Signagelive Case Studies

YESSS Electrical engage with customers using Signagelive powered digital signage network

Branch counter photo


YESSS are the UK’s fastest growing Electrical Wholesaler. Having only opened in December 2012, YESSS Electrical has grown to over 100 branches nationwide. Located in London, Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham and even the Channel Islands. Over the next five years that number aims to increase to 250 UK branches.

Tell us a little about how you are using Signagelive?

We use Signagelive to push video content to over 100 of our branches.

There are other SaaS based digital signage options out there, why did you choose Signagelive?

We tried other solutions before Signagelive but hardware software compatibility always let them down. Signagelive is much more robust.

What were the reasons for implementing a digital signage network?

Initially we needed a system that would allow us to get our promotional offers to be displayed in branches as quickly as possible and at the same time reduce our printing costs incurred by traditional printed PoS.

How were these objectives being met previously?

All previous PoS was historically large volumes of printed flyers, posters and roller banners.

How did you build a business case internally for Signagelive?

Potential cost reductions and creating a focal point of where the screens were displayed (directly behind our counters at customer eye level) all helped to support the need for this technology.

What is the best thing about Signagelive, in your opinion?

Signagelive Content Management System makes it really easy to upload content and distribute to multiple sites with very little problems.

What is your favourite feature?

Recent move away from Flash with new HTML5 version has helped to speed up the user interface side.

Did you face any challenges during any part of your project implementation? How were these resolved?

Various sites initially had extremely slow internet which made implementation tough.

How has business improved since using Signagelive?

Promotional offers always displayed in perfect position within each of our branches ensuring offers aren’t missed by our customers.

What advantages does Signagelive offer?

Being able to login to Signagelive on a web browser anywhere and add content is a massive advantage.

The tag system, although still room for improvement does offer a very user friendly way of managing content for unique sites where content might differ. e.g price variations on product promos outside of mainland UK.

Jon Derbyshire – Marketing Manager – YESSS Electrical

Since using Signagelive we’ve never needed to look at any other system, as it comfortably handles everything we throw at it.

In addition, online support is always fantastic and the platform’s roadmap of new features shows the potential to be the best of it’s kind.

Aferdita Qesku – Director of Sales – Signagelive

The YESSS Electrical project is a prime example of how we as a company met the customer’s needs 3 years ago and continue to do so, with for instance the release of multiple tags for media assets. I remember sitting at the customer meeting with the solution partner (JBrand) and getting an understanding of what they wished to achieve and where their other offering was failing to provide what was needed.

It is important to us as a company that our customers drive our technology forward with their requirements of real life scenarios. Coupled with our excellent support infrastructure, continuous updates and the hardware agnostic approach we take, it makes Signagelive not just a robust solution, but also one which is scalable and flexible enough for years to come, and can be applicable to many customers.

55 Water Street NYC lobby installation with custom content powered by Signagelive



DCBolt Productions assisted in the design, implementation, software and content development of the video system for 55 Water’s LED lobby wall installation in New York City. DCBolt continues to develop custom content that allows this canvas to evolve through vibrant illusions, ambient branding, eye candy and infotainment. The installation is visible at 55 Water Street in NYC and the lobby is open to the public for viewing 24/7.

Key project requirements

DCBolt built a custom windows-based media server to handle the approx 8K pixel space, and is using Signagelive CMS to manage 5x scheduled layouts. With over 50x assets of custom content, that range from ambient branding to perspective illusions.

DCBolt designed a multi-windowed infotainment layout for the high-traffic hours of the morning, afternoon and evening rush periods which display a variety of content feeds, including live stock tickers, transit, weather, news, sports and social media.


Challenges to overcome

The greatest challenge DCBolt faced with this project was network related. It required heavy bandwidth to dynamically pull and display multiple data feeds and content sources at the same time. Another challenge came from the custom stock ticker. as to date, there has not been a stock ticker produced at such a high resolution. The requirement was a custom program that integrated high-resolution logo assets and variable speed adjustments to account for the size and resolution of the canvas.

This short video shows how the content is displayed at 55 Water NYC:

The digital signage network

Technical requirements:

  • (2x) 20’x8’ Christie Digital LED screens in main lobby at 55 Water Street NYC
  • Total Resolution = 6400 x 1260 pixels
  • Crestron Control system, RGB Spectrum Multi-Window processor, live input capability & 24/7 operation
  • Custom built media server for signage content – running Signagelive software
  • Over 12 hours of custom content built specifically to raster graphics
  • Continued ongoing content development, management and scheduling provided by DCBolt

Feeds include:

  • Live Social Media Aggregation
  • Animated Weather Graphics
  • Live Financial Market Feeds
  • Custom Financial Market Ticker
  • US News Stories
  • World News Stories
  • Sports News Stories
  • Entertainment News Stories
  • Live Traffic Updates
  • Live Transit Feeds inc. trains, buses, ferries, uber, Lyft, citi bike

Why Signagelive

Thanks to Signagelive’s built-in features, flexibility and cloud-based management tools, the development of this system was much simpler and straight forward than other CMS alternatives.

