Signagelive Retail Case Studies

Wasabi switches to digital menu boards powered by Signagelive to save time and costs for operations

LG Wasabi Jan 2018 (8 of 10)

Japanese sushi and bento restaurant chain, Wasabi, has digitalised its menu boards across seven of its London locations.

Pioneer Group were enlisted to install the displays across five of Wasabi’s concession stores in partnership with Marks & Spencer and two Wasabi stand alone stores.

Wasabi required digital displays that would replace the lightbox printed menus utilising a bespoke solution for each individual space to complement its pod counters.

LG Wasabi Jan 2018 (2 of 10)

Jerry Chen, IT Support Analyst, Wasabi

This project has helped us to standardise our in-store experience, ensuring up-to-date information on our menu boards and reducing the time invested to maintain them.
Pioneer Group specified LG’s 86” 86BH5C Ultra Stretch displays across the majority of locations, installed in pairs in a landscape formation or back-to-back with a single portrait display in the new store at West One Shopping Centre. West One’s counter features a six screen 47” LG 47LV35A narrow bezel video wall, while the Pantheon Oxford Street Marks & Spencer store features a smaller three screen 43” LG 43SM5KD display.

Brendan McKeown, IT Director, Wasabi

The solution Pioneer Group has provided is excellent, as is their attention to detail. The sleek design of LG’s products fit with the interior design of our stores and really brings the space alive. Great technology and great partner – the two must go hand in hand.

Mark Childerhouse, Director of Sales, Pioneer Group

This is the first time we’ve worked with the 86” display and the aspect ratio makes it perfect for menu boards providing 4K content, while also saving space. We worked with each location on an individual basis to ensure the displays were installed around the interior design ensuring installation looks clean and seamless.

The cloud-based digital signage software platform, Signagelive, is used across the system to standardise the content control and enable remote updates. Wasabi’s marketing team work directly with Pioneer Group to maintain, service, and create dynamic content for the displays. The system is synchronised via IAdea XMP-7300 media players with Anytiles solution, which supports 4K content and mounted using B-Tech brackets.

Aferdita Qesku, Director of Sales, Signagelive

Simple to maintain, cost effective, time saving solution. The end result for Wasabi is a representation of how careful consideration of client requirements and technical understanding of both hardware and software has come into play deliver on client needs. Pioneer have worked with Signagelive now for a good few years and it shows in all of their client integrations.

Activate The Space installation at Champs Sports, Times Square NY, powered by Signagelive

Champ Sport 2


Activate The Space (ATS) has recently completed the design and integration of the new Champs Sports location at 10 Times Square in New York City. ATS provided several LED walls including a massive two storey wall on the side of the escalators and the media playback engine for the large outdoor LED wall on the front of the building.

Champs Sports, a division of Foot Locker Inc, celebrated the opening of its New York flagship location in Times Square. Following the move from the brand’s former Times Square footprint, the new multi-level property at 10 Times Square is nearly four-times the size of the previous location boasting 8,160 square-feet of premium retail space.

Champ Sport 1

Opportunity for Digital Signage

In addition to the indoor LED systems, Activate The Space also designed and integrated a multi-zone Bose Audio System complete with new ATS Core Control touch panels.

Core Control enables operation of the entire Audio and Video systems, as well as providing Activate The Space Technical Services the ability to operate or interrogate the AV systems, via the Cloud from any device, anywhere and at any time.

HD Media Playback is provided using our Brandcast Solutions powered by Signagelive and IAdea.

Champ Sports 3


Key project requirements and challenges

Brandcast is powered by Signagelive media playback and cloud-based scheduling solutions, which power the large outdoor LED walls on the facade of 10 Times Times Square.

Activate The Space Creative handles the interior LED content and the exterior LED content for Champs Sports. ATS Creative provides everything in-house from Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Text, Static Image and HTML Social Media feed moderations.across all the brands available at Champs Sports.

Designed to be flexible, “The Arena” layout allows Champs Sports and its vendor partners to tell key stories in new and creative ways, enhancing the customer shopping experience.

