Why show SharePoint on your digital signage screens?


Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful document sharing and collaboration platform, but when you share it on your workplace digital signage screens, you can instantly amplify its impact.

Simply by displaying your SharePoint news, files, and lists on your digital signage, you can boost the platform’s potential to drive a more inclusive, data-driven work culture, as well as improve teamwork and streamline workflows.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

According to Wikipedia,“SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates natively with Microsoft Office.”

A familiar tool that businesses can access by subscribing either to Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise, or SharePoint Online, SharePoint enables you to create sites to share and manage documents, tasks, calendars and other information. 

How does SharePoint work?

You can build two types of site – either a Communication site to serve as a wider news and information-sharing platform, or a Teams site to manage the collaboration and workflows of smaller groups and departments. 

Whether designed to stand alone, or as part of a multi-site Hub, each site always come with its own document library, notebooks, security and design.

Whatever kind of site you do decide to create, it’s likely to be intuitive for most staff to use and manage, integrating seamlessly with popular Office 365 applications, such as Word, and Excel.

But the platform doesn’t come without its challenges, requiring everyone in your organisation to stop what they’re doing and check the latest SharePoint updates on their laptops, PCs, and mobile phones.

That’s not easy to ensure in a busy office environment, filled with distractions, and where everyone is under pressure.

Digital signage screens

However, by delivering information from SharePoint, straight to your workplace digital signage, you can give all your SharePoint news and updates prominence and uniform visibility on every department floor. 

Digital signage for workplace equality

A few strategically placed digital signage screens, showcasing SharePoint pages, can also serve as great equalisers, offering company-wide access to information about policies and employee benefits. 

You just need to find an enterprise-grade content management system (CMS), like Signagelive, that’s integrated with SharePoint, so you can seamlessly deliver the platform to your digital signage players.

With the help of a compatible CMS, you can also schedule SharePoint updates to appear at certain times and dates, either as full-screen content, or as part of a multizone template design.