Devin Wambolt, Founder and CEO, DCBolt

Signagelive is the ideal CMS solution for the 55 Water lobby installation not only because it’s the most cost-effective CMS on the market but it also includes all the bells and whistles necessary to control, schedule and customise this unique canvas however, whenever and from wherever we want.

Jason Cremins, CEO, Signagelive

DCBolt Productions continue to deliver prestige high impact Signagelive solutions that show the power and adaptability of our digital signage platform. The 55 Water project delivers the first 8K solution powered by Signagelive representing another milestone in the growth of our business and partnership with DCBolt Productions.

Models Own engage customers and enhance its retail presence by using Signagelive digital signage screens


Models Own is a cosmetics brand that was originally founded in 2008 by Ministry of Sound’s CEO and his brother. The company has historically promoted its product range via “Bottleshop” – style pop ups located on the premises of well-known high street brands, including Boots and Superdrug.

In 2014, Models Own received investment from a Saudi retail empire and has since expanded its core offering to include lip and eye products, as well as associated accessories. Models Own opened its first global flagship store in Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, East London in late 2016, closely followed by a second store in Trinity Leeds, and is currently Europe’s fastest growing cosmetics brand.

The requirement

Further to the growing success of its bottleshop concept, Models Own wanted to enhance its retail presence and grow its market share by opening a flagship store that would serve both as a “beauty playground” for its customer base and as a new product launch pad. The company wanted to utilise the benefits of digital signage, such as great visual impact and the ability to increase footfall in the store, to engage their teenage market customers even further.

Models Own began researching digital signage providers and finally selected Digital Messaging Company, DMC, (a leading supplier of turnkey digital signage systems) to design and install a purpose-built digital signage system that included two high impact videowalls to meet their instore artistic and promotional requirements.

DMC in turn selected Signagelive as the preferred technology provider because of its cloud based capabilities, its technical expertise and video synchronisation capabilities on high-power videowalls.


Key project requirements

  • To deploy two videowalls to serve as visual focal point in a flagship cosmetics store
  • To deploy two window displays in portrait to attract attention and increase footfall
  • To retain customer attention through the display of colourful and eye catching video content
  • To ensure all displayed content rendered and synchronised correctly, with the ability to update or change information at the push of a button
  • To provide a flexible model that could be scaled up to meet future requirements


The digital signage network

In Westfield, the digital signage network comprises 10 x 65” high brightness LG displays, set up in a 5 x 1 configuration format, to create two stunning videowalls that run down either side of the store entrance. The window displays comprised 2 x Samsung 75” displays.

In Leeds, the digital signage network comprises 6 x 65” high brightness LG displays, set up in a 3 x 1 configuration format, to create two stunning videowalls that run down either side of the store entrance. The window displays comprised 2 x LG 65” displays.

The videowalls are used to showcase makeup artists working on models, to promote new product ranges and special offers, to showcase makeup bloggers highlighting real world product usage, or to broadcast live in-store demonstrations. Giving customers the feeling of being surrounded by on-screen entertainment, similar to a cinema experience.

The LG displays are controlled by IAdea media players preloaded with Signagelive’s cloud-based software to ensure that all displayed content synchronises seamlessly across the two videowalls. Not only does the content look spectacular, it can be easily updated or modified at the click of a button by DMC without any involvement from instore staff.

This short video shows how the content is displayed at the Models Own Westfield store:

Benefits of Signagelive

Signagelive’s cloud based digital signage network platform has provided DMC with a centralised facility to run and manage 4 x panoramic video walls as well as a series of window displays on behalf of Models Own.

Video and promotional content, which is created by Models Own, is re-purposed, animated and scheduled by DMC on their behalf, and then uploaded onto Signagelive’s digital signage network platform, providing a centralised repository to store content and eliminating the need for onsite servers.

New content can be deployed onto just one display or across all deployed displays in the stores at the click of the button. Signagelive ensures that all uploaded content is rendered and synchronised correctly to display across the videowalls as a seamless image, to create a wow factor visual experience.


The future

Models Own launched its flagship store in late 2016, followed by Leeds in early 2017, and over the forthcoming months, DMC is expecting to roll out video walls across further new stores in the UK.

Mark Rodol, CEO, Models Own

The digital video walls have helped to create a powerful in-store atmosphere, promoting our brand and promotional activity with impact and at speed. The 360 degree solution provided by DMC has ensured we have the latest tech to match our in-store vision, installed and fully managed, providing a hassle-free and completely flexible solution.

