Top benefits of data-driven digital signage


Are you looking to customise and improve your digital signage content, but lack the design and coding experience to do so? Then you might like to try out one of our latest app integrations – Screenfeed Connect, a no-code, data-driven HTML content tool. 

Together with Screenfeed Connect and Signagelive, anyone can create, schedule and deliver professional data-driven content. The exclusive integration will also soon ensure that you can roll-out your content offline.

Widening the scope of what in-house teams can create, the integrated solution effectively makes it easy to pull in and attractively integrate stats, figures, pictures and text into designs from any connected data sources, such as Google Sheets and CSV files. 

The net result is content that’s more targeted and likely to remain relevant and engage the intended audiences for longer. While the content output is much more effective, the designs themselves can be created in-house at a fraction of the usual time and cost.

Ideal for almost any sector scenario, the integrated solution can do everything from help generate sales-boosting content to team-building updates. Here are five sector applications in which the solution could significantly boost digital signage results. 



In retail, the integrated Screenfeed Connect tool is able to facilitate the quick sell-through of slow-moving stock.

Google Sheets can be used to itemise, in order of priority, products with the highest stock levels. Simply by populating these sheets with the relevant imagery, marketing blurb and pricing, and then connecting them to the Screenfeed Connect platform, retail staff can essentially create a centralised roadmap of what to promote, that contains all the necessary promotional assets.

Anyone on the team has the ability to create the promotional content with the help of pre-built integrations and smart widgets, that allow content to be pulled and neatly incorporated into designs. 

Once the widgets have been styled and connected to the relevant data source – in this case a Google Sheet, all that is left to do is copy and paste the Publish URL of the design to the Signagelive media library as a web page asset.

With Signagelive, staff can immediately upload the promotional content, or schedule it to appear, for instance, during peak trading hours, or when the most relevant customers are likely to visit the store. For example, if the item being promoted is for teenagers, then during the week, the advert could be run on a loop after school hours.

With integrated Proof of Play functionality, staff also have the opportunity to check downloadable asset playback analytics against sales numbers, so they can gage the impact of their advertising. 


Corporate environments

Data-driven work cultures

Another application for this Signagelive integrated solution is in the workplace, where it can help organisations to motivate and inspire their teams, as well as keep them informed. 

Through connected data sources, or simply by manually uploading data onto the Screenfeed Connect platform itself, staff members are able to pull in and neatly populate Screenfeed Connect tables and charts to highlight the latest sales figures. 

With Signagelive multi-zone template designs, organisations can feature, alongside this data, other content to contextualise the figures and ensure everyone understands what needs to be done, and by when. A Screenfeed Connect countdown timer widget, for instance, can be featured to countdown to a sales target deadline, while sales insights can also be shared to keep teams informed about the latest sales trends.

Year-in-review templates

To inspire staff and acknowledge their hard work, it is also possible to share on-screen multi-zone content that features all the major company achievements from the prior twelve months.  

These could be statistics highlighting the business’s growth and customer acquisition, pulled in via a connected source and integrated into the organisation’s preferred Screenfeed Connect graphs. 

Through Signagelive, staff can schedule the year-in-review content to run during an all-in-company day.

Events and hospitality

For hospitality venues, the integrated Screenfeed Connect solution can help to promote and enhance scheduled events and social activities.

Screenfeed Connect allows you to personalise notifications with introductions to, for instance, hotel or resort entertainers. The tool also enables you to publicise events by incorporating photography and videos from previous years into your posts, and even visitor reviews.

Through Signagelive, you can schedule these to appear on-screen, alongside more information about the event. You’re also able to select the start and end times/dates for every campaign, so your event news is always fresh and relevant. 

Even with streamlined teams scattered across resorts, you can ensure a joined-up approach by centralising content management. Securely designate various levels of content responsibilities through Signagelive, and enable all contributors to post notifications from anywhere. With features, such as the Approval function, you can also guarantee that no unauthorised post ever goes live. 



In the waiting rooms of veterinary, medical and dental practices, you can reassure patients, while continuing to promote your business. Customising digital signage updates with the number of patients you helped can inspire confidence, and even encourage the uptake of more service appointments.

Through Signagelive, you are able to edit and update live content to ensure accuracy. You can also tap into integrated infotainment services, such as Screenfeed and Seenspire, which enable you to feature curated social media feeds, news and more, alongside your posts, to attract viewers’ attention and reduce perceived wait times.



In schools, and universities, Signagelive and Screenfeed Connect can work together to boost enrolment and/or actively contribute to school events, as well as assist with fundraising.

For open evenings, digital signage networks are perfect, enabling academic institutions to cycle through league tables, as well as the academic achievements they have helped students achieve for that year.

During awards or graduations ceremonies, screens can also be used to showcase a profile shot and brief biography of every student who graduated.

More impactful, personalised appeals for donations can also be created. With Screenfeed Connect, you can highlight targets, outlining exactly why the money is needed and how it will make a difference. Pull in the back stories of individual students, who have benefited from the funding, humanising your posts with photos, and information about what they have achieved, thanks to the previous donations made.

Together, Screenfeed Connect and Signagelive can boost the performance of your digital signage network, enabling you to create, schedule and deliver professional-looking, and customised data-driven content in minutes.

For more information on how this latest app integration could help your organisation, please reach out to us.