How to shrink your business carbon footprint with Signagelive and ClickShare

Discover an efficient all-in-one collaboration and digital signage solution


Digital transformation has paved the way for more sustainable development in office culture, but what more can businesses now do to reduce their environmental impact?

Many companies have already made the transition from physical to energy efficient digital signage and invested in video conference systems as an alternative to in-person meetings. Technology-wise, there really hasn’t been much else for companies to do to update and make their digital communications greener. Until now that is.

The integration of Barco ClickShare with Signagelive has changed things, ushering in the next wave of sustainable innovation.

With Signagelive, Barco ClickShare Present and Conference devices can now serve as hybrid products, doubling up as both digital signage players and meeting room presentation and video conferencing units.

This gives you twice the functionality from a single physical product. It means you won’t have to invest in separate digital signage and video conferencing systems, which instantly cuts your business’s carbon footprint, without you having to do much at all.

The solution also happens to be great for business, enabling you to strengthen the impact of your meeting room technology, and boost your employee communications.

Simply by subscribing to a Signagelive Licence, you can use your existing ClickShare devices to deliver pre-meeting note reminders, as well as company news for all your screens.

The Signagelive platform can be managed from absolutely anywhere. You can create, schedule and deliver messaging, images, web pages, company videos or HTML presentations to one, some or all your meeting room screens, or even bring up company Microsoft Outlook or Google calendars. 

It’s worth noting though that it’s not just this combined, all-in-one communications and collaboration solution that helps reduce your carbon footprint. It’s also the fact that both Signagelive and Barco ClickShare are super-efficient products in their own right.

While Signagelive, as a cloud-based digital signage platform, maximises efficiency, requring no energy-guzzling on-premise servers, Barco ClickShare, with its Base Unit range, has pioneered new standards of sustainability for the workplace. 

ClickShare Base Units

Committed to being at the forefront of sustainable innovation, Barco has created its own impartial Ecoscoring tool, transparently rating its own products’ efficiency according to this EY independently verified framework.

Awarded the A Eco Score for efficiency, ClickShare Base Units comply with the strictest requirements for standby mode. Their components are also made from materials that are at least 30% recyclable, and they’re always designed with non-paint plastics and halogen-free PCB. Even the instruction manual is 100% recyclable as is the packaging, which is made from biodegradable sugarcane.

Barco Trade in scheme

At the end of the products’ life cycle, you can also optimise efficiency by leveraging the Barco Trade in scheme. Simply by trading in your old ClickShare devices, you can be sure that they’re disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, as set out by the WEE directive, AND that you’ll earn a discount on your replacement units.

Trade in any brand of video conference devices

Perhaps best of all, if you currently don’t use ClickShare wireless video conferencing solutions, but would like to, you have an exceptionally cost-effective opportunity to do so. If you’re using competitor video conference devices and they’re nearing end-of-life, you can turn them into Barco in exchange for a generous discount on new ClickShare Base Units. 

So, if you do successfully adopt this Signagelive and ClickShare solution, what can it help you do to shrink your business’s environmental footprint?

  •  Use less hardware equipment

Most obviously, the solution can help ensure that you use fewer carbon-emitting hardware products, as you won’t need any additional screens, media players or on-premise servers.

  • Cut back on resource

You also won’t need to manage on-premise server updates and maintenance for your digital signage. This means you’ll save money, but also, importantly, energy, as no-one will have to travel and physically come in to check on your servers.

  •  Reduce in-person meetings

You can reduce the number of in-person all-staff and team meetings, which in and of themselves exacerbate businesses’ environmental footprint due to the travel involved. The all-in-one Signagelive-powered solution lets you communicate day-to-day with staff and send out updates to a selected team in one meeting room and/or notifications for all staff across every meeting room.

  • Improve meeting room management

Most businesses waste money – and increase their energy consumption – by mismanaging meeting rooms. When there are meeting clashes, companies’ knee-jerk reaction is to hire external meeting room spaces, and ask invitees to travel to attend them, which again, impacts your business’s overall energy consumption.

By enabling staff to access the company calendar on-screen, before and after meetings, you can make it easy for teams to see, at a glance, room availability for the next meeting. It’s a simple way to enlist the help of all your staff to maximise office space management. 

  •  Scale back prep sessions and follow-up meetings

In-person meetings can often involve preparatory huddle sessions, and lead to – yep, you guessed it – further follow-up meetings! This impacts your business’s carbon emissions by forcing staff to travel in again and, of course, use your screens again.

The benefit of having an integrated digital signage solution is that, prior to any meeting, you can quickly scroll on-screen through key discussion points and strategy, so everyone is on the same page. Similarly, post-meeting, you can quickly share meeting minutes and action items to save everyone from having to meet again. It means you can actually pretty much switch off your screens and limit usage to approximate meeting times.

  • Share your data and systems on-screen

With an all-in-one meeting room communications solution, there’s no need to access data, business tools or even third-party back-office systems from other devices. You can cut down your device energy consumption, and securely display the latest company insights on-screen from any business intelligence tool, before or after meetings. You also have the potential to work with Signagelive and Barco on integrating the back-office systems you use, so you can access and display them via the Signagelive platform.

Meeting room technology and cloud-based digital signage have been integral to the emergence of a whole new generation of greener offices and workplaces. However, when integrated together as in the case of Signagelive and ClickShare, they can now do even more to help business’s advance their sustainability goals. For more information, please visit                                                     

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