Anna Mutch, Marketing Manager, Models Own

In such a fast-moving environment, it’s important that we deliver our brand, product launch and social media content to screen, on time, looking stunning every time. DMC’s creative support and technical expertise gives us what we need to make this process seamless and straightforward. We look forward to working with DMC on new stores in the near future.

Ian Gabbie, Director, Digital Messaging Company

Models Own have pushed the creative boundary with their in-store digital signage, making it a great project to be a part of. We’re looking forward to working with Models Own to create many more stellar video walls. Signagelive is scalable and platform-agnostic, which means we expand the digital signage network quickly and easily, without being limited to particular display types or configuration formats.

Jason Cremins, CEO, Signagelive

The visually stunning Signagelive solution delivered by Digital Messaging Company (DMC) for Models Own, provides a great example of how retailers are incorporating digital signage into the fabric of their store design, generating maximum impact. Our agnostic approach to supporting digital signage players and SoC displays has enabled DMC to utilise LG, Samsung and IAdea technology in a single retail store whilst all being managed, monitored and updated from our Signagelive platform.

Greater Columbus Convention Centre gets North America’s first LG installed Direct View LED powered by Signagelive

20170908-20170908-IMG_6880 (1)


The Greater Columbus Convention Centre are wrapping up a 22-month expansion and renovation project, and it could not be more beautiful, according to Experience Columbus. The $140 million dollar changes include:

  • Adding 37,000 square feet of exhibit space
  • Upgrading finishes and aesthetics in meeting rooms, ballrooms, and public spaces
  • An expansive two level open atrium
  • Full exterior renovations including a new 800 space parking garage connected to the convention centre by a covered skybridge
  • Displaying more than 150 pieces of local art


The opportunity for digital signage

  • Use digital signage to direct, wayfind, and entertain (featuring a Mondrianesque inspired wall with 6 display screens)
  • The main digital feature, that you cannot miss, is the 7ft x 60ft digital video wall that greets you in ’The Connector’ which a large corridor that connects the north area of the convention centre to the south.

The inspiration

  • Rhett Ricart, Greater Columbus Convention Centre Board Member, visited the World Trade Centre and witnessed their 280-foot long display video wall and was inspired.
  • The video wall features a 4mm LED display that measures 280 feet long with 16 continuous HD outputs that can be driven natively and included over 15 million pixels.
  • The vision was formed to provide the Greater Columbus Convention Centre with something similar, but on a smaller scale, as they underwent the expansion and renovation project.

Key project requirements and challenges

Coffman Media was hired as the solutions integrator. As a solutions integrator, it is their job to lead the process of integrating the software with the hardware and will often collaborate with multiple sources to make this happen.

LG Electronics USA Business Solutions serves commercial display customers in the US digital signage market. LG provides access to some of the most advanced and flexible commercial display and accessories in the market, including their Direct View LED displays.

20170908-20170908-IMG_6884 (1)

  • Direct View LED just means that no liquid crystal (LCD) or polarised glass is used. Each “pixel,” or tiny lightbulb, produces a particular colour from it’s cluster of red, green and blue bulbs on the panel, which creates the image needed to be displayed. Direct view has no bezels and can make a seamless video wall resulting in a perfect solution.
  • This would be their first ever Direct View LED video wall installation in North America.
  • A 4mm LG Direct View LED display was used to complete the video wall, which boasts 540 thousand pixels!

The LEDs were mounted with Peerless AV‘s SmartMount video wall mounts that were custom created for the LG Direct View LEDs. Their mount features include cable management, easy hang hardware, and a pop out mechanism, if needed.

IMG_8026 (1)

The content was designed by Reese Brothers Productions. The goal was to use local artist’s work to be displayed throughout the Convention Centre – so why not add it into the content on the video wall as well. This created some very visually stimulating content pieces throughout the content loop, keeping onlookers close by to see what might be displayed next.

20170908-20170908-IMG_6890 (1)

The content management system, or software, for the video wall is powered by Signagelive. Signagelive has created a platform that offers digital signage as a service. Signagelive partner with over 560 resellers globally, including Coffman Media – one of their top North American resellers, to provide software, servers, and support.

This short video shows some examples of how the content is displayed on the Greater Columbus Convention Centre video wall.

Benefits of Signagelive

Signagelive is a cloud-based platform allowing you to manage, schedule content and publish media and control supported devices, from PCs to Smart Signage displays, and video walls – with a myriad of media player types, from your Internet browser.

The video and photos used throughout this case study are the final product of the Greater Columbus Convention Centre video wall. So why use a video wall?

