Discover how to unlock the full potential of your data with Power BI and Signagelive Secure Dashboards

Data is perhaps the most precious, but under-utilised resource in business today. While it can, according to McKinsey Global Institute, drive the growth of organisations, making them up to 19 times more likely to be profitable, businesses of every size are still struggling to unlock its full potential. Sealed away behind password-protected files, and often with access restricted to C-suite executives and a handful of data or IT analysts, data is rarely seen company-wide, nor its value ever realised. The advent of Microsoft Power BI is, however, driving change, making it easier for businesses to share data and enable team members at every level of the organisation to interact with it.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

A powerful and scalable business analytics solution, Power BI unifies data from many sources to create interactive dashboards and reports that can provide real, actionable, and profit-boosting insights. With the free-to-download Power BI desktop, you can connect to a myriad of data sources, including Excel, and Salesforce, as well as create reports with a variety of data visualisations, such as column charts, pie charts and heat maps to tell stories and share insights.

Intuitive to use, Power BI’s integration with Excel is particularly useful, enabling you to transfer all current Excel quotes, data models and reports to Power BI, without learning a new application.

Dashboards are also easy to filter, enabling users to search the data for more specific insights.

The paid for cloud version of Power BI – Power BI service – is where you can publish reports as dashboards and make them available across any device.

Whatever you use Power BI for, your data will be secure. Power BI is designed to meet various security and compliance standards, coming with an array of industry-leading capabilities to ensure that all your data is kept safe.


How can Secure Dashboards help your Power BI data visualisation strategy?

With Signagelive Secure Dashboards, you can safely scale out your Power BI data visualisation strategy. Taking enterprise-wide data sharing to the next level, it enables you to bring the latest data to all your teams in real time through the secure display of dashboards on your workplace digital signage. 

Designed to support most dashboard tools, it can securely display almost any password-protected URL.  The system works by logging into your selected dashboard application, capturing a snapshot of the dashboard or metric that you would like to display, and then sending it to your list of approved players via Signagelive. 

With this solution, you won’t ever have to risk making your data public via URL or share and expose your login credentials. All your data is secure in the cloud, and your credentials, as well as the API Keys, are protected in the Secret Manager. As an additional security measure, our Data Sync Services application checks to ensure that every player that receives images is actually approved to do so.

A scalable solution

Making it easier to scale up your data analytics strategy, the Data Sync Services application also offers a smart login, which enables you to use a single password for multiple dashboards. This means that, if you should ever need to update your credentials, you won’t have to reconfigure your login details for every individual dashboard.

Whatever the scale of your digital signage network, you can be sure of more flexibility with Secure Dashboards. Choose the frequency with which your data is refreshed on screen, with options, which range from every five minutes through to an hour. Alternatively, for slower-changing data, schedule updates for specific times of day.