What is a Signagelive Local User, why you might want it and how does it work?


The Signagelive digital signage platform allows you to manage content centrally, locally or both. Local users are given the ability to contribute and manage aspects of a company-wide digital signage network.

You should definitely be reading further if you are:

  • A retailer who wants to provide local managers with the ability to change content to react to external influences. I.e. only 5 more of these hot selling items are left, “get your hands on these before they are sold out”.
  • Any organisation with multiple offices or departments wishing to keep employees up to date either with HR news, the latest BBQ company party or health and safety messages or KPIs i.e. Local Facilities Manager wants to change content on their screen(s) to reflect number of warehouse incidents in a given month, whereas the Sales Manager is more interested in showing number of products sold.
  • An Education establishment where the receptionist requires to easily update welcome messages to greet visitors using a simple template and playlist.


As with many of our other features Signagelive aims to provide our customers with an easy to use platform. Our Local User capability allows for the right level of empowerment for the relevant individual while ensuring corporate branded content and templates, and other central messages cannot be changed.

For inspiration, we have several case studies showing how SIgnagelive can be used for internal/corporate communications including Blinds across their sales floors or in a reception area is 55 Water Street NYC.

How a Local user is set up

Each local user is assigned to a Player or Players and can access ONLY the Local Playlists that are associated with those Players.

For further details and guidelines on how to set up local playlists and local users please see this link


  • A Signagelive Administrator can create a Local User in order to associate Players and Playlists to them accordingly.
  • Once in the Flash UI, you can simply add a Localised Playlist asset to a new or existing Playlist.
  • Once you have added a Localised Playlist, you’ll be given a list of configurable properties to edit and options.

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Signagelive launches upgrades to the Philips product range and support for Philips Q line display series

Philips_annotated (1)

We are very pleased to tell you that we completed an upgrade to the Philips range of Android displays to support a wider range of Signagelive features, in addition to the launch of support for the Q line display series. Full details of supported Philips Displays and features are available in this help centre article.

We have completed these updates today (Monday 25th June) and all Signagelive managed Philips Displays will automatically receive the updates within the next 24 hours, or if you manually restart the Philips Display it will receive the update straight away.

The following new features will be available for all D, P and Q Philips series, in addition to the features already available:

  • Gapless video Playback
  • IPTV Streams (HLS Only)
  • Screen Control
  • Scheduled Reboots
  • Screen Rotation
  • Remote Application Updates
  • Proof of Play
  • New Info Screen
  • New Setup Screen
  • Remote Control Interrupts
  • System Reporting improvements
  • Playlist Media Asset Actions
  • Web Triggers Additional Data
  • Support for Ticker Pause

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Samsung HQ certifies Signagelive Digital Signage solution for Tizen 2.4 and 3.0 Smart Signage Displays


Signagelive are very pleased to announce that our latest Samsung update has been officially certified by Samsung for Smart Signage Platform Tizen 2.4 and 3.0 series displays.

Certification of the Signagelive application on Tizen 2.4 and 3.0 by Samsung represents a joint effort by both companies where the Signagelive application has been thoroughly tested by Samsung HQ engineers. As part of the ongoing activities and part of the certification programme, Signagelive will continue to be tested on all new major firmware releases as well as the creation of Signagelive specific firmware – more details will follow once that is available.

To find out more about upgrading your SSP Players to the certified firmware – see here for details.

We have also been working over the last few months with Samsung HQ during the development of the forthcoming Tizen 4.0 product range and this update includes initial changes to support the new range due for launch summer 2018.

Full details of supported Samsung Displays and features are available in this help centre article.

Finally in addition to updates to the Signagelive application to support the certified firmware we are also launching support for triggering content across all Tizen models using the factory remote control as previously announced for SSSP D and E series – see link for full details

We will be performing these updates on Monday 25th June, for your Samsung SSP Displays to receive these updates you will not need to do anything.

The Samsung SSP Displays will automatically receive the updates within 24 hours of the update being released, or if you manually restart the Samsung SSP Display it will receive the update straight away.

To learn more about Signagelive solutions and to discuss your digital signage requirements, please get in contact with us.

Signagelive UI release new Layout Designer/Manager & Sync Manager


We are very pleased to tell you that we are ready to perform our latest user interface update to Signagelive.

Our next release is on Monday 18th June at 9am GMT. This update will take up to a maximum of 1 hour to complete, during which you may notice some periods of unavailability, although this won’t affect your Players connecting to the Signagelive Cloud or their playback.

We have upgraded several modules including an enhanced Layout Designer/Manager and Sync Manager.

