The Future Growth of Digital Signage in the Corporate Workplace


The global digital signage market could grow to as much as $27.8 billion by 2026. That’s a growth of about 11.2% with the market currently estimated at $16.3 billion. The growth of digital signage will be significant, regardless of the actual rate.

In the upcoming years, its use in commercial applications will increase. Display technology will also continue to improve. It’s no surprise that more and more businesses are adopting the use of digital signage.

It enhances both internal and external communications within organisations. You can too. In this article, we outline additional reasons for the growth of digital signage.

We also look at the benefits of implementing it in your business. You’ll also learn some of the ways organisations are using this amazing technology to provide information, data and even display relevant company dashboards. They are also using it in their boardroom and meeting space. 

What Is Digital Signage?

The first reference to digital signage was the description of a video wall full of displays back in 1992. Since then, advances in the technology used in digital signage displays propelled its popularity. Increased usage also brought down the cost.

This resulted in many more organisations implementing them as part of their communication and marketing strategies. This form of electronic signage uses projection technologies. It also uses LED and LCD to display videos and images, as well as text.

The use of digital signage in various industries has grown over the years. Healthcare centres use them as wayfinding displays, whereas restaurants showcase their menus.

Many other businesses find creative ways to highlight their products and services using digital signage. It’s not only an effective advertising tool, but you can also use it to communicate with employees.

Reasons for the Growth of Digital Signage

We live in a world where we are constantly inundated with information. This can include current events, new products or the latest trends. Organisations are now forced to find ways to stand out.

The end goal is to ensure potential customers take notice. You need to make such a great impression that they don’t just buy your product or service. You need to keep them coming back for more.

Digital signage can help you do this.

Effective Promotional Tool

When you think of capturing an audience’s attention, digital signage is definitely one way to do this. The sheer nature of the technology is bright, ever-changing and captivating. It’s the perfect medium to share well-crafted content to catch the eye of consumers.

It gives you access to a large audience and is particularly effective in the retail, healthcare, and hospitality industries.

Ongoing Technological Advancements

Digital signage technology is constantly advancing. Every improvement creates an even better experience for end-users. Advancements in 4K technology used in digital screens result in displays with enhanced resolutions. 

This makes it a perfect advertising platform to display your products and services. You can awe consumers with high-quality enhanced images with improved sharpness.

Energy Efficient Displays

Imagine reaching a larger audience and saving money as well. New LED-backlit panels on digital signage displays are energy efficient. They can significantly reduce your energy consumption.

You can save money even when implementing multiple displays at your business.

Well-designed Software Solutions

Digital signage advancements are not only limited to their physical displays. There have been significant improvements in their software design as well. These solutions are now compatible with multiple operating systems including Android.

These software advancements will allow you to collect relevant marketing and operational data, facilitated by the growing use of cloud computing. Digital signage also eliminates the hassles associated with traditional advertising. We all know how time-consuming and inefficient updating ads can be especially for print, billboards and other traditional media.

This isn’t an issue with digital signage, as software technology allows real-time changes. You no longer have to worry about the cost of vandalised billboards. Digital signage lowers your overall marketing costs in the long run, as well.

Cost Benefits

Along with decreased advertising costs, your digital signage investment will not be substantial as the price of display panels is rapidly decreasing. This trend is set to continue as more and more industries are seeing the benefits of using digital signage. This ever-growing increase in demand is sure to make the cost of implementing digital signage into your organisation minimal.


Using Digital Signage in Your Organisation

In addition to the low cost of implementing digital signage, there are many other benefits you can gain from using it throughout your organisation. It’s the perfect way to effectively communicate to both customers and employees.

Digital signage is naturally eye-catching due to its size, lighting and display quality. Add quality content and you have a winner. However, one of the essential elements needed to ensure its effectiveness is the right location.

A boardroom or meeting space can help provide relevant information to employees, shareholders and business partners. Here are a few other places within your organisation to consider when implementing digital signage.

Make a Good First Impression

Your lobby or reception area provides an opportunity for your organisation to create a lasting impression for visitors. You need to get it right the first time and set the tone for what customers can expect from your product and service delivery.

Depending on the size and layout of your space, you can use a large display or a wall of multiple displays. Showcase your products and services, highlight your mission, vision and values. These are all ways you can introduce new customers to your company.

It’s also perfect when you’re having an event or launching a new product as it provides a cost-effective way to advertise. 

Tell Them More About Your Company

When someone steps into your company, you should use your space to highlight the reasons they should do business with you, whether it’s a potential customer, partner or supplier. After greeting them with displays in your reception area, continue the trend as they enter your office.

If your office is in a multi-storey building, remind them of what you have to offer as they wait for the elevator. Displays near your elevators can provide safety information. They can indicate where visitors are, where they’ll be going and the closest exits. 

Your displays can also inform them of what they will need to do in the event of an emergency. You can also continue sharing location and company information with displays along corridors throughout the building. You can even share additional information about your company including recent achievements or product and service highlights. 

Get Business Done Efficiently

Do you have a boardroom or a meeting space? Then use digital signage technology to enhance your meetings. Digital signage can help you to run your meetings more efficiently especially if they involve participants at different locations.

You can facilitate seamless video conferencing, file sharing or online presentations. Ensure your displays are set up in such a way that all participants have a clear view of the content. You can even use technology that translates meeting materials to ensure the inclusion of all participants regardless of their location or the language they speak.


Employees Can Benefit Too

As we mentioned, digital signage is also a great way to communicate with your employees. The displays you use for your visitors can also inform employees about your achievements, safety protocols, products and services. It’s a great way to enforce all the important elements of your company.

You can incorporate digital signage in your breakrooms or employee common areas. These can display sales statistics, or keep employees up to date about upcoming internal events or milestones.

It’s also a great platform to use for employee recognition. Your employees will feel great about their achievements, especially knowing their peers can see them as well. It’s a great incentive for others who, on seeing these highlights, may find the motivation to do well to garner the same recognition.

The Benefits of Using Digital Signage

There are many benefits of using digital signage throughout your organisation. You can use it to:

  • Capture the attention of customers and employees
  • Boost employee morale
  • Strengthen and enhance your corporate culture
  • Save time and money
  • Proudly display your brand
  • Eliminate departmental silos
  • Display performance dashboards and data
  • Share company information

Digital signage is a great communication tool. It answers the who, what, where, why for both employees and customers with minimal effort. You don’t have to invest a lot of time to enhance the experience of customers and employees as digital signage can help do this.

Your Business and Digital Signage

A few years ago, you may have never considered that your company would have a lot more competitors than just other businesses selling similar products and services. Unfortunately, consumers are inundated with distractions from multiple sources that have nothing to do with your product offerings.

Getting their attention is growing more and more challenging every day. This, along with finding ways to effectively communicate with employees is becoming a major priority for many businesses and we’re sure your business isn’t an exception.

The growth of digital signage has done a lot to resolve some of these issues. It is an effective tool to communicate to both your internal and external stakeholders.

Proper implementation is key and Signagelive can help you get it right the first time. Contact us to get started today!