Remote Media Launch Signagelive mobile

Mobile Digital Signage is now cheaper than fixed line Broadband with Remote Media launching two new GPRS/3G data SIM packages providing a complete mobile Digital Signage solution.


Signagelive mobile now allows you to have a truly mobile Digital Signage Network . Just insert your SIM card into the USB Modem, ug it into your Signagelive device to start managing and monitoring your Digital Signage Network from anywhere in the world through your web browser.

Working exclusively with Vodafone UK, Remote Media can offer 1GB and 3GB data SIM packages over the Vodafone UK GPRS/3G network. For non UK mobile networks, contact your local telecoms provider for International data options.

Signagelive mobile benefits:


– Manage your Signagelive network from anywhere you can get a mobile phone signal.

– Contracted bandwidth protection.

– Low cost alternative to fixed line broadband.

– Reduced installation costs.

Portable solution enabling simple redeployment of your Signagelive hardware.

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Kevin Goldsmith

Head of Global Retail & Media Strategy

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