Layout Designer/Manager

The Layout Designer is where you will create your multi zone layouts to be used on your Players. We have migrated this to a new module and many improvements have been made including:

  • The replacement of Flash with HTML5 – making our Layout Designer much quicker/responsive and it will also work on mobile devices including tablets
  • Easier to navigate – functionality is all on the same page
  • Improved workflows and consistent styling e.g. the playlist and layout manager format look the same

To see detailed information on how to set up this feature please see this link

Sync Manager

You can use the Sync Manager to synchronise your displays, either to show the same content at the same time, or to show segmented contents as part of a videowall. We have migrated this to a new module and many improvements have been made including:

  • The removal of Flash to HTML5 – makes our system much quicker/responsive and it will also work on mobile devices including tablets
  • Much improved notifications on available sync Players to use
  • Easy to configure properties on each sync group
  • Improved workflows and consistent styling

To see detailed information on how to use our updated sync manager please see this link

Other enhancements for the enhanced user interface include:

  • Increase of the maximum media asset upload size to 3GB
  • An enhanced playlist export which now includes full conditional playback rules

If you prefer the old user interface layout e.g. for transparent layers – there will still be a “Switch to Legacy UI” button on the top right where you can switch back to the old version. However please note that we plan to retire the old modules in the next few months.

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Signagelive enables digital signage content to be selected using the remote control supplied with Samsung D and E Series Smart Signage Displays


With our latest Signagelive release you can now use the remote control supplied with Samsung D and E Series Smart Signage Displays to change the content being shown.

This new feature allows any supported piece of media, playlist or multi-zone layout to be selected and displayed on screen using the 0-9 buttons on the supplied Samsung Remote Control.

This enables interactivity with the Samsung Displays without the need for a touchscreen or any other device, just the supplied remote control. This powerful enhancement turns passive displays into multipurpose interactive media devices, unlocking lots of great use cases, such as:

  • Retailers could use the screen for staff training out of hours, allowing the staff to review the latest Health and Safety or Product training with full accountability of when the media was played and where.
  • A bar could switch from full-screen digital signage content to a multi-zone layout displaying live TV from a Satellite or Cable box connected to the HDMI input on the display alongside local advertising or drinks promotions when the big game starts.
  • Meetings room can switch easily between; corporate messaging, room booking information, business dashboards, social media, IPTV streams and devices connected to the HDMI input for presentations.
  • Sports stadiums can allow VIP Suite guest to select between multiple streams showing different cameras from the game.

The possibilities are endless and best of all, It’s simple to setup and use, all you need to do is publish content to interrupts 0-9 in Signagelive, set a duration on the interrupt and you are done.

We are really excited to release this much requested feature by our resellers and end users. For detailed information on how to setup this feature a video and instructions can be viewed here.

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What is Signagelive Proof of Play, why you might want it and how does it work?


The Proof of Play feature within Signagelive enables a great depth of analytics around media asset playback. It records the start and end time when a media asset is played, which then allows you to know whether your media has been played, how many times, and in which locations.

There are several verticals where Proof of Play can be hugely advantageous; examples include Retail, Healthcare, Construction and Finance.

How Proof of Play is set up

The Proof of Play application has to be requested by the Signagelive network administrator, it is added to the Network and is then available for use in your Applications Menu drop-down.

After installation you will be presented with the Proof of Play Dashboard which gives you an overview of your media impressions, (once it’s had time to collect data of course) top asset use and top Player usage.




Signagelive Proof of Play gives you the first step in the tools required to unlock the power of your data.

The stakeholders/target audience for this data tends to be Marketing/Sales or Key Decision Makers as results can prove very effective. Retailers can show an increase in sales based on content played back on certain days and times, or health and safety messages to show duty of care/compliance at a building site some detailed examples are shown below:

Retail – return on investment question – data intelligence can speak volumes

  • Client: Brand A – your content over the Christmas period showed ‘X’ number of times in ‘Y’ locations which when correlated with POS data can be seen to have influenced ‘Z’ in sales. Or perhaps, Client Brand A you may wish to rethink how the campaign looks and feels as given ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ data it would be more beneficial to change something.

Internal Communications – duty of care & compliance

  • Client: Global distribution centre has ‘X’ number of employees 80% of which do not have a permanent desk or an email address. Internal messaging from HR and safety measures showed ‘X’ number of times in ‘Y’ locations.

Finance – compliance & other legal obligations

  • Client: Exchange rate client has ever changing exchange rates to update on a weekly / monthly basis depending on location. We all know getting your Euros/Dollars etc at the airport is going to be at a different rate than on the high street (for the same company). Exchange rate for month ‘X’ showed on ‘Y’ locations ‘Z’ number of times.

