How do I build company culture with digital signage [+VIDEO]

Company culture refers to the attitudes and behaviours of a company and its employees. It is evident in the way an organisation’s people interact with each other, the values they hold, and the decisions they make.

High employee turnovers, decreased productivity and a reduction in revenue are the inevitable outcomes when company cultures are weak and unsupported. 

While leadership teams, backed by ambitious human resources departments, try to establish core company values and goals, the reality is that they often fail, lacking the reach and buy-in necessary to make any significant impact.

With digital signage, you have more opportunity to succeed. You can create the infrastructure you really need to support a meaningful and inclusive implementation, roll-out and communication of your company culture. Here’s how to do it.

Top 5 steps to change your company culture

1/ Define your company culture

Firstly, it’s important to build a clear vision of who you are as a company, what you want to achieve, and what values you reflect. This should be stress-tested in workshops at every level of the business.

Use your digital signage displays to brainstorm and securely review company ideas and data, including the compliance monitoring statistics with which your overall company ethos will need to align. 

With Signagelive Secure Dashboards, you can securely display data dashboards on-screen from almost any business intelligence platform, including Microsoft Power BI, GROW and Sharepoint.

Digital signage networks can also be used to invite participation from employees across all the organisation. Advertise focus groups to gain input, or if you’re looking for wider participation, create and display on-screen QR codes that employees can scan with their smart devices to access questionnaires and feedback forms. 

2/ Immerse every department in your company culture

Immerse employees in the new work culture by clearly displaying the overall company goals and values on your workplace digital signage. You can boost engagement by delivering the messaging as dynamic content in the form of videos, or even, live key stakeholder addresses through platforms, such as YouTube LiveStream and IBM Cloud. 

On every departmental floor, you can drill down on exactly how your company culture will impact day-to-day roles. By creating and broadcasting specific content for each department on your screens, you make the overall work culture personal to every individual employee. 

You also remind mid-level managers, who manage teams, of their importance and responsibility – of how the company’s vision is directly linked and dependent on team goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).

3/ Broadcast what success looks like.

As part of your regular cycle of digital signage content, don’t forget to broadcast real-life examples of how your company culture is being brought to life by staff members at every level of the organisation. It’s important to show your work culture in action, and crucially, that it can and will lead to the company’s success.

Showing what’s possible will be the ultimate motivating factor for employees. So, on a loop, create and display a collection of short videos that show how your values, best practices, and team structures are enabling staff to win more sales, streamline workloads and move the company forward. 

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