Signagelive Case Studies

Signagelive empowers Liverpool Football Club’s matchday and visitor experience



Liverpool Football Club have celebrated several milestones in their 125 years history, including the opening of the new Main Stand at Anfield in September 2016. Anfield is the tenth largest sports stadium in the United Kingdom and along with several football clubs across the country, the demand for season tickets has been growing steadily over the years. This has prompted Liverpool, like many other clubs, to extend seating capacity through new or enlarged stadiums.

To ensure the matchday experience continues to fulfil the needs of fans, Liverpool FC has added many additional features, such as improved access for wheelchair users, high-speed Wi-Fi and a complete suite of video display monitors across the stadium to enhance the customer experience.

As part of the redevelopment project, Liverpool FC decided to upgrade the audio visual technology deployed at Anfield stadium including better quality signage, with the ability for the first time to easily manage, control and publish to the displays around the food kiosks, hospitality suites, press box and corporate offices for all events.

Signagelive Digital Signage solution along with Exterity’s IPTV solution were selected to meet this need.


Key project requirements and challenges

A key requirement was for an integrated system with the flexibility to deliver a variety of branded stadium location-dependent content across 600 Signagelive powered displays, including menu boards at the food concourses, ability to manage their integrated IP video infrastructure adding the ability to show live premium TV channels within its executive corporate boxes for all events.

The highly flexible solution was to be managed centrally, with complete synchronisation to ensure all supporters could watch the same feed throughout the venue if required.

The displays have many uses including streaming live match footage, videos from LFC TV (Liverpool FC’s official TV channel), broadcasting sports channels, displaying advertising content and match day information.


The Solution

Lumino AV provided the overall management of the project, with Signagelive selected as the digital content platform provider, Exterity selected for the IPTV system and Samsung for their display technology.

The use of Signagelive allowed for Liverpool FC to introduce cloud-based digital signage into their stadium for the first time, empowering the management team to easily control, manage and publish their desired content around the stadium using their own content strategy. This strategy equipped with Signagelive’s feature set allowed for the targeting of specific content to food kiosks, concourses and executive suits, tailored for the type of event to ensure the highest level of digital signage use.

Taking the core fundamentals of scalability, ease of use and efficiency the Signagelive Team were able to work with the Lumino and Liverpool FC teams to provide consultancy, implementation and support for the project every step of the way. In the first season after the opening of the Main Stand, we also provided additional premium support for all home matches to ensure that any issues or queries could be escalated and handled, however, due to the stability and ease of use this service was not required for the second season and all management was taken in-house by Liverpool FC.

Aside from the Signagelive support service, we also provided custom creative services for the menu boards, allowing for dynamic data-driven templates to be used so that match day products and prices could easily be changed.

The Exterity solution includes AvediaStream TV gateways for delivering Freeview TV channels to screens around the stadium. AvediaStream e3655 Encoders to stream the LFC TV channel direct from its in-house production studio across the network to Signagelive powered displays in the ground.

Exterity AvediaStream e3635 Encoders deliver content as multicast channels to ensure the right content, at the right time is playing across the stadium.

Samsung supplied the new displays and external players for the legacy displays providing bright and vibrant images with large display areas and slim bezels.


Key Benefits

Across the stadium, from food kiosks to executive lounges, Signagelive powered displays are showing scheduled content that is tailored for the type of event and the time of day.

Liverpool FC now has the ability to manage their digital signage network from anywhere in the world, and can see what devices are both online have the latest scheduled content, without having to walk around the stadium to check.

Across Liverpool FC’s numerous executive boxes and lounges, Signagelive powered displays can be set up to display any video source or signage requirement.

Signagelive were able to provide consultancy to fully understand the project requirement and then work in collaboration to suggest ways to schedule content based on the event; providing premium support for the first season to give that extra piece of mind as the platform became an essential part of everyday operation.


Evidence of Success

Following a successful implementation project, the new digital video and signage solution is delivering an enhanced level of visual quality, reliability and features for both staff and supporters at Anfield stadium.

The integration with Signagelive makes it simple for administrators to quickly update signage content and deliver it to any location across the stadium using web-based tools.

The use of Signagelive Premium Support was not taken up after the first season as the platform and scheduling was so easy to manage that it was no longer required.

The Exterity system displays live TV, video and digital signage to just under 600 Signagelive powered displays showcasing the latest news, exclusive interviews, videos, live commentary and match highlights via a number of channels including LFC TV, Sky Sports HD, BT Sport HD and Freeview.

Colin Farquhar, CEO, Exterity

Liverpool FC offer an experience that highlights the flexibility and power of a modern IP video and digital signage solution within a stadia environment. The mix of video, display, cloud-based and on-premise technologies enables the club to tailor its content easily while providing future-proof capabilities, allowing them to deliver new services and features over time.

