Signagelive appoints new U.S. Channel Partnerships Director, Desiree Aoki [+VIDEO]

I love being out in the marketplace and meeting people, getting to know them because it’s all about the relationship, right?

                                                                                       Desiree Aoki, U.S. Channel Partnerships Director

Signagelive is set to make a splash in the U.S. with the appointment of new Channel Partnerships Director, Desiree Aoki. A consummate and experienced digital signage professional with a passion for the ocean, Desiree is more than qualified to dive right into this challenging role. Over the course of her career, she has developed an extensive range of sales, business development and marketing skills, which have been perfected in a number of high-powered roles for the likes of the Miami Dolphins and Pepsico. As Desiree prepares to embark on her next big professional adventure at Signagelive, we catch up with her to find out how she plans to hit the ground running and chase business growth.

Question and Answers (Q & A)

  • Can you tell us a little about your professional background?

I’ve been in the digital signage sector for twelve years now, so I’m excited to reconnect with old colleagues! I’m also looking forward to leveraging the business skills and insights I have acquired over the years from working in-house in a range of verticals. I’ve worked in the fast-paced music industry in New York for eighteen years, and also in the sports sector for the Miami Dolphins. In addition to this, I was lucky enough to hold various marketing and business development roles for both Pepsico and Britvit, and even had the opportunity to launch Britvit’s top-selling UK kids’ drink brand, Fruit Shoot, here in the U.S. 

  • What will your role for Signagelive entail exactly?

It’s a role that will see me essentially focus on resellers and partners. I’m here to strengthen those relationships, and ensure longevity, and productivity, day-to-day, as well as find and foster new partnerships, and really dig into new enterprise opportunities. We are our partners’ priority, and they are our priority and we’re going out there and, together, we’re going to tackle those verticals, where we have so much opportunity to gain ground.

  • What should customers know about you?

I’m a people person and I know many people say that and they are, but I just love being out in the marketplace and meeting people, getting to know them, because it’s all about the relationship, right? Clearly people have options when it comes to digital signage, but at the end of the day, for the customer, it’s about who do I want to buy from? Who do I trust? Initially, I just need to get out there and meet people, especially here in my hometown of Orlando. I mean, this is the hospitality capital of the world, right? I can also potentially visit our new colleague in New York, and, of course, I will attend different trade shows, conferences, et cetera. 

I’ve already had an opportunity to rekindle some of those past relationships, whether it’s on Linkedin, email, text message, phone call, but we can never discount the power of meeting in person. Even just spending thirty minutes with somebody could catapult you six months ahead when it comes to relationship building. In the short-term, that’s what I am most excited about – just getting back out there and shaking hands and getting those relationships going. 

  • What are the next industry events that you’ll be attending?

Well, I will be attending InfoComm 2024, which is so exciting. I’m starting at the perfect time, as we’re just five, six weeks out.  I’m also very lucky that in mid-May, there’s a Digital Signage Federation Mix and Mingle, just an hour from my house! 

  • What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

When I’m not out walking my dog, Harry at home in Orlando, I love to travel, and have been to all but seven of the states in America! Fortunately, since I live in Orlando, I only live ten-fifteen minutes from the airport. I’ve been traveling since a very young age, whether it’s to Europe, South America, or other U.S states etc. I also love golf, but I’m not good at it! So, I tell people, when you play with me, you’re going to have to check your stress before you get on the course with me. It’s just going to be about having fun. Other things I love include running, biking, and swimming. I just love the water, and by that, I mean salt water! I’m a big coastal person. I also love snow skiing. I head out West usually, once a year, like to Utah and Colorado. I’m an absolute foodie too. I love to eat. I enjoy good wines.