  • What better way to get your message across to an audience
  • Designed to run 24/7 with minimal maintenance
  • Versatile in composition
  • Sell advertising space
  • The “look” – Clear, bright, concise, and it’s just pretty!

If you are interested in a video wall to help promote your brand, your message, your company to the world, Signagelive and Coffman Media can help.

Jason Ault, Chief Operating Officer, Coffman Media.

With the Greater Columbus Convention Centre video wall being the first North American Direct View LED display for LG, we knew that a reliable CMS was a must. We looked no further than our trusted partner, Signagelive. They have been powering our client’s digital signage, regardless of complexity and hardware requirements, for the last seven years.

Jason Cremins, CEO, Signagelive

Jason and the Coffman Media team continue to raise the bar with their use of Signagelive for delivering visually stunning digital signage solutions. The LG Direct View LED display for Greater Columbus Convention Centre demonstrates the ability for Signagelive to be used in any digital signage application from a single System on Chip Display through to a ultra high resolution LED wall.

The Marlowe Theatre updates to Signagelive software to promote information and events to customers


Tell us a little about how you are using Signagelive in your business

Redfortress Limited is an IT Systems and Support Provider in Kent. One of our clients, The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, approached us to replace an older out of date Digital Signage system, that was struggling to cope with the high demand media the theatre wished to display to customers.

The theatre started by replacing 17 older Media players with Chromebox’s loaded with Signagelive software. Recently the theatre has also added an additional 13 22” Samsung integrated screens with Signagelive software.

The 22” screens are located above the door leading to the auditorium and are used to relay important information to customers about the show. Information such as how long the show is, warnings such as strobe lighting, loud bangs or no photography.

Also the Marlowe Theatre is already planning the addition of more screens in a new building and on a merchandise stand.

Marlowe 4

There are other SaaS based digital signage options out there, why did you choose Signagelive?

As an IT systems provider we have worked with many Digital Signage Providers before. Most providers require a certain piece of hardware to run the screens with. Signagelive has many different hardware platforms that can all work within the same system.

We have also worked with many Digital Signage providers that have disappeared leaving clients with old out of date systems, locked in with one piece of hardware and no way to update or future proof the system. When searching for the right solution to the theatre and having spoken to, and then had a demo at the Signagelive head office, we realised Signagelive was a company that cared about their products and showed no signs of disappearing from the market.

What were the reasons for implementing a digital signage network?

To promote upcoming shows to customers and to relay information.

Marlowe 3

How were these objectives being met previously?

An old out of date system with an on-site server.

How did you build a business case internally for Signagelive?

Paul Turner – Senior Management Team – The Marlowe Theatre

At the time our existing system was not fulfilling our business needs and was coming to the end of the existing contract. We therefore internally reviewed our requirements for all areas of the business to map requirements for new systems. Our existing network support provider, Redfortress, then assisted in helping us identify suitable suppliers, which would have minimal infrastructure requirements, as we had 17 digital media screens already in the building. Our aim was to find a software solution for our existing infrastructure and also have the potential to expand at any time, within a budget.

What is the best thing about Signagelive, in your opinion?

There are many. The support team are always on hand either via the live chat feature or telephone. The system is continually being improved upon. There are many hardware platforms to choose from which helps to future proof the system. The user interface is easy to use.

What is your favourite feature?

Template creation and schedulable zones.

Did you face any challenges during any part of your project implementation? How were these resolved?

A few teething problems with the Chromeboxes turning off and sometimes require to be turned on manually. This is being investigated but Signagelive has been stable from day one.

How has business improved since using Signagelive?

The Digital signage upgrade was originally about promoting our Theatre Productions and the Restaurant we have on site, but it was soon obvious to our senior management team that this new system which was easy to use was also about how we communicate with our customers.

Marlowe Theatre is on the UK Number One touring circuit, seats 1200 people, presenting productions such as the National Theatre’s War Horse, Mamma Mia, Glyndebourne, Philharmonia Orchestra and The RSC.

Over 400,000 people enter our building a year, and the style in which we speak to our customers is important. Therefore, we implemented a further 13 mini 22 inch screens at our door entry points to relay important information about the performances to our customers.

This, in our opinion is the standard that our customers expect from a Theatre of our standing when they have paid up to £65 for a ticket. These mini screens, plus our 17 full size screens are now integral part of our communication and marketing campaign to all our patrons, whenever our doors are open, which is 7 days a weeks from 9am to 10-30pm. Gone are the days of unsightly posters and notices, we love our style and the ability to change any screens at the touch of a button.

What advantages does Signagelive offer?

Future proofing, no on-site server and the ability to update content from anywhere in the world.

Christopher Bristow – Account Manager – Redfortress Ltd

Signagelive provide the highest standard software for modern Digital Signage. Future proofing of a Signagelive system is easy with multiple hardware options and platforms. The user interface is easy to use while still providing advanced scheduling and content creation options.