Within this new layout, leading athletic brands will have elevated brand experiences with cross-category product offerings, allowing customers to easily navigate by brand and identify sought-after products more efficiently.

The flagship store will serve as a hub that demonstrates the brand’s core values – We Know Game – embodying, celebrating and advocating for all of those who participate.


Champ Sport 4


Bryon Milburn, VP and GM, Champs Sports

At Champs Sports, we are always looking to bring the best retail experiences to our customers, and to establish ourselves as the go-to destination to find leading athletic brands. The Times Square store offers the best assortment of the top brands that shoppers know, love and have come to expect from Champs Sports.

The new store has a prominent exterior presence with an LED display spanning 68 feet by 23 feet across prime Times Square real estate. Inside, there are four additional digital screens to allow for robust, interactive storytelling throughout the customer journey.

To complement its digital in-store presence, Champs Sports commissioned artist Andrew Thiele to create lasting brand visuals representing the spirit of New York City – from the five boroughs to notable landmarks, arts and sports teams.

Chris Pelzar, CEO & Managing Partner, Activate the Space

Champs Times Square is the 2nd full store Flag Ship implementation of Signagelive we have used for Champs Sports. In addition to the stores massive indoor LED Displays which were designed and integrated by Activate The Space, we also utilise Signagelive for the large outdoor LED wall as well playing branded content 24/7 in Times Square.

For the past few months Activate The Space has been busy re-designing and replacing our legacy Digital Signage Software of choice for almost (10) years and now in new designs we favour using Signagelive in almost all cases. The reason for this are simple. With Signagelive we have a vast choice of Media Playback Hardware to choose from. This allows us to choose the best hardware platform for any particular project or need. In addition, Signagelive being inherently cloud based, allows to programme the content on any device, from anywhere and at any time. This has led to a huge increase in productivity for our creative team who handles the Content Management for Champs Sports along with many other brands in retail.

Signagelive has proven to be a great choice for our legacy projects and new designs moving forward. We are happy to partner with them as they are more knowledgeable and responsive than any other company we have done business with in our (12) year history.

Jason Cremins, CEO and Founder, Signagelive

The new Champs Sports store in Time Square demonstrates how digital signage has become core to design and customer experience for progressive retailers. Activate The Space understand how to work with major retailers and brands to turn their ideas and stories into high impact digital environments. We are proud to be associated with such an iconic and high profile project.

Chancellors Estate Agents window displays go digital


One of the UK’s leading estate agents, Chancellors has transformed its window display with innovative new window technology to give passersby more particulars and attract attention on the high street.

Installed by AV and IT specialists, Pioneer Group, the displays enable Chancellors to embrace digitisation as a means of showcasing its property portfolio and latest offers.

Not only does it reduce printing costs and time spent updating particulars; its high impact visuals command more attention to the Windsor store. Research shows that professional displays can increase sales by up to 54%, so the brighter and more eye-catching the visuals, the better.

The Chancellors team were keen to increase the footfall to their branch by showcasing and bringing to life their latest properties with cutting edge digital signage. Pioneer Group installed a powerful video wall solution from Samsung with advanced colour calibration and seamless bezel design, with four of their UD46E-A models. Held in place with a B-Tech System X bolt down video wall stand, the display elevates visual messaging and content with a seamless image and impressive clarity.


Signagelive is used to automate the digital advertising processes at Chancellors and run a combination of real-time property feeds on rotation, which can be updated from anywhere in the country by the team at Chancellors.

Mark Childerhouse, Sales Director, Pioneer Group

We always strive to deliver the best service to our customer, which is why we were keen to cause minimal disruption to Chancellors’ working hours. Buying a property is a life changing decision and Chancellors’ investment in a display solution which best represents their properties demonstrates an approach which is customer orientated and forward thinking.

