Signagelive and Coffman develop a purpose-built digital signage solution for International Cash Systems LLC

Signagelive’s System on Chip (SoC) software powers ATM Digital Signage Solution based on Samsung DB22D 21.5”edge-lit LED displays

Signagelive and Coffman Media have been selected by International Cash Systems LLC (one of the top ATM service providers in the United States) to develop a purpose-built digital signage solution for their ATMs to encourage impulse purchases in retail stores and quick serve restaurants to increase revenue for merchants.

ICS ATM Topper Signagelive

ICS wanted a solution that was affordable, comprised high brightness displays and carried a recognised brand name that its merchants would trust. Cost and limited space were also major considerations and ICS wanted a solution that would eliminate the need for onsite media players to display and manage content.

To satisfy these requirements, the digital signage solution is based on the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP), specifically the DB22D 21.5” edge-lit LED displays. Signagelive was selected as the preferred CMS provider for the project because of its cloud based capabilities and because its software integrates seamlessly Samsung’s embedded media player technology.

ICS ATM Topper Signagelive

“Cost, space, ease of use and reputation were major considerations for this project,” comments Raffi Vartian, Chief Marketing Officer of Signagelive. “The Samsung Smart ATM topper, powered by Signagelive has allowed ICS to deploy a cost effective and unique digital signage solution that offered significant cost savings from the outset.”

Since implementing the ATM digital signage toppers powered by Signagelive, ICS merchants are experiencing increased sales and ATM transaction fees. Coffman Media have created a portfolio of promotional material and using Signagelive, merchants can quickly create and schedule content playlists to promote food products that reflect the time of day, for example, coffee and donuts in the morning or pizza and beer in the evenings.

ICS ATM Topper Signagelive

Additionally, merchants are able to offset costs of the ATMs by selling ad space to their different suppliers, resulting in rapid ROI and ICS is able to differentiate itself from the competition.

“Samsung is the leader in chipset technology and its SSSP is now in its third generation,” comments Jason Ault, COO of Coffman Media. “We have been with Samsung during all three generations and are impressed how well it matches with Signagelive. It has been a great fit for us in other verticals so we automatically went with Samsung and Signagelive for this project.”

Moving forwards ICS plans to use its ATM digital signage toppers powered by Signagelive to pitch for new business when the ATM industry has to meet new global standards for Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) being implemented during 2016.

“By October 2016, all ATMs will have to be upgraded or replaced to meet the new standards,” says Mark Newman, President of ICS. “Our ATM digital signage topper with the Samsung display powered by Signagelive makes us extremely competitive over other ATM placement companies. The Samsung brand and our work with Coffman Media and Signagelive offers a combination few other companies can match”

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