Boost collaboration and communication with Signagelive and ClickShare [+VIDEO]

Are you looking for ways to boost collaboration and communication in the workplace? If the answer is “yes”, and your business currently uses, or is considering using Barco ClickShare Wireless Presentation and Conferencing Systems, then you could instantly add value to your meeting rooms, and overall staff communications strategy.

Thanks to the integration of Signagelive with Barco ClickShare, any of the ClickShare CX – 20, CX – 30 or CX – 50 devices can double up as enterprise-grade digital signage players, whenever they’re not in use for meetings.

Simply by displaying the Signagelive browser player for each device instead of a URL for a static holding image, you’ll be able to schedule and securely publish content directly to your meeting room screens. 

Publish everything from imagery and web pages to the vast range of 500+ free-to-download, as well as subscription-based applications from the Signagelive Marketplace.

To get started, you just need to have a Barco ClickShare Wireless Presentation and Conferencing System in place, as well as an existing or new Signagelive standard or web-content licence.


What are the benefits of Barco ClickShare?

If your business has already adopted Barco ClickShare, then you’ll know the value this wireless presentation and conferencing system can offer. Harnessing the power of a “bring your own meeting” (BYOM) experience, ClickShare enables team members in the office to join meetings from their laptops with just one click. 

Instantly connecting employees to the meeting room display and its AV peripherals, it boosts productivity and collaboration, allowing for a more deeply immersive and engaging video conference experience.

Compatible with most in-room systems, meeting room peripherals, and conferencing platforms, ClickShare is also easy to integrate into virtually any meeting room set-ups. 

And as an IS0 27001 certified and enterprise-ready solution, it also ensures that any data you share will be kept secure.

What are the benefits of using Barco ClickShare devices with Signagelive?

When integrated with Signagelive, Barco ClickShare devices become even more productive, offering a platform for digital signage content delivery, as well as collaboration. 

With Signagelive, in between meetings, they can work as engaging and cost-efficient digital signage, automatically delivering your digital signage content on-screen, before seamlessly switching to wireless conferencing, whenever required.

Your Barco ClickShare players can be used to schedule and publish exclusive communication channels for your network of meeting rooms, or alternatively, to extend the reach of your general company-wide digital signage content.

Like other Signagelive players, Barco Clickshare devices will allow content to be scheduled from anywhere, and to run on a recurring basis, or to be pre-scheduled for a specific date range, or time frame.

You will also be able to use tagging functionality to categorise and then easily identify playlists.