Aferdita Qesku, Director of Sales, Signagelive

Property management is an ever increasing competitive field. Thus companies need to look at differentiating their services from the rest. This is exactly where technology can be utilised to its full benefits and impact in a positive manner the customer journey. Signagelive enables this journey to be easily managed by allowing the right content to be sent at the right screen at the right time. Through the thoughtful project management and installation process of partners such as Pioneer it ensures clients such as Chancellors can be left to do what they do best – show off the latest properties without any delay.

Notcutts Garden Centres use Signagelive digital signage to promote to customers



Notcutts Garden Centres Ltd is a private limited company, it operates 18 individual garden centres across England and has been supplying plants etc. for over a century. Proud to be family-owned and independent, their core values of quality and customer care remain the same as when they first started. Their garden centres are run by dedicated teams of horticultural experts and gardening enthusiasts.

21st Century AV plan and implement AV solutions for many of the world’s most demanding clients. Their detailed knowledge of the industry means they have established working relationships with the very best manufacturers and technicians, to create seamless solutions which both excel today and which will continue to deliver in years to come.

Tell us a little about how you are using Signagelive?

It’s being used to show menu prices and special food promotions within the restaurant areas, also product information throughout the stores, and some stores have outdoors kiosk points showing seasonal offers. We are also using the device in the retail store to present various POS and to direct customers to certain key locations in store.

There are other SaaS-based digital signage options out there, why did you choose Signagelive?

Adaptability and it suited our clients’ needs – also content can be updated centrally and pushed out company-wide. We have also found the online live chat support to be of great help and the team has been very helpful in providing support for any issues but also the development of new features.

What were the reasons for implementing a digital signage network?

To show promotions and seasonal offers. However, this has now expanded into a mixed array of point of sale, café menus as well as promotional displays.

Notcutts 4

How were these objectives being met previously?

They were small 10” screens updated with USB key at each point, and printed posters / A1 display boards.

How did you build a business case internally for Signagelive?

The business requested displays of this type as they seemed to be very successful and “on-trend” at the time so no business case was needed.

What is the best thing about Signagelive, in your opinion?

Adaptability and it suited our clients needs – also content can be updated centrally and pushed out company-wide. Additionally, the support network has been very impressive.

What is your favourite feature?

Scalability and the ability to completely customise every section / part of every display and menu.

Notcutts 6

Did you face any challenges during any part of your project implementation? How were these resolved?

Being completely new to Signagelive and digital signage meant we had to pick things up quickly. However, with the Live Chat functionality which comes as part of the solution, it meant they were always on hand to help us regardless of whether we were querying issues.

How has business improved since using Signagelive?

Too early to say at this stage, as to the positive impact in revenue as a result of the digital signage, we will be monitoring this in the future months.

Lee Rogers – IT Systems Coordinator – Notcutts

Very customisable and incredibly versatile, we are pleased with the product overall.

Debbie Seward – Business Development & Relationship Manager – 21st Century AV

21st Century AV Ltd have integrated Signagelive into a number of clients and when Notcutts came to us with a requirement we didn’t hesitate to recommend the Signagelive platform as a solution. With its ease of use, integration and functionality Notcutts rolled out the platform across all new sites and into those being refurbished, with more sites planned for the future and a partnership with 21st Century AV Ltd as its AV preferred partner.

Aferdita Qesku – Director of Sales – Signagelive

Working with customers like Notcutts really shows how digital signage has crossed borders in terms of suitability for use as well as of course return on the customer experience. What started off as an original idea for QSR menu boards grew into new possibilities of adding value to the customer journey, through wayfinding, POS integration etc. It is down to knowledgeable partners whom we work with which this would be possible to achieve.

YESSS Electrical engage with customers using Signagelive powered digital signage network




YESSS are the UK’s fastest growing Electrical Wholesaler. Having only opened in December 2012, YESSS Electrical has grown to over 100 branches nationwide. Located in London, Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham and even the Channel Islands. Over the next five years that number aims to increase to 250 UK branches.

Tell us a little about how you are using Signagelive?

We use Signagelive to push video content to over 100 of our branches.

