Why Signagelive has one of the most long-standing reseller networks

A trusted reseller partner, Signagelive has, over the course of its 25-year history, grown to establish one of the most long-standing and loyal networks of resellers in the industry, with business relationships that have spanned years and even decades.

These enduring partnerships undoubtedly set Signagelive apart, but in a highly competitive industry that’s defined by change, why do so many resellers decide to work with us for the long-term? 

“We wanted to have kind of that transparent model (…) because we really wanted to simplify the sales process. ”

                                                                                         Jason Ault, Coffman Media co-founder

1/ Transparency of the Signagelive licence model

Easy to work with from the outset, Signagelive has built a longstanding reputation for transparency in business. This is reflected in its cost per player licence, which can be paid monthly or annually. There are no hidden extra costs – no surprise “add-on” charges for servers, storage, and users, or API usage.

Everything you need is included in the price – and that also means the training and advice you need to get you up and running. 

A longstanding reseller for over 12 years, Ohio-based Coffman Media was, according to co-founder Jason Ault, drawn to Signagelive because of this: “We wanted to have kind of that transparent model – one license, supporting one device and not having all of these layered add-ons.”

“Our first customer with Signagelive… National Church Residences (…) is still a client today”

                                                                                         Jason Ault, Coffman Media co-founder

2/ 93% customer licence retention rate

Key to our longstanding success is the fact that 93% of customers renew their licences with Signagelive. This industry-leading customer satisfaction rate enables us to offer a powerful recurring revenue engine that can drive engagement and end user loyalty. 

 As for many other of our resellers, in the case of Coffman Media, the platform has helped consolidate the long customer relationships they need to bring in sustainable revenue streams.

 It has helped, in the words of Jason Ault, to develop a scalable business model – “something that has a draw and recurring revenue.”

Since its launch in 2010, Coffman Media has built up an expansive multi-State and multi-national customer base, which still includes customers with whom they first worked, such as assisted living firm, National Church Residences.

 “It was really about the go to market strategy.”

                                                                                         Jason Ault, Coffman Media co-founder

3/ Signagelive business strategy

Integral to the Signagelive business strategy is our commitment to never transacting directly with end users. 100% channel-focused, we exclusively operate through resellers and distributors and rely on them to add value to our customers’ Signagelive experience.

This approach – and the trust we have earned over the course of our twenty-five-year history- has enabled us to develop strong reseller relationships, and given us the best possible customer-facing support.

Jason Ault highlights the importance of this approach to the success of Coffman Media’s relationship with Signagelive: It’s vital to have a channel bridge, so we’re not both kind of fishing for the same end user.”

“A support team that’s going to support their resellers, not just the end users”

                                                                                         Jason Ault, Coffman Media co-founder

4/ Industry-leading reseller support

Recognised for offering industry-leading support, Signagelive gives resellers unlimited access to its digital signage and content management experts. Working behind the scenes as a natural extension of every reseller’s team, they are dedicated to maximising the success of customer projects.
This close working relationship with resellers is fundamental to Signagelive, enabling us to offer more value, as well as draw on valuable reseller feedback to continually enhance our platform.
For Coffman Media, Signagelive has, comments Jason Ault, given the business exactly what it needs, which is a CMS provider with a “support team that’s going to support their resellers, not just the end users.”
With Signagelive, resellers can count on much more pro-active engagement, whether for sales, marketing or technical support. Our pre-sales team of engineers is also on hand to discuss ideas, and validate proof of concepts to help optimise digital signage outcomes.

“We’re willing to do what others won’t or can’t. I mean, we, we never say ‘no’ to our clients.”

                                                                                       Tim Ault, Coffman Media co-founder

5/ All the functionality you need on a single platform

With Signagelive, all the most in-demand, cutting-edge functionality – from advanced enterprise tools to next-level niche and sector-specific features – can be found on a single, intuitive cloud-based platform.
This means that, instead of having to adopt a multi-platform strategy, resellers are able to simplify sales and training processes by utilising our platform to support a wide variety of high-value project opportunities.
For resellers, like Coffman Media, it has provided more scope and flexibility to problem solve, and think outside the box.
According to co-founder, Tim Ault, it has helped to support a greater range of client objectives, including those which may not always be about “increasing revenue, reducing expenses, informing people” – about “delivering ROI that is dollar and cents value-based”.

“I think Signagelive has done an exceptional job (..) to ensure there’s a wider gambit of player choice.”

Jason Ault, Coffman Media co-founder

6/ Unmatched range of compatible industry-leading hardware

To ensure that resellers can find exactly the right players for their customer’s projects, Signagelive offers an unmatched range of compatible hardware that includes all the most trusted, globally available and popular brands for powerful media players and space-saving System-on-Chip displays.
BrightSign, Samsung, LG webOS, Philips, Chrome, IAdea, Mac, PLANAR, ViewSonic, Windows, Amazon Fire TV.
This support, according to Coffman Media’s Jason Ault, gives resellers another competitive advantage: “I think Signagelive has done an exceptional job (..) to ensure there’s a wider gambit of player choice. So, I think that’s also giving us as resellers the opportunity to grow because we have a wider selection.”

“Signagelive has been forward thinking throughout this twelve-year engagement thus far”

Jason Ault, Coffman Media co-founder

7/ Future-proof innovations and integrations

At the cutting-edge of CMS innovation, Signagelive constantly innovates to stay one step ahead, and deliver future-proof digital signage solutions that can add value to a greater breadth of projects.
For Coffman Media, Jason Ault comments, that part of the on-going appeal of working with Signagelive is to win more ambitious, high-value projects:
“You know, I don’t want to just keep replicating project after project. Let’s take something new and solve a bigger problem.”
With the help of open-source APIs, Signagelive gives resellers more opportunity to offer additional service capabilities, whether that is by developing customised solutions or integrating Signagelive into over-arching multi-media platforms.
If there isn’t any in-house software development support available, Signagelive is also able to step in to offer additional technical support where required.

8/ For any vertical

 “Wherever digital signage can help, we’re going to go into that market”

Jason Ault, Coffman Media co-founder

With Signagelive, resellers can add value to content workflows in any vertical application, from quick service restaurants (QSRs), hotels and work place environments to auto repair centres, and stadiums.
Jason Ault explains that the expansion of Coffman Media has been possible because of the team’s willingness – and ability, with support from partners, such as Signagelive, to go where the market takes them: “At the end of the day, we’re a problem solver for communication. And so wherever digital signage can help, we’re going to go into that market.”
Based in Ohio, and with a second office location newly opened in Jacksonville, Florida, Coffman Media now operate in over 37 States across America, as well as globally in multiple countries in Europe, the Middle East and the West Indies.