Ian Scott, Managing Director, Lumino AV

Exterity’s plug-and-play solution was ideal for this project, with its ability to easily integrate with other third-party systems and manage the delivery of all video content from a central location, as well locally in each supporters’ lounge. What’s more, Liverpool FC can easily add displays to the system, wherever there is a network connection.


Jason Cremins, CEO, Signagelive

As a life-long Liverpoool supporter I was delighted that Signagelive was selected to deliver the digital signage and IPTV playback throughout Anfield. The project demonstrates the power of our robust, easy to use cloud-based platform for sports stadia and arenas; from driving digital menu boards through hospitality lounge displays.

Our collaboration and integration with Samsung Smart Signage Displays and Exterity IPTV Encoders ensure Liverpool Football Club operates an enterprise-class digital signage solution delivering a reliable and impactful experience for anyone visiting Anfield.

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Iceland Foods modernise their stores with Signagelive powered digital signage



Iceland Foods has been on a phenomenal journey of growth since the first store opened in 1970. However, with discount supermarkets increasingly nipping at Iceland Foods’ heels, the food retailer decided to take matters into its own hands. In a bid to grow and diversify its expanding customer base, and entice more discerning shoppers into the store, the business undertook an extensive refurbishment programme to modernise a significant number of Iceland Foods’ 800 stores.

Iceland Foods contacted Signagelive partner Lumino AV to explore how we could assist to design and implement a digital signage platform to deliver their current and future in-store digital media requirements.

Opportunity for Digital Signage

The refurbishment was about introducing fresh, bold colours and concepts to create a more memorable shopping experience. Also, it was about introducing new technologies to modernise the shopping experience, whilst driving efficiencies in how the store communicates special offers to its customers.


Key project requirements and challenges

The famous Iceland Foods special offer posters in the shop front windows were replaced with two sets of high quality back to back screens mounted in a customised metal casing. The external facing screens are the Samsung OM55D Hi-Bright Screens, and the internal facing are Samsung Tizen PMF display.

Iceland Foods installed a custom digital signage solution above the open-end freezers to promote the latest deals. These synchronised three displays in a bespoke housing have revolutionised the way Iceland Foods communicates with its customers.

A key challenge for Iceland Foods was the need to keep customers informed of the latest home delivery slots available in each store. Home delivery is a key requirement for customers who want to shop during lunchtime and have their frozen and chilled items delivered when they are at home.

Signagelive worked with Iceland Foods and their logistics platform provider Route Monkey to develop a custom application that is deployed to key displays in each store where it dynamically displays live delivery slot availability based on the store location.

In addition to providing the convenience of displaying home delivery slots within the store, Iceland Foods required a digital signage platform that would enable them to be more nimble and deliver highly targeted special offers that fit the demographic, seasons, time of day or special occasions.


These solutions also helped contribute to the modernisation of Iceland Foods stores, bringing the shopping experience right up-to-date and luring new customers through the door.

Innovation in action


Iceland Foods has never been a company to shy away from bold campaigns or initiatives and it has always hailed itself as being a consumer champion in the food retail market. It has maintained this personality by successfully evolving over the years, updating its brand image and attracting new customers through the door.

At the heart of the successful collaboration was Signagelive’s ability to balance scalability with ease of use and ensure scheduling content remains time efficient, irrespective of the number of connected players.

Collaborating together to understand the Iceland Foods strategy model of how they differentiate stores, we were then able to transpose this into Signagelive to ensure managing and publishing all connected players could be achieved using just a few playlists; enabling the power of advanced scheduling logic with our conditional playback features to ensure the stores and associated displays automatically received the correct media.

Signagelive provided consultancy and implementation support; making scheduling recommendations based on Iceland Foods requirements, allowing us to refine the media management and publishing process, whilst actively working with the Iceland Foods team to understand where we could improve our core platform to meet the project needs throughout.

The Solution

The technologies that were installed included the following::

Back to back screens in the shop window in a customised totem, with the outward facing high-bright screens durable in any sunlight conditions.

Implemented Signagelive Content Management solution which is a comprehensive, cloud-based CMS platform giving Iceland Foods total control of individual or groups of screens, allowing the central team to push new deals instantly across selected stores or to the whole retail network.

Lumino AV didn’t just install a series of new screens, but a totally bespoke solution for Iceland Foods including the customised casings for the screens to ensure robustness whilst being aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching.

The solutions installed have the ability to directly impact the commercial success of Iceland Foods a few examples include:

Each screen in the shop window can feature multiple deals in a rolling carousel of eye-catching images, an improvement on the static, printed posters which may have only allowed for 4-6 static promotions at any one time.

Implementing Signagelive digital signage opens up additional revenue opportunities for Iceland Foods by selling space to brands to promote their latest deals.