There are other SaaS based digital signage options out there, why did you choose Signagelive?

We tried other solutions before Signagelive but hardware software compatibility always let them down. Signagelive is much more robust.

What were the reasons for implementing a digital signage network?

Initially we needed a system that would allow us to get our promotional offers to be displayed in branches as quickly as possible and at the same time reduce our printing costs incurred by traditional printed PoS.

How were these objectives being met previously?

All previous PoS was historically large volumes of printed flyers, posters and roller banners.

How did you build a business case internally for Signagelive?

Potential cost reductions and creating a focal point of where the screens were displayed (directly behind our counters at customer eye level) all helped to support the need for this technology.

What is the best thing about Signagelive, in your opinion?

Signagelive Content Management System makes it really easy to upload content and distribute to multiple sites with very little problems.

Branch counter photo


What is your favourite feature?

Recent move away from Flash with new HTML5 version has helped to speed up the user interface side.

Did you face any challenges during any part of your project implementation? How were these resolved?

Various sites initially had extremely slow internet which made implementation tough.

How has business improved since using Signagelive?

Promotional offers always displayed in perfect position within each of our branches ensuring offers aren’t missed by our customers.


What advantages does Signagelive offer?

Being able to login to Signagelive on a web browser anywhere and add content is a massive advantage.

The tag system, although still room for improvement does offer a very user friendly way of managing content for unique sites where content might differ. e.g price variations on product promos outside of mainland UK.

Jon Derbyshire – Marketing Manager – YESSS Electrical

Since using Signagelive we’ve never needed to look at any other system, as it comfortably handles everything we throw at it.

In addition, online support is always fantastic and the platform’s roadmap of new features shows the potential to be the best of it’s kind.

Aferdita Qesku – Director of Sales – Signagelive

The YESSS Electrical project is a prime example of how we as a company met the customer’s needs 3 years ago and continue to do so, with for instance the release of multiple tags for media assets. I remember sitting at the customer meeting with the solution partner (JBrand) and getting an understanding of what they wished to achieve and where their other offering was failing to provide what was needed.

It is important to us as a company that our customers drive our technology forward with their requirements of real life scenarios. Coupled with our excellent support infrastructure, continuous updates and the hardware agnostic approach we take, it makes Signagelive not just a robust solution, but also one which is scalable and flexible enough for years to come, and can be applicable to many customers.

Models Own engage customers and enhance its retail presence by using Signagelive digital signage screens


Models Own is a cosmetics brand that was originally founded in 2008 by Ministry of Sound’s CEO and his brother. The company has historically promoted its product range via “Bottleshop” – style pop ups located on the premises of well-known high street brands, including Boots and Superdrug.

In 2014, Models Own received investment from a Saudi retail empire and has since expanded its core offering to include lip and eye products, as well as associated accessories. Models Own opened its first global flagship store in Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, East London in late 2016, closely followed by a second store in Trinity Leeds, and is currently Europe’s fastest growing cosmetics brand.

The requirement

Further to the growing success of its bottleshop concept, Models Own wanted to enhance its retail presence and grow its market share by opening a flagship store that would serve both as a “beauty playground” for its customer base and as a new product launch pad. The company wanted to utilise the benefits of digital signage, such as great visual impact and the ability to increase footfall in the store, to engage their teenage market customers even further.

Models Own began researching digital signage providers and finally selected Digital Messaging Company, DMC, (a leading supplier of turnkey digital signage systems) to design and install a purpose-built digital signage system that included two high impact videowalls to meet their instore artistic and promotional requirements.

DMC in turn selected Signagelive as the preferred technology provider because of its cloud based capabilities, its technical expertise and video synchronisation capabilities on high-power videowalls.


