Lithuania’s Largest Telco Company Implements Digital Signage Network Powered by Signagelive

The Opportunity

Teo Group had historically been reliant on standalone displays and USB drives for all promotional activities. This was an inefficient use of resource and promotional campaigns were often fragmented because of the time needed to manually update individual displays installed in different locations throughout Lithuania.
To enhance customer service activities, the company began investigating the possibility of implementing a centralised digital signage network and Signagelive and Hansab (a leading provider of innovative technology solutions in Lithuania and one of Signagelive’s strategic channel partners) were chosen as preferred suppliers for the project. Signagelive was selected as the preferred digital signage platform provider because of its cloud-based capabilities and multi-vendor support, which meant that Hansab could mix and match display types to accommodate specific location requirements.

Key Project Requirements

• To streamline labour-intensive manual processes through deployment of a centralised system

• To provide an intuitive and user friendly system that required no technical knowledge

• To enhance customer service activities for existing B2C & B2B customers

• To deliver cross-platform capabilities for greater flexibility and optimal return on investment (ROI) purposes

The Digital Signage Network

The digital signage network is being used to display promotional content on video walls and large touchscreen displays in customer service centres located in busy shopping malls in Lithuania’s three largest cities. When the touchscreen displays are not in use, the digital signage network has been setup to make use of Signagelive’s kiosk-mode facility, comprising a series of pre-scheduled videos that play on a loop to further promote TEO Group’s products and services. The digital signage network comprises 4 x different configuration Samsung slim bezel video walls and associated 65” touchscreen displays, enabling businesses and individuals to easily enquire about new services, such as Wi-Fi, cloud services or CCTV.

The Benefits of Signagelive

The Signagelive powered digital signage network has provided Teo with a centralised facility to run and manage its promotional activities. Signagelive’s cloud-based platform ensures the individual displays are synchronised on the LAN and that content is rendered correctly to display on the different display types, including the video walls, to create a dramatic visual experience. All content is uploaded and stored on Signagelive’s cloud-based digital signage platform, eliminating the need for onsite storage servers. Using Signagelive’s enterprise-class management dashboard, Teo network management staff can create and roll out promotional content and/or customer service notices to the different locations in real-time, with the ability to modify that content on demand if necessary.

Hansab TEO Signagelive 2

‘Teo has recently expanded its product portfolio to offer more services to customers. The digital signage network powered by Signagelive has provided the company with a centralised facility to manage campaigns and benefit from interactive capabilities’

The digital signage network has provided Teo with a centralized facility to run and manage its promotional activities. Hansab provides a network management service, logging onto the network periodically to make sure there are no connection issues and that the digital signage solution is performing optimally.

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