Tossed engage customers with Signagelive powered digital menu boards

201701_BRU (1) (1) (1)


Tossed first opened its doors in Sheldon Square in 2005, and now offer 14 shops to choose from in central London. The mission was simple; to create a new, healthy and exciting food experience, that didn’t compromise on taste or portion size, for the UK market.

They are also present at two major shopping centre food court units and for those on-the-go can stop in for their fix at selected Welcome Break service stations.

Tell us a little about how you are using Signagelive in your business
Digital screens are used in our store windows to display promotional graphics and menus.

LG webOS screens are being used and sizes range from 32” to 65” used in portrait and landscape. 65” portrait screens are used in-window for advertisements and promotions to capture customers’ attention with dynamic content/videos. Some of the smaller screens are used in landscape format to show digital menus.

Approximately 50 screens across Tossed stores and Welcome Break sites – 27 screens in our main stores, 14 in our Dubai stores and 16 in the Welcome Break stores.

There are other SaaS based digital signage options out there, why did you choose Signagelive?

Our franchise partner Welcome Break was already successfully using Signagelive in its stores.


What were the reasons for implementing a digital signage network?

We were previously using printed vinyl window graphics, which were expensive to install and time-consuming to change. We wanted a faster, easier-to-update solution which also complimented our new in-store digital ordering technology.

How were these objectives being met previously?

With seasonally-changing printed vinyl window graphics.

How did you build a business case internally for Signagelive?

We compared the cost of installing printed graphics and the potential increase in sales from having the ability to update our marketing campaigns much more quickly and responsively.

What is the best thing about Signagelive, in your opinion?

The support team is always very quick to answer the phone and to sort any problems, and explain clearly how to try to fix any issues.

What is your favourite feature?

The ability to schedule playlists for different times of the day, for different stores, so we can be really targeted with our marketing. In particular, the ‘recurrence’ function allows us to advertise our daily ‘Half Price Half Hour’ promotion, tailored to the varying opening times of each store.

Did you face any challenges during any part of your project implementation? How were these resolved?

We spent a long time trying to work out how to display videos well on the screens, as they were displaying in garish colours. Signagelive and Saville, the screen suppliers, both spent a lot of time trying to work out how to fix the issue. Eventually we discovered the screens themselves had a display setting which solved the colour issue.

How has business improved since using Signagelive?

We are able to promote offers at specific times and in a very quick turnaround time, helping to boost sales in slower parts of the day and in targeted stores. We’ve seen improved uptake of marketing campaigns and offers when marketed on digital screens compared with our vinyl graphics, and using the screens in windows of new, soon-to-open stores is fantastic for generating interest in the new store and ensuring a really busy opening day.

What advantages does Signagelive offer?

The ability to update our marketing campaigns more or less instantly, and to display various content, rather than just one fixed printed graphic.

Signagelive allows Tossed to remotely control and update the menus when necessary, and also schedule menus for different times of the day so they automatically switch over.

Lisa Prisk, Head of Creative, Tossed – the healthier eating place

Signagelive provide an excellent, intuitive system to publish dynamic marketing content to our digital screens, perfect for displaying and easily updating our menus, and promoting both large and small-scale marketing campaigns. The support team is excellent and always available for any questions or issues

John Andrews, CTS Technical Sales Manager, Saville Audio Visual

As an Integrator the LG System on Chip Screens utilising the Signagelive Platform are great to install. The programming is very simple and can be done off site. When installation takes place on the clients site, no separate signage player is required, connect them to the Network and plug in the power and away you go. Content can be created using the Signagelive portal from any web connected device so content can be delivered quickly to the screens once installation has been completed

Jason Cremins, CEO, Signagelive

The combination of LG webOS displays and Signagelive is a compelling proposition for Tossed who wanted the advantages of digital menu board to attract and inform customers, but did not want the cost and hassle associated with separate displays and media players.

In addition, our ability to deliver layered image, video and HTML5 content allows high quality visuals to be combined with dynamic product and price updates from Point of Sale systems or even just a spreadsheet

Westgate Resort & Casino Las Vegas deploys Signagelive to enhance customer engagement



DCBolt Productions was selected as the preferred provider to design, install, commission, manage and create custom content for digital signage at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

Over 150 digital signage displays were required, including custom LED screens, 4K video walls, HD displays, and projections which were individually controlled and managed by various teams. With Signagelive as the backbone, DCBolt presented a turnkey solution for the digital signage system, and delivered a wide range of content including wayfinding, restaurant menus, interactive social media display walls and custom eye candy that allows guests to connect with the Westgate brand.

