Deliver the wow factor for digital signage with Signagelive and BrightSign Series 5 [+VIDEO]

Pair Signagelive with any Series 5 Media Player from BrightSign to discover a next-generation, enterprise-grade, all-in-one content management and hardware solution that can deliver the wow factor for all your digital signage and video wall campaigns.

The seamless integration of Signagelive with the latest BrightSign XD5 and XC5 devices is a game-changer, allowing for the smooth, secure and ultra-fast delivery of show-stopping, high-resolution HTML5 and video wall content at scale.

You can instantly manage, schedule and deliver the most ambitious 4K and/or 8K high resolution campaigns, as well as data visualisation strategies.

So, what is special about the BrightSign Series 5?

BrightSign XD5 Media Players

The XD235 and XD1035 Media Players, with their enhanced 4K html engine, take the digital signage viewing experience to the next level, optimising motion graphics as well as JavaScript performance. 

Whereas other media players are designed to hold memory back, these devices dynamically allocate it when and where you need to ensure that there is always enough bandwidth to carry your designated content. With the player’s full memory at your disposal, you have more flexibility to deliver either HTML5-heavy presentations or 4K videos, or a combination of both.

Whichever files you publish, you can be sure they will upload quickly, and run smoothly, without any unsightly screen freezes. Even if you select web applications, such as dynamic dashboards and animated social media feeds that have not been designed specifically for BrightSign, the XD5 devices have the processing power necessary to ensure they play perfectly. You’ll also see improvements in the speed and fluidity with which other content like menu boards and edge-of-screen motion graphics play. The general responsiveness of interactive content will be markedly better as well.

With its 4K video engine, the XD5 devices have the ability to deliver 4K 2160p imagery, as well as support 4K60p video – that is 4K video displaying at sixty frames per second (fps), which is the standard rate of most high-quality 4K videos.

BrightSign XC5 Media Players

Pushing the boundaries of design with future-proof support for 8K HTML5 content and videos, the BrightSign XC5 Multi-headed 8K Media Players are ideal for use with video walls and multi-screen set-ups.

Whether you want to turn heads in lobbies and foyers, or create a spectacular, larger-than-life display for events, these devices will smoothly deliver the most ambitious, ultra-crisp and sharp 8K content. 

Both the XC4055 and XC2055 Media Players are powerful enough to support a single 8K output, allowing for the delivery of 8K 4320p imagery, as well as 8K60p video – that is 8K video displaying at sixty frames per second (fps). 

For an even richer, eye-popping display of true-to-life colours, the XC4055 can deliver 8K 10-bit content, unlocking over one billion shades and hues.

The model, with its quad HDMI output module,  also allows for the delivery of four simultaneous 4K outputs, making it an easier and more cost-efficient way to create striking 8K video wall displays.

As with the XD5 models, both XC5 devices ensure a phenomenal motion graphics performance, offering smooth-flowing graphics for HTML5 content and videos, thanks to their dynamic allocation feature.


Why Signagelive and BrightSign Series 5 Media Players are the perfect match

When you pair Signagelive together with any of the BrightSign Series 5 Media Players, you create the ultimate power couple, bringing together two industry-leading solutions to deliver easy-to-manage, next-generation digital signage experiences.

A global market-leading content management system (CMS), Signagelive has been optimised specifically to work with the BrightSign Series 5, so you can leverage the full breadth of its CMS functionality for your BrightSign Media Players.

Designed to support the management and delivery of 4K and 8K imagery, videos, and HTML5 and CSS animations, it offers the most highly secure, scalable and user-friendly CMS option for these devices.