Levett Consultancy use Signagelive to deliver digital signage for multiple primary schools



Levett Consultancy is a UK based ICT Services and Solutions business and use Signagelive as their default platform for Digital Signage across their client base with specific focus on the Education sector. Levett Consultancy is an official Google Partner and was looking for a cloud based digital signage application to be part of their growing Google solutions portfolio.

Having evaluated a number of digital signage solutions Levett Consultancy built an out of the box solution around the Signagelive platform that integrates into G Suite using Chrome technology for customers when purchasing Digital Signage. Using Signagelive allows Levett Consultancy to deliver a complete end to end Digital Signage Solution.

This case study explains how and why one of their Primary School clients use Signagelive.


Tell us a little about how you are using Signagelive?

Cubitt Town Junior School – We use Signagelive as a notice board to greet visitors and remind the children and parents of events that are happening in school.

There are other SaaS based digital signage options out there, why did you choose Signagelive?

Levett Consultancy undertook a review of the leading Digital Signage options available in the UK. With the end result in mind, we needed a solution that integrates with our Google environment, was easy to setup and install, was easy to maintain and lastly had the features to meet our clients’ needs. After going through the evaluation process it was clear from the that the Signagelive solution will be our solution of choice. Not only is it easy to setup and install, it has the required features to make this a viable option for us moving forward.

It also works well with our Chromebit and Chromebase hardware and is also centrally managed to allow Levett Consultancy to remotely access the client’s platform and apply all necessary changes.

Primary School – We were recommended Signagelive by our IT Support Company (Levett Consultancy). They explained to us how easy it was to setup and change the screens and it was in a price range we could afford.

What were the reasons for implementing a digital signage network?

Primary School – We wanted a easy to use system that could be instantly updated, so we could welcome visitors and inform staff and children and parents of events.

How were these objectives being met previously?

Primary School – We used to have a big bulky computer running PPT which I would update weekly. It was slow and it would have problems.

How did you build a business case internally for Signagelive?

With a majority of our client’s being from Education sector, Levett Consultancy had a business case to add Digital Signage. Due to numerous requests from our clients, it was clear that we needed to add Digital Signage to part of our Google solutions portfolio. This has remained true to the percentage of installs we have delivered across our existing client base and new ones added just for Digital Signage.

Primary School – Our Head was very interested in having a display at either end of the school entrances and so didn’t take much persuading.

What is the best thing about Signagelive, in your opinion?

Levett Consultancy really enjoys the simplicity of the Signagelive solution, the way it integrates into the Google Chrome hardware platforms are really beneficial for us. Also, in addition to this, the fact that the players update automatically with little to no downtime is a real advantage.

Primary School – I love the fact the Levett Consultancy made me a Google Slides template, and all I have to do is update the slides which I can do in advance, and then upload them directly from my computer, to both the signage boxes at either end of the school without having to leave my desk.

What is your favourite feature?

Levett Consultancy really like the Cloud-based console allowing the access from anywhere approach. This also gives Levett Consultancy Operations teams the ability to remote access to the client portals if required and allows us to maintain a fully managed service without leaving our office!

Primary School – I love the fact that I can update it remotely and it’s instant.

Did you face any challenges during any part of your project implementation? How were these resolved?

Levett Consultancy fully documents the process for the installation and delivery and hardware requirements of a Signagelive installation, even before we completed our first live install we ran an internal installation for testing purposes. With our expertise and the simplicity of the Signagelive we tend to avoid problems during project implementation.

However, we recently encountered a challenge with integrating calendars and nested playlists. With the Signagelive training program and the back end support, it was easily resolved. Thank you Signagelive.

Primary School – The only challenge I had was learning how to use it and that was not a challenge.

How has business improved since using Signagelive?

Levett Consultancy has definitely seen a benefit in adding the Signagelive product into our Portfolio. We have been able to add this to our existing client base and have also attracted new clients looking for Signagelive for their Signage Platform. Both allowing business growth through Digital Signage offerings.

Primary School – We had Ofsted in just after we had signage installed and a visit from a headteacher from another school, both commented on how lovely it was to be greeted with a welcome to our school with their names on it.

What advantages does Signagelive offer?

Levett Consultancy sees the primary advantage of Signagelive being the ease of use of its front end interface. Couple this with the superb back-end support and after sales service this is why the Signagelive is our preferred choice for Digital Signage across our customer base.

Primary School – It is quick to update, it has only had two problems in the time we have had it. Both of which were corrected very quickly.

The support people that I have had conversations with at Signagelive have been very helpful and friendly and responsive.

Simon Fitch – Commercial Manager – Levett Consultancy

Levett Consultancy really enjoy working with and installing the Signagelive product. It definitely has a firm place in our Google portfolio of products and is a big part of our go to market strategy.

Cubitt Town Junior School – Carole Dore – IT Coordinator

I would highly recommend Signagelive to any school for its ease of use and quick to update.

Jason Cremins – CEO and Founder – Signagelive

Signagelive is perfect for schools, colleges and universities looking for a powerful, scalable digital signage solution that is easy to administer and update. The ability for teachers and IT teams to access and manage a school’s digital signage network from any Internet connected device combined with our comprehensive and free support, ensures minimal time is required to keep content updated and displays operational.

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