The digital signage deployment is not a project running in isolation, it is an integral part of Iceland Foods broader transformation of the way Iceland Foods is perceived on the high-street and is considered by them as a key component in the highly successful refurbishment project.

This video shows how this was achieved:

Key Benefits

The store refurbishments have been hugely successful for Iceland Foods, winning the hearts and minds of existing shoppers and attracting a cohort of new customers for whom shopping in Iceland is a brand new experience.

Key benefits of using the Signagelive solution for Iceland Foods include:

  • Helping Iceland Foods store look modern and current – an immediate step-change in their image with bright eye-catching content.
  • Help educate new demographics on the great food Iceland Foods sell – start to change perceptions driving footfall.
  • More tailored communications – area-specific deals can be promoted in window displays to drive footfall and ultimately sales.
  • Reducing colleagues time by eradicating the need for Iceland Foods’ staff to put up and take down paper posters as display screens can be updated more nimbly.
  • Reducing production and distribution costs – posters no longer have to be dispatched in the post removing the hassle factor and risk of missing deliveries.
  • Better for the environment – less paper wastage and road miles which are usually incurred with the dissemination of paper posters.
  • Greater commercial opportunities – Iceland Foods has the ability to sell advertising space on its above freezer digital displays where brands have certain deals they want to push.
  • A chance to promote home deliveries – how customers the next available home delivery slot as they approach the till – updated in real time..

Evidence of Success

  • Footfall is up across all refurbished stores.
  • Turnover is significantly up by 120-150% in all refurbished stores.
  • Clapham store, which was the first to be made over, recorded a 700% increase in sales of Coconut Water after featuring the deal on display screens in the shop front.

Neil Hayes, Merchandising and Format Development Director, Iceland Foods Ltd

Taking on digital signage and display screens was a big step forward for Iceland Foods and we’re pleased to say it’s paid off as part of our general refurbishment programme. As this was in many ways an experiment for Iceland Foods, Lumino AV were very supportive in working with us to find the right solutions, creating favourable terms on which to do business and access equipment readily. Our customers have been full of praise for the refurbed stores and love the modernity and convenience that the screens add to their shopping experience.

About Lumino AV

Lumino AV Solutions is a forward-thinking business, who is an innovative player in the Audio Visual sector. They help organisations connect their customers to their brand message by using highly visual content.

Ian Scott, Managing Director, Lumino AV

What has been particularly rewarding for the Lumino AV team, is we have been a key component of a broader transformational strategy, rather than simply delivering a discrete AV project. Seeing the impact the store refits is having on their business and hearing the feedback direct from Iceland Food’s customers, has been fantastic. It has been a real team effort. We have worked closely, Iceland Foods, their other contractors and of course our key partners, Samsung and Signagelive. There is a real pride in the project and a can-do attitude. It’s a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun too.

Jason Cremins, CEO, Signagelive

The Iceland Foods project demonstrates the value of Signagelive being involved with a major project from the outset, working with Ian Scott and the Lumino AV team to establish the; now, near and future needs for Iceland Foods in-store digital signage.

In addition to providing our platform and licences, we delivered a range of technical and creative services that delivers an optimised experience for Iceland Foods and their specific in-store marketing requirements.

The commercial results delivered from the Iceland Foods refurbishment programme incorporating Signagelive has demonstrated that digital signage has a major role to play in the future success of high-street retailers facing the challenge from online and discount retailers.

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Signagelive Iceland Case Study



Wasabi switches to digital menu boards powered by Signagelive to save time and costs for operations

LG Wasabi Jan 2018 (8 of 10)

Japanese sushi and bento restaurant chain, Wasabi, has digitalised its menu boards across seven of its London locations.

Pioneer Group were enlisted to install the displays across five of Wasabi’s concession stores in partnership with Marks & Spencer and two Wasabi stand alone stores.

Wasabi required digital displays that would replace the lightbox printed menus utilising a bespoke solution for each individual space to complement its pod counters.

LG Wasabi Jan 2018 (2 of 10)

Jerry Chen, IT Support Analyst, Wasabi

This project has helped us to standardise our in-store experience, ensuring up-to-date information on our menu boards and reducing the time invested to maintain them.
Pioneer Group specified LG’s 86” 86BH5C Ultra Stretch displays across the majority of locations, installed in pairs in a landscape formation or back-to-back with a single portrait display in the new store at West One Shopping Centre. West One’s counter features a six screen 47” LG 47LV35A narrow bezel video wall, while the Pantheon Oxford Street Marks & Spencer store features a smaller three screen 43” LG 43SM5KD display.

Brendan McKeown, IT Director, Wasabi

The solution Pioneer Group has provided is excellent, as is their attention to detail. The sleek design of LG’s products fit with the interior design of our stores and really brings the space alive. Great technology and great partner – the two must go hand in hand.