Key project requirements

  • To deploy two videowalls to serve as visual focal point in a flagship cosmetics store
  • To deploy two window displays in portrait to attract attention and increase footfall
  • To retain customer attention through the display of colourful and eye catching video content
  • To ensure all displayed content rendered and synchronised correctly, with the ability to update or change information at the push of a button
  • To provide a flexible model that could be scaled up to meet future requirements


The digital signage network

In Westfield, the digital signage network comprises 10 x 65” high brightness LG displays, set up in a 5 x 1 configuration format, to create two stunning videowalls that run down either side of the store entrance. The window displays comprised 2 x Samsung 75” displays.

In Leeds, the digital signage network comprises 6 x 65” high brightness LG displays, set up in a 3 x 1 configuration format, to create two stunning videowalls that run down either side of the store entrance. The window displays comprised 2 x LG 65” displays.

The videowalls are used to showcase makeup artists working on models, to promote new product ranges and special offers, to showcase makeup bloggers highlighting real world product usage, or to broadcast live in-store demonstrations. Giving customers the feeling of being surrounded by on-screen entertainment, similar to a cinema experience.

The LG displays are controlled by IAdea media players preloaded with Signagelive’s cloud-based software to ensure that all displayed content synchronises seamlessly across the two videowalls. Not only does the content look spectacular, it can be easily updated or modified at the click of a button by DMC without any involvement from instore staff.

This short video shows how the content is displayed at the Models Own Westfield store:

Benefits of Signagelive

Signagelive’s cloud based digital signage network platform has provided DMC with a centralised facility to run and manage 4 x panoramic video walls as well as a series of window displays on behalf of Models Own.

Video and promotional content, which is created by Models Own, is re-purposed, animated and scheduled by DMC on their behalf, and then uploaded onto Signagelive’s digital signage network platform, providing a centralised repository to store content and eliminating the need for onsite servers.

New content can be deployed onto just one display or across all deployed displays in the stores at the click of the button. Signagelive ensures that all uploaded content is rendered and synchronised correctly to display across the videowalls as a seamless image, to create a wow factor visual experience.


The future

Models Own launched its flagship store in late 2016, followed by Leeds in early 2017, and over the forthcoming months, DMC is expecting to roll out video walls across further new stores in the UK.

Mark Rodol, CEO, Models Own

The digital video walls have helped to create a powerful in-store atmosphere, promoting our brand and promotional activity with impact and at speed. The 360 degree solution provided by DMC has ensured we have the latest tech to match our in-store vision, installed and fully managed, providing a hassle-free and completely flexible solution.

Anna Mutch, Marketing Manager, Models Own

In such a fast-moving environment, it’s important that we deliver our brand, product launch and social media content to screen, on time, looking stunning every time. DMC’s creative support and technical expertise gives us what we need to make this process seamless and straightforward. We look forward to working with DMC on new stores in the near future.

Ian Gabbie, Director, Digital Messaging Company

Models Own have pushed the creative boundary with their in-store digital signage, making it a great project to be a part of. We’re looking forward to working with Models Own to create many more stellar video walls. Signagelive is scalable and platform-agnostic, which means we expand the digital signage network quickly and easily, without being limited to particular display types or configuration formats.

Jason Cremins, CEO, Signagelive

The visually stunning Signagelive solution delivered by Digital Messaging Company (DMC) for Models Own, provides a great example of how retailers are incorporating digital signage into the fabric of their store design, generating maximum impact. Our agnostic approach to supporting digital signage players and SoC displays has enabled DMC to utilise LG, Samsung and IAdea technology in a single retail store whilst all being managed, monitored and updated from our Signagelive platform.

Dermalogica UK Deploys Signagelive to Enhance Customer Engagement


Dermalogica was founded in 1986 by skin therapist Jane Wurwand, revolutionising skincare by shifting the beauty industry’s focus from cosmetics to skin health. Today, the Dermalogica collection comprises a selection of unique skincare systems which are individually prescribed to each customer for their specific skin concerns using the brand’s ground-breaking Face Mapping® skin analysis technique.

Dermalogica has historically supplied its skincare products and services via authorised salons, spas and beauty stores but in 2013 the company began selling its products directly and opened a number of retail outlets to increase overall sales.

