How to create interactive digital signage experiences with no coding

Signagelive and Intuiface team up to help businesses design and deliver step-up interactive campaigns


Interested in creating interactive digital signage experiences, but think you lack the resource, time and funds to do so?

Think again. Thanks to a new partnership between Signagelive and Intuiface, you can now design and deliver interactive content without any of the usual fuss or expense. In fact, you can do it without writing a single line of code.

When you pair Intuiface with Signagelive, and a compatible Windows, Tizen, ChromeOS or Philips PPDS media player, you’re able to deliver the interactive content you make, either as a full or multi-zone screen display, exactly when you want and across one, some or all your digital signage screens.

So how does it work?

The first step is to create your interactive content using the Intuiface no-code platform, Composer. Here, without any support from a web developer, you can design customised, branded story boards, simply by dragging and dropping your own media assets like images, videos, 3D models, websites and more into a slide. 

With this intuitive platform, you won’t be limited by any template restrictions that force you to adopt prebuilt app libraries.

When you’re happy with your interactive content, you can seamlessly integrate it into your Signagelive CMS network.  Just publish it to the web, copy its URL and assign that URL to the Signagelive web widget


What can Intuiface and Signagelive do for your business?

While this interactive digital signage solution is exceptionally simple, you might be wondering how, in real terms, it can add value to your business? What challenges can it overcome, and what opportunities can it bring?

Boost employee recognition scheme success

Well, in just the corporate sector alone, it offers game-changing support. Take, for example, employee recognition schemes. They can be difficult to promote and all-too often fail to engage the employees they’re supposed to inspire.

With Intuiface and Signagelive, you’re able to avoid these problems, and build an interactive touchscreen digital signage experience to boost employee sign up and support.

This can be done by creating eye-catching placeholder advertisements to encourage employees to click through and participate in the scheme. 

Enhance employee training and induction

Interactive digital signage experiences are also an incredibly effective way to onboard and train staff, allowing you to educate and inform in more memorable ways. Intuiface supports multi-touch interactions, giving you the opportunity to create more productive, collaborative group training sessions, in which everyone can participate. You can design content that invites employees to discover more, or to work together to piece together complete company pictures, mission statements and logos.

Intuiface features, such as its virtual keyboard for text input are also ideal for inviting employees, there and then, to test their knowledge on the company and its latest products.

With the help of Nexmosphere sensors, Intuiface and Signagelive can also deliver even more ambitious interactive experiences.  Interactive Lift and Learn showcases are one example. Employees and visitors alike just need to “lift” selected educational props to trigger more information about them to appear on a nearby screen.

Streamline back-office operations

Intuiface’s ability to automate the creation of integrations with any web service also means that it can be used to access and engage with real-time information on-screen from various third-party platforms. These could be booking systems, which enable staff to update and/or book new meetings, directly from the digital signage touchscreens. Alternatively, they could be inventory systems that you can update on-screen. 

With Signagelive, you’re able to choose the best times to display such content, featuring, for instance, real-time inventory levels on-screen after key sales periods to encourage staff to type in requirements for any products that might br in short supply.

Build an inclusive data-driven work culture

To cultivate more productive and inclusive company data sharing strategies, businesses also have the option of running real-time data via Signagelive data integrations alongside complementary interactive content.

These on-screen interactions could invite employees to text – directly on-screen – any insights and trends they spot in the data from whatever business platform is being used, whether that’s Microsoft Power BI or 

With the help of Signagelive Advanced Scheduling functionality, you can create even more targeted interactive data campaigns. Why not opt to show different data breakdowns on different departmental screens, so you deliver the most pertinent insights to each team? 

Maximise digital signage campaigns

With Intuiface and Signagelive, you even have everything you need to measure the impact of your interactive content and figure out how to continuously improve it.

Without writing a single line of code, Intuiface lets you define the data you care most about, and collect it at the device level, whether that’s via badges, cameras or any other connected products. With this kind of data, you can quickly work out, for instance, the kind of demographics that are most engaged with your interactive campaigns.

The Signagelive Proof of Play function offers further insights, enabling you to work out what is working and what’s not. It details when promotional content appears, for how long and on which screens. This information can then be checked against sales reports and other metrics to determine the impact your campaigns have made.

The partnership between Signagelive and Intuiface marks a big step forward in digital signage. While independent research has long since pointed to the efficacy of interactive content, with some studies indicating it can actually double the rate of engagement, the reality is that it’s been costly, time-consuming and often impractical to run. Now, with Signagelive and Intuiface, businesses have unprecedented opportunity to design, schedule and seamlessly deliver it, in-house, using their own media assets, and without any costly web development support.