Mark Childerhouse, Director of Sales, Pioneer Group

This is the first time we’ve worked with the 86” display and the aspect ratio makes it perfect for menu boards providing 4K content, while also saving space. We worked with each location on an individual basis to ensure the displays were installed around the interior design ensuring installation looks clean and seamless.

The cloud-based digital signage software platform, Signagelive, is used across the system to standardise the content control and enable remote updates. Wasabi’s marketing team work directly with Pioneer Group to maintain, service, and create dynamic content for the displays. The system is synchronised via IAdea XMP-7300 media players with Anytiles solution, which supports 4K content and mounted using B-Tech brackets.

Aferdita Qesku, Director of Sales, Signagelive

Simple to maintain, cost effective, time saving solution. The end result for Wasabi is a representation of how careful consideration of client requirements and technical understanding of both hardware and software has come into play deliver on client needs. Pioneer have worked with Signagelive now for a good few years and it shows in all of their client integrations.

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Activate The Space installation at Champs Sports, Times Square NY, powered by Signagelive

Champ Sport 2


Activate The Space (ATS) has recently completed the design and integration of the new Champs Sports location at 10 Times Square in New York City. ATS provided several LED walls including a massive two storey wall on the side of the escalators and the media playback engine for the large outdoor LED wall on the front of the building.

Champs Sports, a division of Foot Locker Inc, celebrated the opening of its New York flagship location in Times Square. Following the move from the brand’s former Times Square footprint, the new multi-level property at 10 Times Square is nearly four-times the size of the previous location boasting 8,160 square-feet of premium retail space.

Champ Sport 1

Opportunity for Digital Signage

In addition to the indoor LED systems, Activate The Space also designed and integrated a multi-zone Bose Audio System complete with new ATS Core Control touch panels.

Core Control enables operation of the entire Audio and Video systems, as well as providing Activate The Space Technical Services the ability to operate or interrogate the AV systems, via the Cloud from any device, anywhere and at any time.

HD Media Playback is provided using our Brandcast Solutions powered by Signagelive and IAdea.

Champ Sports 3


Key project requirements and challenges

Brandcast is powered by Signagelive media playback and cloud-based scheduling solutions, which power the large outdoor LED walls on the facade of 10 Times Times Square.

Activate The Space Creative handles the interior LED content and the exterior LED content for Champs Sports. ATS Creative provides everything in-house from Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Text, Static Image and HTML Social Media feed moderations.across all the brands available at Champs Sports.

Designed to be flexible, “The Arena” layout allows Champs Sports and its vendor partners to tell key stories in new and creative ways, enhancing the customer shopping experience.

Within this new layout, leading athletic brands will have elevated brand experiences with cross-category product offerings, allowing customers to easily navigate by brand and identify sought-after products more efficiently.

The flagship store will serve as a hub that demonstrates the brand’s core values – We Know Game – embodying, celebrating and advocating for all of those who participate.


Champ Sport 4


Bryon Milburn, VP and GM, Champs Sports

At Champs Sports, we are always looking to bring the best retail experiences to our customers, and to establish ourselves as the go-to destination to find leading athletic brands. The Times Square store offers the best assortment of the top brands that shoppers know, love and have come to expect from Champs Sports.

The new store has a prominent exterior presence with an LED display spanning 68 feet by 23 feet across prime Times Square real estate. Inside, there are four additional digital screens to allow for robust, interactive storytelling throughout the customer journey.

To complement its digital in-store presence, Champs Sports commissioned artist Andrew Thiele to create lasting brand visuals representing the spirit of New York City – from the five boroughs to notable landmarks, arts and sports teams.

Chris Pelzar, CEO & Managing Partner, Activate the Space

Champs Times Square is the 2nd full store Flag Ship implementation of Signagelive we have used for Champs Sports. In addition to the stores massive indoor LED Displays which were designed and integrated by Activate The Space, we also utilise Signagelive for the large outdoor LED wall as well playing branded content 24/7 in Times Square.

For the past few months Activate The Space has been busy re-designing and replacing our legacy Digital Signage Software of choice for almost (10) years and now in new designs we favour using Signagelive in almost all cases. The reason for this are simple. With Signagelive we have a vast choice of Media Playback Hardware to choose from. This allows us to choose the best hardware platform for any particular project or need. In addition, Signagelive being inherently cloud based, allows to programme the content on any device, from anywhere and at any time. This has led to a huge increase in productivity for our creative team who handles the Content Management for Champs Sports along with many other brands in retail.

Signagelive has proven to be a great choice for our legacy projects and new designs moving forward. We are happy to partner with them as they are more knowledgeable and responsive than any other company we have done business with in our (12) year history.

