How to use Signagelive Proof of Play to verify what media played where and when on your Digital Signage network [+VIDEO]

This video will give you some insight into what Proof of Play is. 

At its core, Proof of Play is designed to deliver accurate reporting on how many times your assets (image, videos etc) are displayed on your device. 

Proof of Play is crucial for those who need to report that their content was successfully played back. From advertising to safety compliance, there are many reasons you may need Proof of Play. 

Signagelive users looking to report advertising information via Signagelive can be safe in the knowledge that the reports their client receives are accurate. If a player wasn’t able to play the content (i.e. Power outage) this will be reflected within the reporting.   

proof of play

To learn more about Proof of Play or Signagelive Analytics, you can find further information on our Signagelive Help Centre or you can speak directly to the Signagelive Support Team via Live Chat or by emailing