The resort has been working with Orlando, FL-based solutions provider DCBolt Productions on a revamp of the set-up and content.The network includes promo and wayfinding displays in a variety of configurations, custom LED walls and a pair 2×5 video walls located in the elevator waiting lobbies.

The opportunity

Westgate Resorts is the largest privately owned timeshare resort company in the world and has over 30 properties spanning across North America.

As one of its largest properties, Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino serves as a hub for conference-attendees and nightlife seekers, thanks to its convenient location adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Centre and just one block from the Las Vegas Strip. WGLV features a unique blend of excitement with incredible restaurants, amenities, entertainment and a lively casino that is home to the world’s largest Race & Sports Book, featuring the largest indoor LED screen in the world.

The Westgate Las Vegas marketing team wanted to reduce its dependency on printed material and needed a reliable means of communicating key and timely information digitally to guests and staff. Westgate needed a way to drive guests to restaurants, the convention centre and streamline their campaigns and on-premise promotions for ticketed entertainment and other amenities.

Key Project Requirements

• Drive traffic into the stores, restaurants and theatre
• Increase brand recognition through custom 3D content / brand animations
• Translate static promotional flyers/graphics into motion graphics
• Collaborate with the Westgate Marketing team to produce motion graphics based on pre-approved designs / stills
• Promote events, ticket sales, and timeshare sales
• The ability to create content for multiple resort locations & manage content centrally, regionally and locally
• The ability to launch campaigns instantly
• Increase revenue while decreasing hardware and software costs

Challenges to Overcome

• Provide media server hardware and network to support existing video displays
• Network infrastructure – Network security is key and the signage network was required to be separate from POS
• Vegas never sleeps – Needed to minimise downtime as the property is open 24/7
• Many displays were previously driven by USB drives and required network drops


Key project achievements

• Rolling out the Signagelive network throughout Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino property and convention centre (Completed June 2017)
• Utilise / Configure existing network infrastructure and media hardware for Signagelive – (Completed April 2017)
• Migrate USB content to Signagelive (due to be complete in May 2017)
• Provide ongoing support and maintenance as the resort undergoes renovation and upgrades. More digital signage displays will be added throughout the resort (ongoing)
• Rolling out the Signagelive-powered network to other Westgate Resort locations (ongoing)

The Digital Signage Network

The digital signage network currently comprises of
• 150(x) displays and 4(x) promotional broadcast channels that stream to each hotel room
Main displays on first floor include
• 4(x) 3×1 Configurations – Wayfinding and intermittent Advertisements for retail and restaurants
• 7(x) 2×1 Configurations – Wayfinding and intermittent Advertisements for retail and restaurants
• 10(x) Digital Menu Boards
• 15(x) Custom LED Screens
• 2(x) 2×5 Video Walls in the Elevator Bays – Displaying mostly custom eye candy / 3D branding motion graphics content created by DCBolt’s design team take a look at the video below

The Benefits of Signagelive

• Cost effective WGLV Signagelive Solution decreased annual software costs by over $10K
• Remote heartbeat monitoring and notifications minimise downtime
• Robust features – Ongoing development & responsiveness to feature requests
• Intuitive user interface
• Scheduling promotional content has never been easier
• Proof of Play feature allows for new revenue streams
• User activity logs – increase accountability
• Reliable network with intuitive tools
• Cloud management saves time – many displays at WGLV were powered by USB drives, which made updating content, measuring accountability and managing tasks a very manual and time expensive process
• The ability to preview content easily prior to publishing

The Future

The rollout is an on-going process as Westgate Las Vegas continues to add new displays throughout the Las Vegas resort. DCBolt continues to support Westgate on a strategic and content development level, expanding the digital signage network and providing creativity through digital art that drives the Westgate brand.

Client quotation

Devin Wambolt – Founder and CEO – DCBolt Productions

“We’ve worked with a wide range of digital signage platforms in the past, and Signagelive is now our preferred CMS thanks to its versatility, intuitive interface and robust features. It was the obvious choice for Westgate because of its usability and scalability – from single menu screens to property-wide signage – it covers all the bases.

Westgate has 33 properties to manage, each with different products, campaigns, promotions and events, so scalability was a key consideration. As an enterprise solution, Signagelive has been flawless. Its simple scheduling and publishing workflows make managing content a breeze so we can focus on the more creative aspects of our work.”

Signagelive provide the software used in the light/image sphere at the World Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan



“Wow, what an amazing project! Signagelive have previously been involved in some great projects, but nothing of this physical size or impact”

Jason Cremins, Founder and CEO Signagelive.

Signagelive provided the software used in the light/image sphere at the World Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan. VML-Technologies from the Netherlands who designed, manufactured and integrated the LED system engaged Peter Grinwis AVDIS BV to deliver Signagelive to schedule and monitor the sphere content.