Jason Cremins, CEO and Founder, Signagelive

The new Champs Sports store in Time Square demonstrates how digital signage has become core to design and customer experience for progressive retailers. Activate The Space understand how to work with major retailers and brands to turn their ideas and stories into high impact digital environments. We are proud to be associated with such an iconic and high profile project.

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SL_CS_ATS_Champs_2018 (2)

Chancellors Estate Agents window displays go digital


One of the UK’s leading estate agents, Chancellors has transformed its window display with innovative new window technology to give passersby more particulars and attract attention on the high street.

Installed by AV and IT specialists, Pioneer Group, the displays enable Chancellors to embrace digitisation as a means of showcasing its property portfolio and latest offers.

Not only does it reduce printing costs and time spent updating particulars; its high impact visuals command more attention to the Windsor store. Research shows that professional displays can increase sales by up to 54%, so the brighter and more eye-catching the visuals, the better.

The Chancellors team were keen to increase the footfall to their branch by showcasing and bringing to life their latest properties with cutting edge digital signage. Pioneer Group installed a powerful video wall solution from Samsung with advanced colour calibration and seamless bezel design, with four of their UD46E-A models. Held in place with a B-Tech System X bolt down video wall stand, the display elevates visual messaging and content with a seamless image and impressive clarity.


Signagelive is used to automate the digital advertising processes at Chancellors and run a combination of real-time property feeds on rotation, which can be updated from anywhere in the country by the team at Chancellors.

Mark Childerhouse, Sales Director, Pioneer Group

We always strive to deliver the best service to our customer, which is why we were keen to cause minimal disruption to Chancellors’ working hours. Buying a property is a life changing decision and Chancellors’ investment in a display solution which best represents their properties demonstrates an approach which is customer orientated and forward thinking.

Aferdita Qesku, Director of Sales, Signagelive

Property management is an ever increasing competitive field. Thus companies need to look at differentiating their services from the rest. This is exactly where technology can be utilised to its full benefits and impact in a positive manner the customer journey. Signagelive enables this journey to be easily managed by allowing the right content to be sent at the right screen at the right time. Through the thoughtful project management and installation process of partners such as Pioneer it ensures clients such as Chancellors can be left to do what they do best – show off the latest properties without any delay.

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Newmark Knight Frank NYC lobby installation with custom content powered by Signagelive



This is one of DCBolt‘s latest and ongoing content projects for Newmark Knight Frank, who are one of the world’s leading commercial real estate advisory firms in New York City.

Newmark had a vision to bring its industrial, warehouse-inspired space to life with a custom portrait, LED canvas. The 40ft tall x 8ft wide video wall spans the 2 floors of NKF’s lobby at its NYC headquarters and serves as the focal point of the modern lobby space.

Key project requirements

As is often the case with custom digital displays, Newmark faced the challenge of defining the media experience and called on DCBolt to design, engineer, program and produce unique, custom content for its digital canvas.

DCBolt developed high resolution imagery, dynamic motion graphics, forced-perspective illusions and branded particle simulations for the lobby wall. All content consists of vibrant colors, organic motion and high contrast digital art-scapes while honoring Newmark’s branding guidelines and global-culture aesthetic. The dynamic content is managed and driven by Signagelive.

This short video shows how the content is displayed at Newmark Knight Frank NYC:

Key project challenges

The greatest challenge of any content project is keeping things fresh and creating elements of surprise that intrigue viewers and tenants. This is especially true in the corporate setting, which is why Newmark retains DCBolt for ongoing content development on an annual basis.

DCBolt’s annual content service and maintenance allows Newmark to continually update their lobby with fresh content that’s relevant to current events, seasonal changes, digital trends and larger artistic movements. This dynamic approach to media production aligns with Newmark’s forward-thinking brand and tech-centric culture.


Benefits of Signagelive

The content is managed and driven by Signagelive CMS on a high-performance windows based media server. Thanks to Signagelive’s built-in features, flexibility and cloud-based management tools, the client’s marketing team is comfortable managing and scheduling content as they wish and from wherever they would like.

Devin Wambolt, Founder and CEO, DCBolt
DCBolt chose Signagelive because it is the most cost-effective, intuitive platform we’ve used to date. We stick with Signagelive, because the support is unparalleled and the features continue to improve each day. Contact details

Jason Cremins, CEO, Signagelive

Devin and the DCBolt team have, once again, delivered an iconic, high-impact, turn-key visual experience for Newmark Frank Knight in their New York office. A display of any type, shape or size is nothing without attention grabbing contextual content and DCBolt have a strong track record in delivering to a level that many few can match. We are proud to be partners with DCBolt and for Signagelive to be selected as the digital signage platform to power the Newmark Frank Knight solution.