Dermalogica has primary operations in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland and its products are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide.

The opportunity

Dermalogica UK was already utilising digital signage in key retail stores for promotional activities, the AV displays were not interconnected and had to be individually updated manually (via PPT and Dropbox), which resulted in inconsistencies to the brand’s overall messaging.

Further to its acquisition by Unilever in 2015, Dermalogica UK was tasked with streamlining its operational processes and enhancing customer engagement to deliver a better retail experience and increase overall sales.

As well as repurposing displays already installed in numerous stores across the UK, Dermalogica wanted to incorporate the latest smart signage displays and associated interactive applications in its newer stores to strengthen promotional activities and grow its “Hero” product range.

The company began investigating end-to-end digital signage solution providers and further to online research, Identified Signagelive as the preferred technology provider because of its market reputation (ranking as one of the top four digital signage platform providers globally), its global, secure cloud based platform as well as its hardware-agnostic capabilities. Signagelive is 100% channel based so recommended Solutions AV (a leading AV reseller and systems integrator in the UK) and one of its strategic channel partners to supply and install the digital signage network.

Key project requirements

  • A centralised digital signage network to simplify digital marketing activities
  • Streamline internal operational processes further to corporate acquisition
  • Enhance customer engagement to deliver a better retail experience and increase sales
  • Make use of interactive applications to promote flagship products and bestsellers
  • Hardware-agnostic solution that supported all display types, regardless of vendor for ROI purposes
  • To provide a self-help training facility for Dermalogica staff

The digital signage network

To date, the digital signage network comprises a combination of conventional displays, Samsung Smart displays (SSP 32” -E Range and SSP 48” models) and IAdea signboards (XDS-2170 and XDS 1078 models). All deployed displays are powered by Signagelive and have so far been installed in four locations as follows:

  • Harvey Nichols – Edinburgh,
  • Fabel -Tottenham Court Road, London
  • Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge, London
  • MK Centre – Milton Keynes

Apart from displaying prescheduled content about Dermalogica skincare products in an eye-catching and engaging manner, the digital signage network is also being used to raise awareness of its “Hero” product range via “Lift and Learn” applications to increase brand loyalty. Carefully chosen items are placed on small sensors (concealed inside retail counters) positioned in front of small, instore displays. If an item is subsequently “lifted”, a trigger is activated to display detailed product information about that item on a corresponding display.

Displays have also been installed at Dermalogica HQ in Leatherhead to display education information to students attending workshops, and to provide local information like traffic and weather.

Benefits of Signagelive

Signagelive has provided Dermalogica with an easy, reliable means to centrally manage its countrywide digital signage network, comprising multiple displays types, sizes and orientations, including Smart Signage displays. The scalability and reliability of the platform has ensured that offices globally are now also utilising the Signagelive platform for internal communications.

Sinagelive’s hardware-agnostic capabilities means that Dermalogica can source displays from different vendors, or repurpose previously installed displays, to meet the exact requirements of its different retail outlets. Content is uploaded and stored on the Signagelive cloud platform, providing Dermalogica with a centralised repository for storage purposes, and eliminating the need for onsite servers at different locations, thus reducing overall installation costs.

Signagelive’s SoC and HTML5 software, with integrated support for interactive applications, has allowed Dermalogica to cost effectively deploy among other retail focused digital signage a “Lift and Learn” concept in its newer stores and carry out targeted campaigns about its flagship product range in an engaging way.

Using Signagelive’s optional Proof of Play reporting module, management staff can report on campaign results in a meaningful way, demonstrate to stakeholders which products are the most popular and adjust/amend promotional activities to reflect consumer trends in real time.

The future

So far the digital signage network has been rolled out to four UK locations. Dermalogica expects the network to be rolled out to across the remaining 23 stores by the end of 2017.

Client quotation

“From the outset Signagelive understood what we wanted to achieve and worked very closely with us to ensure our objectives were achieved. The software is easy to use and their reporting and Proof of Play module allows us to actively respond to the success of different campaigns in real time. Signagelive also gives us a rudimentary indication of instore footfall, which is important for future planning.”

