Flight Centre takes workplace experience to new heights with Signagelive and Screenfeed Connect [+VIDEO]

International travel company, Flight Centre, has installed its first ever cloud-based digital signage system for Europe, selecting partners, Signagelive and Screenfeed Connect to power the digital experience in its new headquarters (HQ) in London, UK. With the support of both Signagelive and Screenfeed Connect, the digital signage project has taken off, delivering eye-catching, near-real-time updates via a mega 86-inch screen to boost community spirit, and bring company strategies direct to its 249 staff members.

The roll-out itself was overseen and managed by audio-visual company, MVS,  a team of commercial AV integration specialists, who have ensured a smooth and painless installation process.  

Front and centre of the new office community space, the digital signage has, according to Catherine Read, Flight Centre Head of International Communications, instantly modernised and improved the office experience:

“Now that we have this digital signage solution, I don’t know how we ever lived without it. With Signagelive and Screenfeed Connect, we can create a more inclusive, and well-informed community, in which everyone feels appreciated. This whole project has been about and for our people, giving us a way to keep them in the loop, acknowledge their contributions and support events. We had such big aspirations for our digital signage, but, until the installation of this solution, never quite believed they would be realised, as we’re a streamlined team, and consequently quite resource-limited.”  

The Challenge

In the company’s old HQ premises, prior to this installation, Flight Centre had a dated digital signage solution, for which content could only be manually loaded and updated via a plugged-in USB. For Read’s streamlined team, this proved time-consuming, a situation made all-the-more frustrating by the fact that the static PowerPoint content loaded did little to engage staff.

So, with the help of MVS, the challenge was to find and quickly install an automated digital signage solution that could deliver more impactful and relevant content. As a cloud-based digital system with advanced scheduling capabilities, Signagelive was the ideal fit for what Flight Centre needed. Content can be updated, managed and scheduled from anywhere, and even edited, in real-time, once it has gone live. 

Screenfeed Connect was the platform used to create Flight Centre’s custom, data-driven content. The HMTL content apps display TfL transportation updates and employee anniversary dates and update automatically via integrated data sources. Using Connect and Signagelive eliminated a lot of previous content maintenance and management that slowed down the Flight Centre team. 

Content cruise control

Flight Centre opted to use Screenfeed’s Custom Content Services. Cathy had a vision for the new office and shared her ideas and creative direction. Then, the Screenfeed team of content experts took care of app setup and design. This enabled Flight Centre’s team of three to hit the ground running. Instead of spending time on content creation themselves, the team simply took the finished app feed and pre-schedule them to run on-screen, as full or split-screen displays.

Near-real time travel updates

Screenfeed Connect also made it possible for Flight Centre to feature on-screen, near-real-time travel update feeds via tube line status and Wimbledon train departure apps.

Screenfeed train
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Employee anniversary celebrations

If employees are celebrating their Flight Centre hire anniversary in the current month, they are recognised on-screen via the employee anniversary app built in Screenfeed Connect. The app updates monthly to show extra appreciation to those working at the HQ. 

“It’s incredibly popular, and keeps morale sky-high”, Read says. “People love seeing their names up for these length- of-service celebrations. It also requires almost no input from our own content creation team, except when we need to add new starters.” 

Other Flight Centre employee communications that are regularly featured on-screen include health initiatives, such as “Fruit Bowl Mondays”, in which free fruit is offered in the office. For these updates, the team can quickly create start and end campaign times, so that the initiative is only ever advertised on Mondays.

Staff events

With the help of Screenfeed Connect and Signagelive, Flight Centre has also been able to drive interest for staff events. The HQ office screen has already been used to advertise – and feature a live countdown to – the Flight Centre Summer Party.

The success of the digital signage solution for employee communications has also, Read insists, inspired staff to suggest more ways in which it can be used: “We often receive staff requests for Birthday shout-outs.”

Increased workplace productivity

But the MVS-installed solution has done more than foster a positive and social company culture; it’s also been integral to improving productivity. The Flight Centre has been able to warn of travel updates that might impact customer holidays, as and when they happen. Additionally, with the solution, it’s been easy to share company messaging, as well as feature content reels for suppliers, when they visit the office. 

“It’s saved so much time”, Read says, “offering an alternative to having to present supplier-specific content in person.”

Of the installation, Lorna Campbell, Screenfeed Connect Business Development Director, comments, “Digital signage solutions available today through Signagelive and Screenfeed allow teams of any size to create a valuable and impactful digital signage network.
Using Signagelive advanced scheduling features to display content that automatically updates via integrated dynamic data sources made it possible for Flight Centre to elevate their space and delight the office audience with minimal hassle or headache. It was a pleasure to see Screenfeed and Signagelive services bring Cathy’s vision to life.”

Tim Baker, Signagelive Marketing Manager, adds: “This project really exemplifies how far digital signage technology has come. With the advent of remote and automated support from solutions, such as Signagelive, and integrated HTML tool, Screenfeed Connect, creating – and scheduling regular, on-going and ambitious content is now an attainable goal for any business, no matter what the size of their team.” 

Read concludes: “With the help of Signagelive and Screenfeed Connect, we have been able to achieve all our digital signage goals.  We can now quickly turnaround exceptional content to showcase on our screens exactly when it’s needed. The set up has been incredibly easy, and we continue to receive so much support, including ample training from Signagelive.”

The success of the project has, according to Read, motivated the company to consider expanding its digital signage network: “International colleagues visiting our London HQ have already made requests for the same solution to be rolled out in their offices, so we’re definitely looking to scale it out further.”  

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