A recent example from Signagelive on how this can be used is IDS Canada, who in conjunction with Campsite/Signagelive can use Proof of Play to show how effective their advertising campaigns have been.

Proof of Play data is provided in CSV format which can be manipulated and analysed by third party Business Intelligence and reporting applications e.g. Datahero as shown below:


Another easy to use reporting application is Google Sheets, by using the Explore feature to build Pivot Tables and Charts, to help visualise and gain insights from the data.


Proof of Play works by recording the data and time, plus tags for all media assets configured for Proof of Play. By first storing the information on the Signagelive Player, then transferring the information to the Signagelive platform when a content check is performed.

Once the data is transferred to the Signagelive platform, 12 different Proof of Play reports are available (you choose what is relevant to you) to help monitor the playback of your media assets within 24 hrs of the data being uploaded. There are four different types of reports:

  • all details on your media playback
  • grouped by media asset
  • grouped by media asset then player
  • grouped by player then media asset

To learn more about Signagelive solutions and to discuss your digital signage requirements, please get in contact with us.

Signagelive enhances Calendar integration app to enable interactive room booking


Meeting rooms are the ‘go to’ project for many organisations and whilst Signagelive is used to power corporate communications projects for digital signage, until now we have never had a compelling offer specifically for booking meeting rooms.

Signagelive have recently introduced an enhanced Room Booking app which offers simple room booking capabilities, you can book a meeting for right now, or for sometime in the future, directly from the meeting room sign. You can also extend and cancel a meeting from within the Room Booking App, directly at the meeting room sign.

Our interactive Room Booking app currently only supports Google accounts. We are working on Office 365 integration and will let you know when it is available. From within Signagelive, you can; connect to your Google account, access your rooms, assign each room to one of the many calendar widget templates available, and then publish to a Signagelive supported display touch devices e.g. IAdea XDS-1078 or Brightsign inside units bluefin or Avnu.

A demonstration of our Room Booking app will be running on the XDS-1078 display on the IAdea stand, North Hall, N3238 at Infocomm Las Vegas on 6-8 June.

Signagelive is very easy to use and as with all our software updates and apps, this new addition is available for all to use free of charge within the lifetime of your Signagelive licence fee.

To find out more about the interactive room booking widget click here


We have also enhanced the Calendar Integration application to allow you to build lists of rooms. This means that you can build a screen like the above using one of our new multi-room widgets (portrait and landscape) to use in your receptions and meeting room lobbies to keep visitors/employees up to date with the current and upcoming events/meetings in all of your meeting spaces.

To find out more about the multi-room list widget click here

Some recent research has been conducted by Futuresource and published by Sixteen:Nine to show the rise of technology in meeting room signs. With over 11 million meeting rooms, globally, digital door signs, interactive displays and video conferencing offer a huge potential in screens and software licences, to see more details of this article click here.

To learn more about Signagelive solutions and to discuss your digital signage requirements, please get in contact with us.

Signagelive announce support for Brightsign synchronisation


Signagelive has announced a further enhancement to our BrightSign support that brings frame accurate synchronisation to their 3 series range of players.

This great feature of Signagelive provides the ability to synchronise any number of BrightSign players on a local network. This is perfect for creating spectacular visual effects or ensuring that advertising content is synchronised across all displays at the same time.

The number of synchronised players that can be setup is unlimited, so spectacular effects can be created for a whole range of different applications including media sales and retail. For more information on how to synchronise your Brightsign players please take a look at this article.

To learn more about Signagelive solutions and to discuss your digital signage requirements, please get in contact with us.

Signagelive announce support for Samsung Tizen 3.0 / SSSP 5.0

Signagelive for Samsung Tizen Smart Signage Displaya

Signagelive are pleased to announce that we are launching support for Tizen 3.0 / SSSP 5.0 on Wednesday 18th April 2018.

A list of supported models can be found here and full details of supported features is available on our help centre.

The new models and existing Tizen models share the same application and installation process, so as part of the upgrade we will also be updating existing Tizen installations.

No action has been required by our Signagelive end users.

Signagelive decided from the outset, that all support and software updates will not be an additional cost to our customers. When you purchase a Signagelive licence, all software updates and support including live chat are included for the lifetime of your licence.

To learn more about Signagelive solutions and to discuss your digital signage requirements, please get in contact with us.

Signagelive announces new support for the Apple Mac and new partnership with Activate The Space.


Signagelive are very happy to announce support for Apple Mac devices and a new partnership with the award-winning team at Activate The Space in the U.S.