Download as a PDF


Lithuania’s largest telco company implements digital signage network powered by Signagelive

Signagelive’s cloud-based platform enables Teo to provide B2C and B2B customers with interactive service facilities

Teo, the leading telco and home entertainment services provider in Lithuania and part of the Telia Company, has implemented a digital signage network powered by Signagelive to enhance customer services activities.

The digital signage network, which has been installed and commissioned by Hansab UAB (a leading provider of innovative technology solutions in the Baltic region) is being used to display promotional content on video walls and large touch screen display in customer service centres located in busy shopping malls in Lithuania’s three largest cities.

The company had previously been reliant on standalone displays and USB drives for all promotional activities. This was an inefficient use of resource and promotional campaigns were often fragmented because of the time needed to manually update individual displays installed in different locations.

Signagelive was selected as the preferred digital signage platform provider because of its cloud-based capabilities and multi-vendor support, which meant that that Hansab could mix and match display types to accommodate specific location requirements.

The digital signage network comprises 4 x different configuration Samsung slim bezel video walls and associated 65” touch screen display so that customers and businesses alike can enquire about new services, such as Wi-Fi, cloud services or CCTV. When the interactive display is idle, the network has been configured to make use of Signagelive’s kiosk-mode facility, comprising a series of pre-scheduled videos that play on a loop to further promote Teo products and services.

All content is uploaded and stored on Signagelive’s cloud-based digital signage platform and using its enterprise-class management dashboard, the telco can create and roll out promotional content and customer service notices to the different locations in real-time, with the ability to modify that content on demand if necessary.

Signagelive’s cloud-based platform ensures the individual displays are synchronised on the LAN and that content is rendered correctly to display on the different screen types, creating a dramatic visual experience for B2C and B2B customers.

“Teo has recently expanded its product portfolio to offer more services to customers,” comments Dovydas Stukas, Head of Digital Signage and AV solutions group at HANSAB UAB. “The digital signage network powered by Signagelive has provided them with a centralised facility to manage campaigns and benefit from interactive capabilities.”

“A changing communications landscape means that telecoms providers must be creative in their marketing activities if they want to retain customers,” comments Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive. “Our digital signage platform allows large organisations like Teo to quickly roll out powerful digital signage networks that support static and interactive content, taking digital signage services to the next level by increasing engagement.”

The digital signage network has provided Teo with a centralized facility to run and manage its promotional activities. Hansab provides a network management service, logging onto the network periodically to make sure there are no connection issues and that the digital signage solution is performing optimally.


Signagelive and Coffman develop a purpose-built digital signage solution for International Cash Systems LLC

Signagelive’s System on Chip (SoC) software powers ATM Digital Signage Solution based on Samsung DB22D 21.5”edge-lit LED displays

Signagelive and Coffman Media have been selected by International Cash Systems LLC (one of the top ATM service providers in the United States) to develop a purpose-built digital signage solution for their ATMs to encourage impulse purchases in retail stores and quick serve restaurants to increase revenue for merchants.

ICS ATM Topper Signagelive

ICS wanted a solution that was affordable, comprised high brightness displays and carried a recognised brand name that its merchants would trust. Cost and limited space were also major considerations and ICS wanted a solution that would eliminate the need for onsite media players to display and manage content.

To satisfy these requirements, the digital signage solution is based on the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP), specifically the DB22D 21.5” edge-lit LED displays. Signagelive was selected as the preferred CMS provider for the project because of its cloud based capabilities and because its software integrates seamlessly Samsung’s embedded media player technology.

ICS ATM Topper Signagelive

“Cost, space, ease of use and reputation were major considerations for this project,” comments Raffi Vartian, Chief Marketing Officer of Signagelive. “The Samsung Smart ATM topper, powered by Signagelive has allowed ICS to deploy a cost effective and unique digital signage solution that offered significant cost savings from the outset.”

