Discover the power of data analytics with AI-powered Signagelive and meldCX Viana solution [+VIDEO]

Powering digital transformation across almost every sector, digital signage networks are proving integral to business, with 80% of brands that use them recording a substantial increase in sales of up to 33%. Yet despite the clear value of digital signage, it can still be challenging to implement successfully. The reality is that, even when businesses have invested in the right digital signage hardware and software, they often don’t display the right content. 

It is precisely this need to deliver relevant content that has given rise to AI, and more specifically, computer vision systems. And it is why Signagelive has partnered with meldCX vision AI solution, Viana. 

Through its integration with the Viana platform, Signagelive offers an ultra-smart digital signage solution, which empowers customers and enables them to make better data-driven decisions to drive engagement and sales.


meldCX Viana

A vison AI solution, Viana uses high-performance face mapping and detection that extracts and converts human data to metric data. In effect, using AI-enabled cameras, Viana brings you data stories about your customers, which you can then, with the help of Signagelive, turn into actionable insights. Through the integration of  Signagelive with Viana, customers can access and use the data to develop relevant, and timely bang-on-target content for specific personas, based on factors, such as age, gender, and mood. With this AI-driven Signagelive content solution, you can access real-time analytics, as well as update your signage content anytime and from anywhere via a single intuitive online dashboard.

Once content has been developed, and cached on Signagelive players, with the help of web triggers, Signagelive can trigger it to display every time Viana AI-enabled cameras recognise customers and visitors, who match the pre-defined characteristics of target personas. With on-going access to a combination of audience analytics and proof of play reports from the Signagelive platform, you can monitor content effectiveness and strengthen the relevancy of your marketing communications.

Good timing

This more targeted and customised approach to digital campaigns can be built on using Signagelive in-depth scheduling features. Content can be pre-arranged to display within a specific date range, or time frame, or it can simply appear on a recurring basis. So, for example, in retail, a fashion brand could be season and date specific, displaying items, such as boots, rain coats and sunglasses to young women in the run up to major summer festivals, or Valentine-themed outfits in the run up to Valentine’s Day. 

With this scheduling flexibility, customers also have the opportunity to schedule content when, according to the data analytics, it is most likely to be viewed by their top personas. 

Dynamic screen set-ups

Recognising that different forms of content appeal to different target groups, Signagelive also enables customers to create a dynamic screen set up, using multiple zones and many media assets. So, for example, to appeal to teens, clothes brands might develop templates with RSS feeds from MTV, and content from TikTok accounts, whereas to engage sports fans, stadia managers might prefer to display live sports matches and weather updates.

GDPR compliant and anonymous

Ideal for use in almost any application, this AI-driven CMS solution won’t compromise the privacy of any visitors or customers who are in the camera’s field of view. GDPR compliant, Viana AI-enabled cameras will only ever capture anonymous data, blurring the faces of those on camera. No identifiable information is kept, nor are any video feeds ever transferred to the cloud.

Fuss-free to integrate and deploy

Like Signagelive, Viana is set up to be intuitive and user-friendly. Hardware agnostic, it is simple to integrate, and easy to retrofit, and together with Signagelive, can be used to work with screens that meet many different market needs. Look out for Signagelive partner screens that can offer 24/7 support for applications, such as airports and petrol station convenience stores, as well as high brightness screens to ensure readability in even the brightest lighting conditions.

Real-world applications

As a combined digital signage solution, Signagelive and Viana can add value to a whole host of industries and applications, offering more opportunity to boost year-on-year profits, and to take branding and experientialism to the next level. Until recently, allocating marketing spend has been, all-too-often, a risky and even money-losing move, but now, with such AI-powered signage content systems, marketeers have the chance to maximise return on investment, with informed, insight-driven campaigns that are much more likely to resonate with customers and result in sales conversions. This advanced AI-driven approach is making real differences to businesses, big and small, with, according to research from McKinsey, data-driven companies being 23 times more likely to acquire additional customers

Data_engagingContent (1)


Although, in recent years, the advent of analytics-driven online retailing has left “bricks and mortar” retailers at a disadvantage, smarter digital signage content solutions, such as the one presented by Signagelive and Viana, are levelling the playing field. Digitalising physical stores, they are enabling retailers to offer the best of both online and High Street retail experiences. 

As well as being able to create more immersive and dynamic store displays with life-like 4K HDR videos, imagery and live streams, retailers can now also ensure that their content  delivers a personalised, tailor-made shopping experience. It is this customisation that, according to research from Accenture, is driving sales, with a reported  91% of consumers more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations.

Through the integration of Signagelive with Viana, content can be personalised, based on demographics, mood, and even items of clothing and shoes. If Viana AI-enabled cameras are used, for example, to identify pre-defined brand labels on customers’ shirts, Signagelive can trigger content to promote other complementary items from the same brand. Similarly, if certain pre-defined shoe types or caps are caught in the cameras’ field of vision, retailers can use Signaglive to trigger promotional content on similar items.

Optimise store layouts

What’s more, by leveraging vision AI analytics, department and grocery store layouts can also be optimised for sales in much the same way as website pages. Based on the frequency and length of in-store “views”, retailers can decide whether or not the displays need to be redesigned. And even if there is insufficient room for a new layout, with the help of Signagelive, scheduled content can be used to, for example, highlight popular but hidden items on the bottom shelf, if customers appear frustrated, or walk away too soon.

Bank branches

Powered by Viana AI-analytics, Signagelive gives banks more opportunity to engage with customers while they are in their local branches. For example, content about pensions could be triggered when older couples are detected, or content about investment opportunities could be seen, when a person’s expensive handbag is recognised by the camera.


Events and hospitality

Through the integration of  Signagelive with the Viana platform, event and venue managers are able to continually monitor and improve the visitor experience. Without the need for any costly surveys, they can draw on vision AI analytics to understand visitors’ general mood and sentiment when navigating different parts of the venue. For example, from audience analytics, if visitors appear angry and frustrated when trying to find their way to seats, path optimisation content can be triggered.

With an AI-driven content management solution, there are also more opportunities to boost revenue streams. If Viana AI-enabled cameras recognise football club logos on shirts, Signagelive can, for example, be used to trigger content to promote additional matching club merchandise, as well as club memberships and discounts. 

People counting and queue management

Whether for retail, hospitality, events or travel, crowd management is critical to ensure health and safety, as well as a positive customer experience. With this AI-powered Signagelive CMS solution, crowd numbers can be checked, and if any bottlenecks are detected in the camera’s field of vision, content can be triggered to issue crowd control instructions.

Whatever the industry or application, investing in a vision AI-powered content solution can be a game-changer, enabling the full potential of digital signage networks to be realised. It’s not for nothing that 90% of businesses are, according to research from the Intertrust Group, set to invest in AI by 2024. Through its integration with Viana, Signagelive can deliver a high-impact content management system that boosts digital signage campaigns, transforming them into pro-active, data-driven and revenue-boosting strategies for growth.

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