Discover a game-changing digital signage solution with Signagelive and the BrightSign XD5 Series


Are you tired of displaying the same kind of low impact digital signage content? Then why not take your digital signage up a gear? 

Our leading-edge platform support for the newly launched BrightSign XD5 Media Players means you can now manage, schedule and securely deliver ambitious, head-turning HTML5 and video campaigns, as well as big-screen data strategies. 

Together, Signagelive and either one of the XD5 Media Players enable you to experience a next-generation, enterprise-ready, all-in-one content management and hardware solution that can deliver game-changing digital signage.

BrightSign XD5 Media Players

The new series of XD5 Media Players, which features the XD235 and XD1035, brings you the extra bandwidth and processing power you need to maximise the digital signage viewing experience. With their enhanced 4K HTML engine, these advanced players support the quick upload and smooth running of motion graphics and enable you to deliver much more highly responsive interactive content.

Without any unsightly screen freezes or slow-downs, you can deliver any combination of content, whether that’s 4K 2160p imagery and 4K60p videos, or dynamic dashboards, animated social media feeds, and HTML5-heavy presentations. You can also optimise the display of menu boards, and edge-of-screen motion graphics.

Both models are designed for enterprise-level applications, offering:

  • A streamlined, ultra-slim aluminium enclosure design that discreetly fits any elegant and contemporary company setting
  • A quiet fan-free design for unobtrusive operation in customer-facing locations, such as company showrooms