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The National Lottery of Mauritius implements countrywide digital signage, powered by Signagelive

Signagelive powered displays support dynamically updated content for FIFA World Cup 2014 in Lottery retail stores

The National Lottery of Mauritius is using Signagelive’s cloud-based software platform to display dynamically updated content, including lottery jackpots and FIFA World Cup TV feeds in different locations as part of nationwide project to update its advertising processes.

The digital signage solution is fully owned and managed by Plug In, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions in EMEA and Signagelive’s strategic channel partner in the region. By purchasing attractive airtime packages from Plug In, the National Lottery has been able to replace printed posters with digital content, resulting in enhanced consumer engagement and increased revenue.

Lottotech (owners of the National Lottery) began investigating the possibility of updating its promotional activities in 2012. The company began discussions with Plug In, who created a bundled application using Signagelive software to demonstrate the concept of digital signage.

Signagelive was chosen as the preferred technology partner because of its cloud-based digital signage capabilities and its reputation in the market. Signagelive also has experience of working with the Camelot, owners of the UK National Lottery.

Says Kabir Gobin, Business Development Director for Plug In;

“While testing the concept of digital signage and various technologies, it was clear from the outset that Signagelive’s offering was the most cost effective. It is cloud-based so we have been able to maximise all available bandwidth to ensure there are no latency issues, an important factor in a densely populated country like Mauritius where Internet usage is high.”

Further to a successful pilot involving 50 displays situated in primary locations, Plug In has installed a further 200 Samsung displays in a number of lottery-owned kiosks, mini markets, supermarket s and shopping malls throughout the island. The installed digital signage players have been preloaded with Signagelive software, making implementation speedy and straightforward.

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Digital signage has transformed Lottotech’s promotional activities and has resulted in significant cost savings both for the Lottery as well as independent traders. As an incentive for for providing designated space and covering all energy costs, retailers are given a display and a player (preloaded with Signagelive software) to use as an alternative to printed posters. By purchasing airtime bundles from Plug In, they can use the digital signage solution to promote their own products and offers.

The Samsung displays are being used to run different content formats including animated Flash banners, live weather updates, Media RSS feeds, lottery-funded projects and nested playlists.

All displayed content, including a countrywide campaign to promote the Lottery’s weekly jackpot, is scheduled and managed using Signagelive software. Gobin continues;

“Every Saturday at 8.30pm we are notified of the latest jackpot total, we simply alter the playlist within Signagelive and all displays are updated with the latest jackpot amount within 10-15 minutes across the island.”

Over the forthcoming weeks the displays will also being used to intersperse FIFA World Cup TV feeds with pre-scheduled playlists encourage consumers to stay in the different stores for longer periods of time.

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Plug In is planning to expand its digital signage activities by installing HD video walls (in 2 x 2 configuration formats) in the country’s three largest Malls. All displayed content will be run and managed using Signagelive’s cloud-based software. One of the video walls has already been installed and is fully operational.

About Plug in

Plug In Ltd offers a full range of Indoor and Outdoor Advertising Solutions with works ranging from Billboard manufacture and maintenance, Display Stands, Signage, Point of Sales Branding, Vehicle Wrapping to Bus Shelters Branding and our recently launched service – Digital Signage.

The first step of our company was billboard advertising making the company grow from strength to strength. We currently advertise for a number of different companies including Lottotech where we offer the service of updating their jackpot alerts on all their billboards every Saturday night. HSBC, Casela, KPMG, Gamma amongst others are a few of our many clients that use our billboard service.

Point of Sale Branding is another service we provide. This includes the re-decoration of entire shops from a full shop painting, indoor re-organisation, product placements, design, implementation of Display Stands and lastly indoor and outdoor Signage.

Our Outdoor Team specialises in Vehicle Wrapping and Bus Shelter Branding, which provides excellent market visibility with a relatively limited spend.

Contact: Kabir Gobin – Business Development Director

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