Since implementing the ATM digital signage toppers powered by Signagelive, ICS merchants are experiencing increased sales and ATM transaction fees. Coffman Media have created a portfolio of promotional material and using Signagelive, merchants can quickly create and schedule content playlists to promote food products that reflect the time of day, for example, coffee and donuts in the morning or pizza and beer in the evenings.

ICS ATM Topper Signagelive

Additionally, merchants are able to offset costs of the ATMs by selling ad space to their different suppliers, resulting in rapid ROI and ICS is able to differentiate itself from the competition.

“Samsung is the leader in chipset technology and its SSSP is now in its third generation,” comments Jason Ault, COO of Coffman Media. “We have been with Samsung during all three generations and are impressed how well it matches with Signagelive. It has been a great fit for us in other verticals so we automatically went with Samsung and Signagelive for this project.”

Moving forwards ICS plans to use its ATM digital signage toppers powered by Signagelive to pitch for new business when the ATM industry has to meet new global standards for Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) being implemented during 2016.

“By October 2016, all ATMs will have to be upgraded or replaced to meet the new standards,” says Mark Newman, President of ICS. “Our ATM digital signage topper with the Samsung display powered by Signagelive makes us extremely competitive over other ATM placement companies. The Samsung brand and our work with Coffman Media and Signagelive offers a combination few other companies can match”


RevelTV networks powered by Signagelive extend the marketing reach of digital signage

Signagelive cloud-based software makes digital signage a viable option for retailers and quick serve restaurants

RevelTV, a top provider of turnkey solutions for digital signage services and applications in the United States, has deployed Signagelive’s cloud-based CMS into its core business to create a fully packaged digital signage offering for the retail, automotive, hospitality, educational and finance industries.

Signagelive integrates seamlessly with an extensive range of media players and display types, including legacy Windows PCs and new Samsung Smart Signage platform (SSSP), enabling RevelTV to source AV equipment from different vendors to create a purpose-built solution for different customers. Retailers already enjoying the benefits of digital signage powered by Signagelive and RevelTV’s Channel Valet include convenience store chains Maceys and Maverik.

Maceys-owned convenience stores were dependent on printed posters for all in-store promotions. These were not only costly to produce and replace, individual stores were unable to generate promotional campaigns for hot items at short notice because of the timescales needed to produce printed material.

Further to installing a RevelTV solution powered by Signagelive, Maceys can now create and publish appealing content to 200 different displays on a location-by-location or store-wide basis within 24 hours. Promotional messages are not department-specific; the deli departments, for example, can display special deals on groceries or pharmaceutical products, encouraging shoppers to browse the entire store and arrive at checkout with fuller baskets as a result.

Maverik wanted to increase takings and improve brand loyalty by replacing printed posters with digital advertising. The drinks fountains installed in different locations all featured a large, static printed advert on the front panel and the company saw this as an ideal opportunity to replace printed posters with digital content.

RevelTV has deployed more than 1,250 Signagelive powered displays across multiple locations to date and its digital signage network is resulting in increased overall sales through the display of dynamic video to promote other Maverik products, such as hotdogs or confectionary.

The Maceys and Maverik installations are based on the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP). Signagelive’s SoC software has been seamlessly integrated into the SSSP, eliminating the need for onsite media players to run and manage content and allowing digital signage network users to create and manage their own content without needing third-party support.

“Digital Signage is becoming more and more of the norm and that’s where people are moving,”

says Matt Dopp, CMO of Revel Media Group.

“It’s no longer a topic of “what is digital signage?” but a topic of “how can we do it”. RevelTVs powered by Signagelive mean faster content and fewer phone calls.”

“Signagelive’s cloud based software supports all digital platforms regardless of supplier,”

says Raffi Vartian, CMO of Signagelive.

“This means that RevelTV can deploy a digital signage solution to their end customer without having to worry about software compatibility. Furthermore, Signagelive is cloud-based, which means fast installation and low cost, making it a highly appealing business offering.”