AVDIS BV is distributor of various pro-AV brand products, who also provide resellers and integrators the advice necessary to make the right product choice.

VML-Technologies are a highly specialised company providing world-leading consultancy, design and manufacturing services for even the most challenging LED Media Facade.

Now for the technical know how – What was the configuration of the devices/Signagelive? Did they use sync?

It was used in combination with intel NUC players (UHD) and the Datapath FX4.

No Sync was needed – due to the high resolution they could create sufficient number of pixels to cover the total sphere.

By using multiple Intel NUC and Signagelive licenses and the FX4 they could create multiple segments within the sphere.

Signagelive’s innovative technology is currently powering digital signage applications for single devices through to the largest digital media networks reliably, efficiently and cost effectively, to thousands of customers in over 46 countries worldwide.

Signagelive Contact
Jason Cremins
+44 (0)1799 533471


Healthpoint uses Signagelive to provide key tools for pharmacists


Healthpoint Technologies, a provider of interactive digital signage  tools and healthcare information for pharmacies, is growing its network thanks to the flexibility that Signagelive provides for content distribution.

Healthpoint has been established in the UK for over 10 years and today its screens can be found in pharmacies across the UK and Ireland. More than 1300 systems have been installed in over 850 locations at Independent Pharmacies, Multiples, Health Boards and a number of National Pharmacy Association (NPA) board members have also taken the system.

John White from Healthpoint explains that one of the objectives of this system is to allow pharmacies to display advertising and useful medical information in a sleek and persuasive way. “Signagelive is ideal for this job because of its great adaptability and multiple features. The Signagelive platform and players are extremely stable and reliable. We use Signagelive to manipulate our digital TV content and we are also using Signagelive Screensaver software to display information when Healthpoint Touchscreen kiosk is not in use.”

Signagelive ScreenSaver Edition in action.

The Signagelive Screensaver software works just like a standard Windows Screensaver; enabling an un-used/inactive PC to show the digital signage content of choice. If the computer is made active and comes out of its sleep state, just like a normal screensaver, it would disappear and the software would minimize and show what was previously running.

White adds, “Pharmacies can take advantage of the adverts on Healthpoint network to let their clients know what’s on offer therefore providing a better service and boosting sales. They can also upload their own messages and promotions using a simple play list. “

Healthpoint offers different products depending on the pharmacy’s size, layout and needs. From stand-alone kiosk systems, to Healthpoint TV and Healthpoint interactive screens. The monitor sizes in the pharmacies vary from 22in to 42in.

Located close to the pharmacy’s point of sale Healthpoint TV is a silent, professional and informative media. Healthpoint TV can display graphics and video. It provides educational and product videos along side 2D and 3D animations.

If what is needed is to provide information at any time, Healthpoint also has the Visual Impact System. This is a through window interactive display where people can access information using touch screen interactivity from the street.

“On Healthpoint we have 3000 topics, all fully approved by the NPA,” says White “The displays can have RSS feeds, QR codes, twitter and facebook. Live TV can also be included. The content is of very high quality and since it uses broadband connection, it can be instantly updated both for single units and throughout multiple installations.”

A feature that is proving popular within pharmacies, is Signagelive Local Playlist. Local Playlists gives users the ability to incorporate a playlist in to an existing playlist timeline. Any pharmacy can add its own promotions and advertising onto the ads playlist. As Signagelive is a cloud-based digital signage solution, accessing content to tailor the Healthpoint display is easy and straight forwards. Pharmacies can see the templates and content online to add their own messages.

Ultima Business Solutions, an IT infrastructure solutions provider, is in charge of installing the screens and setting them up to work seamlessly with Signagelive.

Jon Cooke from Ultima says, “We’ve been working with Healthpoint technologies for over 10 years and its network is steadily growing. We install an average of five screens a month and the customers are always very impressed with the system.

The Signagelive Cloud-based platform and its Display and Screensaver capabilities are a great vehicle for information and advertising. The solutions is very simple to implement, you just have to make sure the screen is plugged onto the internet.”

Cambelle Pharmacy, in Catford, London has been using Healthpoint for three years. Pharmacist Kalvant Verdi comments, “At the beginning, we were not sure how useful this system could be for us, but we do find the information very good and reliable, and our clients love it. Not everybody has access to the internet or knows how to find their way around it to get the information they need. With Healthpoint, we have over 3000 topics clearly and easily explained. People can search for themselves or we can guide them through it. We have very clear information about ailments and conditions and people can choose to have a print out of it and take it with them. The topics are updated in a monthly basis.

“Most people that visit their GPs have explained what their affliction is, but they don’t always remember afterwards, so with these screens and wealth of knowledge we can help them. We also have cases of people coming to look for information to help a family member. Healthpoint provides a great service to the community and it allows me to do my job better,” concludes Verdi.


