Signagelive expands support to 24 hours, 5 days a week to support a growing global customer base as of November 1st

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“Our core belief that our Support Team should deliver a balance of knowledgeable, approachable and personable support remains at the heart of our operation.”

Ian Maison, Director of Technical Services at Signagelive. 

Ian’s 15 years at Signagelive means that he’s been there to watch our support team and offering grow through some major milestones over the years. 

Our support journey

2006 – We created our very first support manual to aid in the configuration and setup of Signagelive. We also introduced live chat for the first time to allow both our customers and resellers to reach out to us directly through our ticketing system

2012 – As our customer base increased, so did our need to support and educate resellers and customers. Our support hours were increased to cover 8 AM till 12 PM (GMT). This also gave us the chance to offer support during some out of hours times across the world. 

2013 – A new ticketing system was introduced to help us track and monitor every single request coming through to make sure you were receiving the information and assistance needed in a timely manner. 

2020 – Our APAC Technical Team was hired to assist the UK support team and offer us a much more robust response plan as a global solution.

2022 – We hired additional staff members to aid in the next step of our plan, full 24 hour support, 5 days a week. 

The support team

With a team of 12 full-trained, in-house support team members we’re finally ready to hit the button on 24/5. 


With dedicated support staff, we’re not continuously retraining or reviewing 3rd parties and we can focus on the important things like making sure our team knows the fastest way to resolve any issue that might arise. With some staff having over 10 years of experience with the company, we have a robust support solution for any size organization or reseller partner. 

It’s about supporting YOU and supporting the customer

Moving to 24/5 has always been a discussion topic at Signagelive. We wanted to make sure that the move could be done with maximum impact for our resellers and partners. Signagelive’s fully channel approach (aka trusting the experts with the hardware and focusing on what we do best, the software) means that we’re not only trained to answer the questions our product users might have, but also to offer in-depth expertise on large roll-outs and more niche functionality. 

We wanted to make sure we were in a position that afforded us the best chance of success the first time around, and what that ultimately means is that our customers all around the world would continue to receive the best support we are able to provide.Sam Clark – APAC Technical Support Manager

Value around the world!

Not only does this move mean that support for digital signage in the UK/EMEA is improved, but also that we can offer a like-for-like experience wherever you are globally. This is a must for all our platform users. 

Moreover, our Resellers can feel the cool calm of knowing that we’re here 24/5 for them and their customers. Resellers can also draw on our knowledge and experience to assist them  and feel more confident in their enterprise offering to customers, even at a global scale!

“The added support time is a huge WIN for the Americas region. Any potential Monday morning Support madness will be addressed on Sunday night so when you open your Support tickets and email Monday morning, it’s more of an “ahhh” versus an “ouch”. Frank Larsen – CCO – Global

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