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Levett Consultancy use Signagelive to deliver digital signage for multiple primary schools



Levett Consultancy is a UK based ICT Services and Solutions business and use Signagelive as their default platform for Digital Signage across their client base with specific focus on the Education sector. Levett Consultancy is an official Google Partner and was looking for a cloud based digital signage application to be part of their growing Google solutions portfolio.

Having evaluated a number of digital signage solutions Levett Consultancy built an out of the box solution around the Signagelive platform that integrates into G Suite using Chrome technology for customers when purchasing Digital Signage. Using Signagelive allows Levett Consultancy to deliver a complete end to end Digital Signage Solution.

This case study explains how and why one of their Primary School clients use Signagelive.


Tell us a little about how you are using Signagelive?

Cubitt Town Junior School – We use Signagelive as a notice board to greet visitors and remind the children and parents of events that are happening in school.

There are other SaaS based digital signage options out there, why did you choose Signagelive?

Levett Consultancy undertook a review of the leading Digital Signage options available in the UK. With the end result in mind, we needed a solution that integrates with our Google environment, was easy to setup and install, was easy to maintain and lastly had the features to meet our clients’ needs. After going through the evaluation process it was clear from the that the Signagelive solution will be our solution of choice. Not only is it easy to setup and install, it has the required features to make this a viable option for us moving forward.

It also works well with our Chromebit and Chromebase hardware and is also centrally managed to allow Levett Consultancy to remotely access the client’s platform and apply all necessary changes.

Primary School – We were recommended Signagelive by our IT Support Company (Levett Consultancy). They explained to us how easy it was to setup and change the screens and it was in a price range we could afford.

What were the reasons for implementing a digital signage network?

Primary School – We wanted a easy to use system that could be instantly updated, so we could welcome visitors and inform staff and children and parents of events.

How were these objectives being met previously?

Primary School – We used to have a big bulky computer running PPT which I would update weekly. It was slow and it would have problems.

How did you build a business case internally for Signagelive?

With a majority of our client’s being from Education sector, Levett Consultancy had a business case to add Digital Signage. Due to numerous requests from our clients, it was clear that we needed to add Digital Signage to part of our Google solutions portfolio. This has remained true to the percentage of installs we have delivered across our existing client base and new ones added just for Digital Signage.

Primary School – Our Head was very interested in having a display at either end of the school entrances and so didn’t take much persuading.

What is the best thing about Signagelive, in your opinion?

Levett Consultancy really enjoys the simplicity of the Signagelive solution, the way it integrates into the Google Chrome hardware platforms are really beneficial for us. Also, in addition to this, the fact that the players update automatically with little to no downtime is a real advantage.

Primary School – I love the fact the Levett Consultancy made me a Google Slides template, and all I have to do is update the slides which I can do in advance, and then upload them directly from my computer, to both the signage boxes at either end of the school without having to leave my desk.

What is your favourite feature?

Levett Consultancy really like the Cloud-based console allowing the access from anywhere approach. This also gives Levett Consultancy Operations teams the ability to remote access to the client portals if required and allows us to maintain a fully managed service without leaving our office!

Primary School – I love the fact that I can update it remotely and it’s instant.

Did you face any challenges during any part of your project implementation? How were these resolved?

Levett Consultancy fully documents the process for the installation and delivery and hardware requirements of a Signagelive installation, even before we completed our first live install we ran an internal installation for testing purposes. With our expertise and the simplicity of the Signagelive we tend to avoid problems during project implementation.

However, we recently encountered a challenge with integrating calendars and nested playlists. With the Signagelive training program and the back end support, it was easily resolved. Thank you Signagelive.

Primary School – The only challenge I had was learning how to use it and that was not a challenge.

How has business improved since using Signagelive?

Levett Consultancy has definitely seen a benefit in adding the Signagelive product into our Portfolio. We have been able to add this to our existing client base and have also attracted new clients looking for Signagelive for their Signage Platform. Both allowing business growth through Digital Signage offerings.

Primary School – We had Ofsted in just after we had signage installed and a visit from a headteacher from another school, both commented on how lovely it was to be greeted with a welcome to our school with their names on it.

What advantages does Signagelive offer?

Levett Consultancy sees the primary advantage of Signagelive being the ease of use of its front end interface. Couple this with the superb back-end support and after sales service this is why the Signagelive is our preferred choice for Digital Signage across our customer base.

Primary School – It is quick to update, it has only had two problems in the time we have had it. Both of which were corrected very quickly.

The support people that I have had conversations with at Signagelive have been very helpful and friendly and responsive.

Simon Fitch – Commercial Manager – Levett Consultancy

Levett Consultancy really enjoy working with and installing the Signagelive product. It definitely has a firm place in our Google portfolio of products and is a big part of our go to market strategy.

Cubitt Town Junior School – Carole Dore – IT Coordinator

I would highly recommend Signagelive to any school for its ease of use and quick to update.