Dermalogica UK Deploys Signagelive to Enhance Customer Engagement


Dermalogica was founded in 1986 by skin therapist Jane Wurwand, revolutionising skincare by shifting the beauty industry’s focus from cosmetics to skin health. Today, the Dermalogica collection comprises a selection of unique skincare systems which are individually prescribed to each customer for their specific skin concerns using the brand’s ground-breaking Face Mapping® skin analysis technique.

Dermalogica has historically supplied its skincare products and services via authorised salons, spas and beauty stores but in 2013 the company began selling its products directly and opened a number of retail outlets to increase overall sales.

Dermalogica has primary operations in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland and its products are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide.

The opportunity

Dermalogica UK was already utilising digital signage in key retail stores for promotional activities, the AV displays were not interconnected and had to be individually updated manually (via PPT and Dropbox), which resulted in inconsistencies to the brand’s overall messaging.

Further to its acquisition by Unilever in 2015, Dermalogica UK was tasked with streamlining its operational processes and enhancing customer engagement to deliver a better retail experience and increase overall sales.

As well as repurposing displays already installed in numerous stores across the UK, Dermalogica wanted to incorporate the latest smart signage displays and associated interactive applications in its newer stores to strengthen promotional activities and grow its “Hero” product range.

The company began investigating end-to-end digital signage solution providers and further to online research, Identified Signagelive as the preferred technology provider because of its market reputation (ranking as one of the top four digital signage platform providers globally), its global, secure cloud based platform as well as its hardware-agnostic capabilities. Signagelive is 100% channel based so recommended Solutions AV (a leading AV reseller and systems integrator in the UK) and one of its strategic channel partners to supply and install the digital signage network.

Key project requirements

  • A centralised digital signage network to simplify digital marketing activities
  • Streamline internal operational processes further to corporate acquisition
  • Enhance customer engagement to deliver a better retail experience and increase sales
  • Make use of interactive applications to promote flagship products and bestsellers
  • Hardware-agnostic solution that supported all display types, regardless of vendor for ROI purposes
  • To provide a self-help training facility for Dermalogica staff

The digital signage network

To date, the digital signage network comprises a combination of conventional displays, Samsung Smart displays (SSP 32” -E Range and SSP 48” models) and IAdea signboards (XDS-2170 and XDS 1078 models). All deployed displays are powered by Signagelive and have so far been installed in four locations as follows:

  • Harvey Nichols – Edinburgh,
  • Fabel -Tottenham Court Road, London
  • Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge, London
  • MK Centre – Milton Keynes

Apart from displaying prescheduled content about Dermalogica skincare products in an eye-catching and engaging manner, the digital signage network is also being used to raise awareness of its “Hero” product range via “Lift and Learn” applications to increase brand loyalty. Carefully chosen items are placed on small sensors (concealed inside retail counters) positioned in front of small, instore displays. If an item is subsequently “lifted”, a trigger is activated to display detailed product information about that item on a corresponding display.

Displays have also been installed at Dermalogica HQ in Leatherhead to display education information to students attending workshops, and to provide local information like traffic and weather.

Benefits of Signagelive

Signagelive has provided Dermalogica with an easy, reliable means to centrally manage its countrywide digital signage network, comprising multiple displays types, sizes and orientations, including Smart Signage displays. The scalability and reliability of the platform has ensured that offices globally are now also utilising the Signagelive platform for internal communications.

Sinagelive’s hardware-agnostic capabilities means that Dermalogica can source displays from different vendors, or repurpose previously installed displays, to meet the exact requirements of its different retail outlets. Content is uploaded and stored on the Signagelive cloud platform, providing Dermalogica with a centralised repository for storage purposes, and eliminating the need for onsite servers at different locations, thus reducing overall installation costs.

Signagelive’s SoC and HTML5 software, with integrated support for interactive applications, has allowed Dermalogica to cost effectively deploy among other retail focused digital signage a “Lift and Learn” concept in its newer stores and carry out targeted campaigns about its flagship product range in an engaging way.

Using Signagelive’s optional Proof of Play reporting module, management staff can report on campaign results in a meaningful way, demonstrate to stakeholders which products are the most popular and adjust/amend promotional activities to reflect consumer trends in real time.

The future

So far the digital signage network has been rolled out to four UK locations. Dermalogica expects the network to be rolled out to across the remaining 23 stores by the end of 2017.

Client quotation

“From the outset Signagelive understood what we wanted to achieve and worked very closely with us to ensure our objectives were achieved. The software is easy to use and their reporting and Proof of Play module allows us to actively respond to the success of different campaigns in real time. Signagelive also gives us a rudimentary indication of instore footfall, which is important for future planning.”

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