Explore the latest digital signage features from Signagelive

We are continually updating Signagelive and bringing new digital signage features and capabilities. Read on for the articles covering our latest updates.

Digital Out of Home Media Sales added to Signagelive platform

Remote Media have teamed up with Media Plus International to enable advertisers to deploy media assets to Signagelive networks straight from the Advantage media sales platform.

70″ Digital 6-Sheet Finally Unveiled

The Signagelive 70" Digital 6-Sheet is now on show at the Digital…

Remote Media Launch Signagelive mobile

Mobile Digital Signage is now cheaper than fixed line Broadband…

Countdown to Launch of 70″ Digital 6-Sheet

   The Digital Signage Show Case part of the Sign & Digital…

Signagelive Key Features and benefits

True SaaS (Software–as-a–Service) Digital Signage Application: Enabling your Digital Signage network to be managed from anywhere that you can connect to the Internet via your web browser.