How do you use digital signage?

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Highly versatile, digital signage can be used flexibly in almost any industry application, from retail and hospitality to corporate and commuter environments.

A solution that’s made up of digital signage screens and/or a media player and compatible digital signage software, it’s surprisingly cost-effective and easy to set up.

With digital signage content management software, you have access to a whole host of free-to-use and subscription-based content creation tools, as well as advanced scheduling capabilities, which enable you to pre-schedule, or instantly publish content from anywhere.

Digital signage retail

Digital signage can be used to great effect everywhere from shopping malls and super-chains to small independent High Street stores. 

If you work in retail, you can help shoppers navigate their way around multi-floor department stores with wayfinding digital signage kiosk solutions, and drive more foot traffic in-store with shop front high brightness digital signage screens.

Content management software from digital signage suppliers also offer platforms to help deliver a brick-and-mortar customer experience that’s as convenient and compelling as online shopping. 

You can, for instance, create interactive showcases, which trigger more product information to the screen any time customers lift and interact with a particular item on display.

Other digital signage solutions enable you to bring brands and products to life with deeply immersive retail experiences. You can set the right ambience for a particular brand by, for example, using Signagelive Real Time Events (RTEs) to change the store lighting and background music to suit what’s displayed on-screen.

Hospitality signage

If you work in hospitality in cafes, bars or restaurants, you can use menu displays to help minimise on-going operational costs, as well as save time and improve the customer experience. Eliminating the hassle and expense of printed menus, digital menus can be updated in seconds, either on-site or remotely, and as often as required. 

Digital signage content apps, like Menu Boards  automatically pull menu items, descriptions and pricing from a designated Google sheet to keep whichever of the menu template boards you choose updated.