and your customers should have the choice to select the best hardware for each requirement and not be forced or limited to purchasing proprietary hardware of our design. We provide Signagelive support for players from major vendors including; BrightSign, IAdea, Apple (macOS) and Windows (optimised Intel NUC devices) and System on Chip Displays from; LG (webOS), Samsung (Tizen) and Philips (Android).

Build Custom Solutions with our Open APIs

Whilst you may wish to use and manage Signagelive via our user interface, there are many channel partners who wish to build their own portals and customer interfaces. Every Signagelive feature accessible via our web interface is available via our Network API, giving you the power to build private label and bespoke customer solutions.

In addition, our Web Triggers API enables instant changes to media being displayed on any Signagelive connected device on a customer network.

Our Proof of Play API enables for media playback information to be collected for all players and SoC Displays on a Signagelive network.

Dynamic Content Development

Harness the power of HTML5 to build digital signage content and applications that work offline on Signagelive supported players and SoC Displays with our Widget Development Framework. Turn Adobe Animate content into dynamic data-driven solutions with examples including; digital menu boards, company directory boards and interactive kiosk applications.

Our Creative Technicians are available to assist with the development of bespoke Widget Development Framework applications, enabling you to turn graphics and data into data-driven digital signage solutions.


We win and retain channel partners and customers as a result of our uncompromising pre and post sales support. Allow us to work with you to optimise the setup and use of Signagelive for your customer’s requirements from initial concept through to proof of concept and mass deployment.

Our highly trained support team is online via live chat and email Monday to Friday to assist you and your customers with any support requirements. In addition, our development team is available via our dedicated Developer Slack Channel to answer any questions you may have relating to our APIs and Widget Development Framework.

Operational Ease

We believe that working together should be an enjoyable, positive experience. We make it easy for you to order and receive licences in a matter of minutes, ready to add to an existing Signagelive network or setup a new customer network within our platform.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

We charge an all-inclusive cost per month per player or SoC Display connected to Signagelive, that’s it; no complex price lists and no additional costs for servers, storage, users, support, API usage or to unlock premium features.

There are no upfront costs to becoming a channel partner, we will provide all of the advice, training and resources you will require to get up and running.

Place an order for the licences you require, when you require them and add them to your account with us. We will automatically calculate the total number of Signagelive licences you have for all of your customers and send you one, easy to understand invoice on the first day of each month.

For those channel partners who would rather purchase term licences (1 through 5 years are available), they can be purchased from our global network of distributors or directly from us. Rebates are available for projects where 10 licences are purchased with registration 30 days or more prior to order.

Rewarding Success

As you add your customers and their players and displays to your Signagelive monthly account, we will reward you by reducing the cost per month for every device connected to our platform. Grow your Signagelive licence estate, retain your customers and your profit per device increases.

I hope the above points resonate with your requirements and my team and I look forward to working with you to grow your digital signage business.

Kind Regards

Jason Cremins
Founder / CEO

United Kingdom | United States | Singapore | Australia
Europe: +44 1799 530110 | North America: +1 877 451 4779 | ASPAC: +65 3163 2458
sales@signagelive.com | www.signagelive.com