Six benefits of digital signage for churches and houses of worship 


Digital signage has become a popular solution for many organisations, including churches, to communicate and engage with their audiences. But what exactly is digital signage, and what are the benefits of using it in a church setting?

First of all, let’s define what digital signage is. Simply put, it’s the use of electronic displays to communicate information, advertising, or messages. This information can be anything from news updates and weather forecasts to promotional content and advertisements. Digital signage can be displayed on a variety of screens, including LCDs, LEDs, and projectors.

So, why is digital signage becoming a popular choice for churches?

1/ Dynamic and engaging content

With digital signage, churches can display dynamic and engaging content that captures the attention of their audience. For example, instead of just reading announcements from a bulletin board, digital signage allows for the use of multimedia, such as images, videos, and interactive content.

No longer limited by the space provided by poster canvases, churches can cycle through more content, and even use split screen formats to display multiple updates. 

2/ Improved, up-to-the-minute Communication

Digital signage can help improve communication within the church by displaying real-time updates and announcements. For example, if there’s a special event taking place, it can be quickly communicated to all members of the congregation through digital signage.

With cloud-based content management systems (CMS), you can create, edit and schedule content on as many screens as you choose and from any remote location in near real-time. 

Advanced editing functionality also ensures that you’re able to make changes on the fly and update content that has already been published. This means that, if, for example, you’ve had to arrange a change of pastor at the last minute, you can quickly update your digital signage board to announce the update.

The latest content management systems (CMS) come with upwards of 500+ content creation tools, making it easy for users of any design ability to draft digital signage notifications. 

IS0-27001-certified CMS providers offer some of the most secure CMS options, having been proven to be able to handle and protect large volumes of data.

3/ Advertising

Digital signage is also an effective promotional tool, enabling you to help raise money for your church, and/or the charities you support. With free of charge tools, such as countdown timers, you can build a sense of excitement by counting down on-screen to a fundraising event. 

You can also feature pictures from the previous year’s events, or statistics and facts about the difference your congregation could make, if you manage to raise a specific amount of money.

Integrated CMS HTML content creation tools, such as Screenfeed Connect help you to design content with your own data. Without any coding or design experience, you can add statistics, pictures and facts from any source that you connect to the Screenfeed Connect platform.  

4/ Targeted content

Integrated CMS vision AI platforms like MeldCX Viana can help boost the relevancy and impact of your content, enabling you to change it to suit whoever is viewing the screen. Using anonymous data, you can effectively train your AI-enabled webcam to detect, for instance, young congregation members, so that any time they look at your screens, the content updates to show them the latest notifications about your Bible study classes for children.

5/ Enhanced worship

Additionally, digital signage presents an additional opportunity for you to help deliver more impactful sermons. Simply by sharing carefully selected scripture on-screen, you can focus your congregation’s attention on especially important messaging. 

You’re also able to use integrated CMS platforms like MeldCX Viana to change the scripture you show, according to who is viewing it. For instance, to ensure that what you share resonates, you could trigger scripture about parents any time your AI-enabled webcam detect the presence of a family.

6/ Big-impact safety notifications

Additionally, integrated CMS platforms like Layered Solutions enable you to connect your emergency notification technology to your digital signage, so that your screens automatically display emergency alerts, warnings, and instructions. 

Digital signage is a powerful tool that can help churches improve communication, increase efficiency, and engage their audiences. Whether you’re just starting to explore the possibilities of digital signage or you’re ready to implement a solution, the technology and tools are readily available to help you achieve your goals.