Jason Cremins – CEO and Founder – Signagelive

Signagelive is perfect for schools, colleges and universities looking for a powerful, scalable digital signage solution that is easy to administer and update. The ability for teachers and IT teams to access and manage a school’s digital signage network from any Internet connected device combined with our comprehensive and free support, ensures minimal time is required to keep content updated and displays operational.

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SL_CS_LevettCons_Primarys_2018 (1)

Notcutts Garden Centres use Signagelive digital signage to promote to customers



Notcutts Garden Centres Ltd is a private limited company, it operates 18 individual garden centres across England and has been supplying plants etc. for over a century. Proud to be family-owned and independent, their core values of quality and customer care remain the same as when they first started. Their garden centres are run by dedicated teams of horticultural experts and gardening enthusiasts.

21st Century AV plan and implement AV solutions for many of the world’s most demanding clients. Their detailed knowledge of the industry means they have established working relationships with the very best manufacturers and technicians, to create seamless solutions which both excel today and which will continue to deliver in years to come.

Tell us a little about how you are using Signagelive?

It’s being used to show menu prices and special food promotions within the restaurant areas, also product information throughout the stores, and some stores have outdoors kiosk points showing seasonal offers. We are also using the device in the retail store to present various POS and to direct customers to certain key locations in store.

There are other SaaS-based digital signage options out there, why did you choose Signagelive?

Adaptability and it suited our clients’ needs – also content can be updated centrally and pushed out company-wide. We have also found the online live chat support to be of great help and the team has been very helpful in providing support for any issues but also the development of new features.

What were the reasons for implementing a digital signage network?

To show promotions and seasonal offers. However, this has now expanded into a mixed array of point of sale, café menus as well as promotional displays.

Notcutts 4

How were these objectives being met previously?

They were small 10” screens updated with USB key at each point, and printed posters / A1 display boards.

How did you build a business case internally for Signagelive?

The business requested displays of this type as they seemed to be very successful and “on-trend” at the time so no business case was needed.

What is the best thing about Signagelive, in your opinion?

Adaptability and it suited our clients needs – also content can be updated centrally and pushed out company-wide. Additionally, the support network has been very impressive.

What is your favourite feature?

Scalability and the ability to completely customise every section / part of every display and menu.

Notcutts 6

Did you face any challenges during any part of your project implementation? How were these resolved?

Being completely new to Signagelive and digital signage meant we had to pick things up quickly. However, with the Live Chat functionality which comes as part of the solution, it meant they were always on hand to help us regardless of whether we were querying issues.

How has business improved since using Signagelive?

Too early to say at this stage, as to the positive impact in revenue as a result of the digital signage, we will be monitoring this in the future months.

Lee Rogers – IT Systems Coordinator – Notcutts

Very customisable and incredibly versatile, we are pleased with the product overall.

Debbie Seward – Business Development & Relationship Manager – 21st Century AV

21st Century AV Ltd have integrated Signagelive into a number of clients and when Notcutts came to us with a requirement we didn’t hesitate to recommend the Signagelive platform as a solution. With its ease of use, integration and functionality Notcutts rolled out the platform across all new sites and into those being refurbished, with more sites planned for the future and a partnership with 21st Century AV Ltd as its AV preferred partner.

Aferdita Qesku – Director of Sales – Signagelive

Working with customers like Notcutts really shows how digital signage has crossed borders in terms of suitability for use as well as of course return on the customer experience. What started off as an original idea for QSR menu boards grew into new possibilities of adding value to the customer journey, through wayfinding, POS integration etc. It is down to knowledgeable partners whom we work with which this would be possible to achieve.

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SL_CS_Notcutts_2018 (1)

YESSS Electrical engage with customers using Signagelive powered digital signage network




YESSS are the UK’s fastest growing Electrical Wholesaler. Having only opened in December 2012, YESSS Electrical has grown to over 100 branches nationwide. Located in London, Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham and even the Channel Islands. Over the next five years that number aims to increase to 250 UK branches.

Tell us a little about how you are using Signagelive?

We use Signagelive to push video content to over 100 of our branches.

There are other SaaS based digital signage options out there, why did you choose Signagelive?

We tried other solutions before Signagelive but hardware software compatibility always let them down. Signagelive is much more robust.

What were the reasons for implementing a digital signage network?

Initially we needed a system that would allow us to get our promotional offers to be displayed in branches as quickly as possible and at the same time reduce our printing costs incurred by traditional printed PoS.

How were these objectives being met previously?

All previous PoS was historically large volumes of printed flyers, posters and roller banners.

How did you build a business case internally for Signagelive?

Potential cost reductions and creating a focal point of where the screens were displayed (directly behind our counters at customer eye level) all helped to support the need for this technology.

