Maximise the impact of your data visualisation strategy with GROW and Secure Dashboards

Whether for a start-up, or multinational enterprise, developing a data-driven culture is tough. While many businesses may now have more data to work with, the reality is that they are still often unable to reap the benefits, with most employees lacking the access and skill sets required to make good use of it.

The exclusive use of different user-limited platforms across prominent company departments has done little to make things better, leaving the vast majority of employees with no data visibility, or “big picture” overview of the overall health of a business.

However, the advent of dashboards tools, such as GROW, and their integration with Signagelive Secure Dashboards, is helping to overcome many of these challenges. Together with GROW, Secure Dashboards, ensures that companies can securely scale out over-arching and intuitive data visualisation strategies.

So what can GROW do for business?

An intuitive no-code, full-stack business intelligence platform, GROW enables companies to connect their data, explore it and surface insights, so employees at every level of the organisation can make more informed, data-driven decisions. Requiring no specialist training to use, the platform offers an unlimited-user licence, which means that everyone in the business can see and benefit from the latest data insights. 

However, while businesses can potentially share their data much more widely, they are still in full control over what is ultimately seen, having at their disposal, features that allow more sensitive data to be restricted to certain users.

A game-changer for businesses of any size, GROW makes data silos a thing of the past, pulling together and blending data from different sources, so that every department across an organisation can work more cohesively from a single source of truth. Compatible with most databases, CRMs, platforms and files, from Salesforce, Pipedrive and SQL to Google Analytics, banking integrations and Excel files, it seamlessly imports and continuously refreshes data via APIs. 

Designed to empower citizen data scientists, GROW makes it easy to build metrics in minutes, enabling everyone to marry disparate data sources, and then filter, slice and explore different visualisations to find the best way to surface insights. To make it even quicker and easier to create dashboards, the platform also allows you to reuse data tables that combine multiple pre-selected data sources.

What are the benefits of the integration of Secure Dashboards with GROW?

Thanks to the integration of Secure Dashboards with GROW, it is now easier than ever to ramp up and securely scale out your GROW data visualisation strategy. Amplifying the impact of your data, Secure Dashboards enables you to highlight the latest insights company-wide and in real time through the secure display of any password-protected GROW dashboards on your workplace digital signage.


How can you securely display GROW dashboards on-screen?

Raising the bar for data security, Secure Dashboards allows data to be showcased safely, without exposing login credentials, or publicly revealing the data via URL. 

To keep login details secure, the system only ever accesses them through a protected Secure Manager environment. Data is also stored securely in the cloud. From here, the system takes snapshots of the relevant metrics, before sending them to your players via Signagelive.

 As an additional layer of security, the Data Sync Services application also ensures that any players that receive imagery are actually approved to do so.

Why is it faster to scale out GROW data visualisation strategies with Secure Dashboards?

Making it quicker and easier to share data across any size of organisation, the Data Services Application feature also enables you to access multiple dashboards using a single Smart login. This means that, even if you should have to update your login credentials, you won’t need to reset them for every individual dashboard.

How often can you refresh the data you display on-screen?

Ideal for even the most fast-paced businesses, Secure Dashboards enables you to refresh your on-screen data as often as you need, at intervals of every five minutes through to an hour, or alternatively, at specific times of day. With the showcase of the very latest, most up-to-date data, you can empower your teams to make time-sensitive, business-critical decisions, giving them the visibility they need to pre-empt issues, pivot and seize unexpected opportunities.

Lead with Data

How can the integration of Secure Dashboards with GROW help my business?

 By securely displaying GROW dashboards across your digital signage network, you can drive more engagement, even from departments that are unused to working with data. 

Sales data dashboards

For example, given that some sales professionals can, according to The Gartner State of Sales Analytics, struggle with data literacy , the big, full-screen display of the latest data insights could prove helpful, making it easier to track sales figures against expected sales targets, as well as to assess which opportunities require immediate attention in the sales pipeline.

Customer service dashboards

On customer service floors, you can also keep everyone engaged and motivated by showcasing customer satisfaction rates, as well as help desk ticket dashboards to measure and assess the efficiency with which backlogs of tickets are being handled.

Marketing and Financial dashboards

While live digital marketing campaigns can be tracked more easily, hour by hour, when displayed on workplace screens, Profit and Loss statements (P&L), as well as year-on-year accounts are also easier to follow on digital signage, instantly giving managers an overview of the health of the business, as well as what needs to be done to maximise profitability. 


To ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals, a business performance overview can also be illustrated on-screen. Using multi-zone digital signage layouts, multiple dashboards are easy to bring together on one screen, enabling everyone to see, at a glance, where the challenges and opportunities lie. 

As an extra motivational tool, playlists can also be created to cycle through dedicated data visualisations that each highlight an as-yet unfulfilled company objective. 

Another way to boost day-to-day output and productivity is through gamification. While the display of leader boards to highlight top-performing employees motivates everyone to work harder, on-screen goal-tracking keeps teams focused, inspiring them to work together to meet and exceed company sales targets.

Whatever metrics you use GROW for, with Secure Dashboards, you can safely build on your data strategy and ensure that it reaches more employees. The perfect tool to help businesses of every size develop a more data-driven culture, it gives you more opportunity to create some impactful data theatre, immersing employees in up-to-the-minute data that has been filtered, as well as sliced and diced to surface as many insights as possible. 

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