Why should I consider Digital Signage in my School? Let’s explore the benefits

Keep students informed as they head to lessons with digital signage

What Are The Benefits Of Digital Signage For Education?

When considering Digital Signage for your School, College or University the initial question you should ask yourself is who is the audience & what is the message?

Streamlining and speeding up communications with students & staff are among the many benefits digital signage offers to public and private education facilities. Coupled with cost efficiencies across the board – from print material savings through to improving time management, it is no wonder the Education sector is one of the highest adopters of digital signage.

When considering investing in Digital Signage use the below as a starting point & ensure you choose the right platform that delivers on your requirements.

Create engaging content to grab attention and easy to digest

Create Engaging Content That Students and Staff Really Want To See

Digital signage is a network of displays that enables you to show engaging deliberate content to your relevant audiences in a passive, non-intrusive way. Unlike email, paper posters, white boards, lessons and even mobile apps, it’s not content that’s forced on the student or member of staff. Instead, it’s content that’s designed to grab attention, easy to digest and provides useful information &/or services to anybody in that environment.

A wayfinding solution map can help you find your way around a large campus or school grounds

Whether you are a Head Teacher, Marketer, Administrator, Counsellor or Librarian, achieve your goals as Digital Signage content will:

  • Engage the audience- The beauty of scheduling your digital signage is that you can deliver an informative punchy message that appears to be spontaneous. Engaging content such as Learning materials and school notices can be tactically implemented with social media streams and world news. Delivering content in this way keeps students interested & up to date. Students and staff will be happier, work harder and be more productive
  • Be delivered at the right time – Creating your own playlists and scheduling those playlists mean that content can be fine tuned to the day of week or hour of day. For example, a lesson preview can be scheduled 15 minutes before the lesson is due to start. This lesson preview could also detail the location of the lesson & combined with a wayfinding solution could deliver directions to the classroom
  • Be useful & helpful – information on both student & staff absence, lesson changes, exam timetables, calendar events, key dates, H&S messages & compliance

See how Beaconsfield School has used digital signage to keep their students safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teacher and student working together on showcasing work for parents evening

Showcase Student Work

A simple yet effective way of creating student solidarity. Where else would pieces of their artwork be shown publicly? Mix this content in with academic achievements & upcoming events, maybe showcase their work at a parents evening. Use Digital Signage to give greater visibility of this content.

See here how Hull University’s Business School has upgraded its Digital Signage system to increasing its ability to manage communication with students and visitors in an intuitive and straightforward way. 

Remote learning in schools and universities has been key in recent times of COVID-19

Empower Both Teaching Staff & Students To Influence Content

Give your Teaching staff the ability to run their classrooms & departments remotely. Whether you want to show lesson plans, social media content, info on extracurricular activities, Digital Signage enables you to strike the balance between controlling your global content & inviting students to influence content within a specific area of the screen.

Enterprise Class Digital Signage Platforms are so much easier to use, meaning anybody can upload, manage & publish content, whereas in previous years the responsibility can be left with IT department.

Update Content Quickly & Efficiently

Adapt and change content anytime, from anywhere. One of the big benefits of digital signage, educational or otherwise, is how quickly you can change a playlist, delete a photo, or add a new video. 

This gives you the space to plan strategically against the curriculum and daily learning objectives but also allows you to change the content when required. Charity event or important open evening coming up? Switch your displays to show the highlights in just a few clicks.

See how staff from The University of Florida are able to quickly amend or update these pre-planned schedules from anywhere simply by logging into Signagelive’s core management platform.

Use digital signage at the entrance to your building to welcome your visitors Create a Calm and Welcoming Experience for Visitors

The entrance to your building is your first opportunity to engage staff, pupils and parents alike. Create a Video Wall, a very popular way to deliver the “wow” experience by creating a large canvas for your content, made up of multiple displays.

Parents often become anxious & nervous before a meeting to talk about their child. Why not reassure them with a personalised welcome message when they arrive at the Reception Area. Engage & distract them with content that reinforces messages of positivity.

A fun, entertaining reception digital display really ‘sells’ your school, and showcases the truly fun things that you do. It also buys you a bit of time if you’re running late for that meeting! 

If you would like to discuss the benefits for digital signage for your school, we’re here to help.

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