What is the best thing about Signagelive, in your opinion?

Signagelive Content Management System makes it really easy to upload content and distribute to multiple sites with very little problems.

Branch counter photo


What is your favourite feature?

Recent move away from Flash with new HTML5 version has helped to speed up the user interface side.

Did you face any challenges during any part of your project implementation? How were these resolved?

Various sites initially had extremely slow internet which made implementation tough.

How has business improved since using Signagelive?

Promotional offers always displayed in perfect position within each of our branches ensuring offers aren’t missed by our customers.


What advantages does Signagelive offer?

Being able to login to Signagelive on a web browser anywhere and add content is a massive advantage.

The tag system, although still room for improvement does offer a very user friendly way of managing content for unique sites where content might differ. e.g price variations on product promos outside of mainland UK.

Jon Derbyshire – Marketing Manager – YESSS Electrical

Since using Signagelive we’ve never needed to look at any other system, as it comfortably handles everything we throw at it.

In addition, online support is always fantastic and the platform’s roadmap of new features shows the potential to be the best of it’s kind.

Aferdita Qesku – Director of Sales – Signagelive

The YESSS Electrical project is a prime example of how we as a company met the customer’s needs 3 years ago and continue to do so, with for instance the release of multiple tags for media assets. I remember sitting at the customer meeting with the solution partner (JBrand) and getting an understanding of what they wished to achieve and where their other offering was failing to provide what was needed.

It is important to us as a company that our customers drive our technology forward with their requirements of real life scenarios. Coupled with our excellent support infrastructure, continuous updates and the hardware agnostic approach we take, it makes Signagelive not just a robust solution, but also one which is scalable and flexible enough for years to come, and can be applicable to many customers.

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55 Water Street NYC lobby installation with custom content powered by Signagelive



DCBolt Productions assisted in the design, implementation, software and content development of the video system for 55 Water’s LED lobby wall installation in New York City. DCBolt continues to develop custom content that allows this canvas to evolve through vibrant illusions, ambient branding, eye candy and infotainment. The installation is visible at 55 Water Street in NYC and the lobby is open to the public for viewing 24/7.

Key project requirements

DCBolt built a custom windows-based media server to handle the approx 8K pixel space, and is using Signagelive CMS to manage 5x scheduled layouts. With over 50x assets of custom content, that range from ambient branding to perspective illusions.

DCBolt designed a multi-windowed infotainment layout for the high-traffic hours of the morning, afternoon and evening rush periods which display a variety of content feeds, including live stock tickers, transit, weather, news, sports and social media.


Challenges to overcome

The greatest challenge DCBolt faced with this project was network related. It required heavy bandwidth to dynamically pull and display multiple data feeds and content sources at the same time. Another challenge came from the custom stock ticker. as to date, there has not been a stock ticker produced at such a high resolution. The requirement was a custom program that integrated high-resolution logo assets and variable speed adjustments to account for the size and resolution of the canvas.

This short video shows how the content is displayed at 55 Water NYC:

The digital signage network

Technical requirements:

  • (2x) 20’x8’ Christie Digital LED screens in main lobby at 55 Water Street NYC
  • Total Resolution = 6400 x 1260 pixels
  • Crestron Control system, RGB Spectrum Multi-Window processor, live input capability & 24/7 operation
  • Custom built media server for signage content – running Signagelive software
  • Over 12 hours of custom content built specifically to raster graphics
  • Continued ongoing content development, management and scheduling provided by DCBolt

Feeds include:

  • Live Social Media Aggregation
  • Animated Weather Graphics
  • Live Financial Market Feeds
  • Custom Financial Market Ticker
  • US News Stories
  • World News Stories
  • Sports News Stories
  • Entertainment News Stories
  • Live Traffic Updates
  • Live Transit Feeds inc. trains, buses, ferries, uber, Lyft, citi bike

Why Signagelive

Thanks to Signagelive’s built-in features, flexibility and cloud-based management tools, the development of this system was much simpler and straight forward than other CMS alternatives.

Devin Wambolt, Founder and CEO, DCBolt

Signagelive is the ideal CMS solution for the 55 Water lobby installation not only because it’s the most cost-effective CMS on the market but it also includes all the bells and whistles necessary to control, schedule and customise this unique canvas however, whenever and from wherever we want.

Jason Cremins, CEO, Signagelive

DCBolt Productions continue to deliver prestige high impact Signagelive solutions that show the power and adaptability of our digital signage platform. The 55 Water project delivers the first 8K solution powered by Signagelive representing another milestone in the growth of our business and partnership with DCBolt Productions.

HB Communications (AV Integrator)
Jaros, Baum & Boles Consulting Engineers, LLP (AV Consultant)
Christie Digital (LED Manufacturer)
RP Visual Solutions (Mount Designer / Fabricator)

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