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We are continually updating Signagelive and bringing new digital signage features and capabilities. Read on for the articles covering our latest updates.


Discover the right prescription for healthcare operations with digital signage

Digitise and drive your healthcare operations with ChromeOS and Signagelive.
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Signagelive expands support to 24 hours, 5 days a week to support a growing global customer base

Our Signagelive global support team will be providing full 24 hour support 5 days a week.

Improve your platform further by enabling Two Factor Authentication on Signagelive [+VIDEO]

Protect your data and improve your Signagelive platform further by enabling 2 Factor Authentication.

How do I display Secure Dashboards on my screens? [+VIDEO]

Secure Dashboards puts security at the forefront of its workflow, find out how using Signagelive.

Signagelive has achieved ISO 27001 certification [+VIDEO]

We have completed the final external assessment as required by the ISO 27001 standard and have achieved certification by The British Standards Institute (BSI)

How to configure BSN.cloud and Signagelive [+VIDEO]

Everything you need to know about BSN.cloud and the benefits it brings. Also covering B-Deploy and how to configure your CMS of choice.

Everything you need to know about System on Chip [+VIDEO]

This article tells you everything you need to know about System on Chip including the benefits, the downsides and the correct lingo.

What is a BrightSign device and how do I use it? [+VIDEO]

In this guide, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about BrightSign. From hardware, what it can be used for, what it’s great at and when to use it.

How do I trigger content to many players FAST? [+VIDEO]

Web Triggers allows you to create groups of players that you want to trigger and the end result is a simple click experience that could affect from 1 to 1000 players.
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How do I create a user that needs Approval to upload content to my Digital Signage? [+VIDEO]

If you manage a digital signage network (or plan to implement one) and your users are limited to what they should be managing, read on to understand what approvals could do for you. 

Digital Signage Solutions and experiences for Retail using Signagelive [+VIDEO]

Signagelive is used for creating, publishing and managing your digital signage experience and can make a truly impactful experience in retail environments.

How to get started with your Digital Signage using Signagelive

This article is a beginners guide on how to get started with your digital signage using Signagelive to show how to add and publish content to your players.