Signagelive for Mac provides all of the capabilities and features that customers and partners have come to expect from our award-winning cloud-based platform for scheduling, publishing and managing digital signage content and players.

The development and launch of Signagelive for Mac comes after months of extensive development and testing, conducted in collaboration with Activate the Space.

Signagelive for Mac will be demonstrated on the Signagelive stand 8-G335 at ISE, 6th – 9th February 2018.

For the past 10 years, Activate The Space has been the exclusive North American distributor for the ~sedna presenter digital signage software for the Mac. During this time, they were responsible for the sale of nearly 10,000.00 ~sedna presenter licenses used in some of the largest digital signage installations in the U.S.

Activate The Space introduced ~sedna presenter to Times Square with landmark installations such as American Eagle, Express, Clear Channel Outdoor and dozens more. In addition to their outdoor projects, Activate The Space has won numerous awards for their indoor LED installations at Under Armour stores across the country, including the design and integration of the massive indoor LED installment at the iconic Under Armour Chicago location.

With this announcement; Signagelive, in partnership with Activate The Space, is introducing Signagelive Digital Signage support for the Mac. Activate The Space is launching the new partnership under its new “System Product” category titled: “Brandcast” powered by Signagelive.

In addition to this announcement, Activate The Space is launching a new sales portal called DigitalSignageStore.com which will feature all of the supported media playback hardware, Signagelive software licenses and many supporting peripherals needed to create your own Digital Signage System. DigitalSignageStore.com is a one stop shop for all things powered by Signagelive Digital Signage. All products sold have been used and or tested by Activate The Space based on its years of project experience.

Chris Pelzar – CEO and Founder – Activate The Space

We made a decision in 2017 that we wanted all of our systems, including system control and digital signage management, to be cloud-based. Activate The Space operates hundreds of our client’s systems for them and knows, very well, what features our staff and clients demanded moving into 2018.

When we discussed those needs with Signagelive, it became quickly apparent that they not only understood where we wanted to go, but they were already doing much of it. The addition of support for the Mac enabled us to move forward quickly without fear of abandoning our legacy with the Apple Mac products.

In all of the software developments that Activate The Space has been involved in, this one ranks as the best experience we have had. We wanted to focus our attention on how people schedule and deliver content to their screens. The Mac playback aspect was very straightforward, but we wanted expanded capabilities on how these Digital Signage Networks are operated. In fact, we wanted all of the capabilities that Signagelive had on their other media player platforms.

We are very happy to announce that not only has Jason and his team at Signagelive achieved what Activate The Space needed, but it also came with the added benefit that this same portal interface can support other media playback hardware such as IAdea, Brightsign, LG Web OS, Samsung Tizen Smart Signage Displays and Windows. This enables our clients to have a mixed playback network, mixing and matching different media players on the same customer network and scheduling interface. With this, we are now able to offer our clients unparalleled options in price and performance of the media player hardware that all operate from the same interface.

Jason Cremins – Founder and CEO – Signagelive

It was immediately apparent when we met Christopher and the ATS team several months ago that the opportunity for Signagelive to become a major player in the Apple Mac digital signage community was significant. The credibility and track record that ATS has achieved in 10 years of specifying, selling and supporting Apple Mac digital signage solutions in North America made our decision to work with them to develop Signagelive for Mac a very easy one.

We look forward to working closely with ATS to support the launch of their DigitalSignageStore.com offering and Signagelive for Mac powering the many brands and customers that ATS work with daily to deliver a fully managed digital signage solution.

About Activate The Space

Formed in 2006 by Chris Pelzar and Brad Eisenhaure, Activate The Space enters its 12th year. With office and field services in Connecticut, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, Activate The Space has enjoyed tremendous growth and prosperity. With such clients as Under Armour, Clear Channel, Foot Locker, Billabong, Nike, Disney, Tumi, Bayer, Champs, Converse, American Eagle, Audemars Piguet, Citizen Watch, Hearst and hundreds of others. Activate The Space has designed award winning indoor LED systems and sold thousands of digital signage systems all over the world.

Staffed with technical support and mechanical engineering, many of the Activate The Space media head-end designs have also been used by SNA, Show + Tell, RGA, Sensory Interactive, Barnycz Group and dozens of other partners.

Activate The Space also employs a large digital agency in-house which provides content management services, video post-production, 3D motion graphics, 3D visualizations, motion graphics, graphics, social media, HTML integration, scheduling and distribution for many of its clients.

Activate The Space Contact:
Chris Pelzar
Activate The Space LLC.

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