Top 5 reasons why customers choose Signagelive digital signage software

Why choose Sigangelive (1920 × 1080 px)

Just how do you choose the right digital signage software for your business? With so many different options, and very little in the way of clear, jargon-free explanations as to what makes each one different, it can feel like a hopeless task.

To help, we’ve harnessed the power of AI to analyse 100 of our most recent impartial G2 customer reviews, so you can find out what real Signagelive users believe makes us different from our competitors. There’s no perplexing I.T terminology, no vague industry speak – just data-backed information about why users plump for our platform – and then stay with us to become long-term customers.

  • 1/ The help videos are useful

Users love the helpful videos that Signagelive provides. They offer real value, assisting users in navigating through the software and coming to grips with the features on offer. Users also appreciate the fact that they can arrange a call with us, if they need Signagelive to walk them through any parts that they still don’t understand.

Our videos include everything from a brief introduction to the platform to guides on how to connect players, create playlists and use specific Signagelive features.   

  •  2/ Ease of use

Customers find Signagelive easy to use. In fact, the interface is intuitive enough for organisations to feel comfortable simply handing over control of the platform to their marketing teams. According to real G2 user reviews, team members are able to work self-sufficiently, using the platform to create their own presentations, without any support from their IT departments. It’s a simple way to maximise a business’s overall efficiency and save time.

With 500+ built-in content creation tools for users of all abilities, including clocks, weather, and an app for Google Slides, our platform makes it quick and easy to design everything from promotional flyers to company updates, reports and presentations. 

Partner tools, like Screenfeed Connect also help businesses design with their own imagery, stats and blurbs, which can be pulled in from virtually any document that you connect to the platform.

  •  3/ Easy management

Users appreciate the easy management capabilities of Signagelive. These are especially convenient for businesses spread across more than one location. With our software, users can monitor their screens remotely across multiple locations to help streamline the management process and reduce the need for onsite support.

They’re able to schedule and deliver content to any combination of screens from anywhere. Live content can also be edited in real time, and expiry dates scheduled to ensure that campaigns never run beyond the allocated promotional period. 

For multi-location businesses, enterprise features, such as the Built-in Tag Manager streamline the management process. This feature lets you group players together by location or any other variable, so content can be sent once, in bulk, to all the screens in a particular geographical region.

Team members can also monitor the screens from anywhere 24/7 with Signagelive Proactive Monitoring.  They’re able to opt into email or text notifications to keep them posted, if and when there are any player issues, or content fails to publish, in real time.

  •  4/ Good service and web portal

Users praise the quality of service provided by Signagelive. They find the web portal easy to use, not least because it’s convenient to submit support tickets and access quick updates via the boards. According to customers, the user experience is further enhanced by our friendly and helpful staff, who are on hand to offer prompt assistance for any issue that may arise.

Signagelive offers 24/5 real-time support and ensures that users from around the world can contact support staff in a number of ways, including via the Help Centre, email and live chat. There are also plenty of online videos and articles via our Learn Hub to help users quickly troubleshoot issues.

  •  5/ Connectivity to TVs via HDMI

Users like the fact that any TV can be transformed into digital signage, simply by connecting a Signagelive configured playerthrough a TV’s HDMI port. 

Customers can use off-the-shelf technologies, repurposing existing hardware, and choose from a variety of devices that can connect up to displays with a HDMI input.

Find out more about why people are opting to use our platform, and how it’s helping them to communicate with employees, customers and visitors alike.