How do I let my staff control digital signage content by site location?

How do I let my staff or colleagues trigger content on site without them being content creators?

Creating meaningful experiences with your digital signage software means researching and preparing your signage content in advance: however, when it comes to giving users access to your digital signage, sometimes, less is more. 

You will most likely have several different “types” of digital signage users:

Your Administrator – The user who is responsible for your digital signage system and network health…

Your content managers – The user who is responsible for preparing content, scheduling timeframes and managing your content workflow…

but there is a third user that is often overlooked:

The on-site user 

Your on-site user might not have any access to your player network or content management system; however, they still need to access a simple platform to tell their screen what to show. 

Here are some examples of where this situation arises

Corporate communication – The sales team has reached their target for the month and it’s time to celebrate with some congratulations and accolades.

Retail – You’re looking to promote a short term event happening on site and you want to direct and inform your current customers.

Stadiums – Your home team just scored a goal and it’s time to send out the confetti and celebrate!

Restaurants/bars – It’s time to call last orders and inform patrons that the bar will be closing soon.

Education – An emergency action message, such as a fire alarm has been triggered and it’s time for the students to line up on the playground for health and safety.

That’s a question we’ve covered before in our article about Web-triggers. It became apparent to us that this feature is perfect for individual locations looking to give their staff members the ability to trigger content locally without increased training or management cost.


But what if you have multiple locations to manage?

The challenge with the above mentioned trigger function is that there’s no way of segmenting unique locations or groups of players. There were two levels of user functionality, an administrator and a user. A user could access any buttons, therefore, could potentially trigger content for a second location (if this device was being used for more than one). 

We decided to re-look at the Web trigger functionality and built the multi-location trigger UI. This new and upgraded interface allows you to trigger content via a selection interface. 

What does it do?

web trigger image

By splitting the user experience, one manager can give access to the trigger selections to their users based on their location. Users can now select a group of devices or highlight individual devices and immediately trigger content on site, without the danger of interrupting another location.

This gives peace of mind to your administrators and additional power to your end user. 

Who is it for?

This feature is perfect for those who are looking to expand their digital signage functionality and empower the local user to trigger experiences with their digital signage environment. Digital signage managers with multiple locations or with clearly defined groups of players (such as Reception, 1st floor, 2nd floor) will also benefit from this feature as it gives flexibility to select your players with a few clicks. 


To summarise, the new additions to the Signagelive Web Trigger functionality allows you to break down the boundaries of location and dissect your user experience without having to duplicate your workload. Not only can you now give unique access per location, you can also build trigger groups on the fly and give you on-site users the power to select the players to trigger and the content to trigger with.

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