Signagelive provides an easy to use integrated digital signage system for Krispy Kreme



Based in the U.S. state of North Carolina, Krispy Kreme is one of the most beloved and well-known sweet treat brands in the world. The doughnut and coffeehouse chain, most famous for its iconic, melt-in-your-mouth Original Glazed doughnuts, operates in 30 countries.


The Australian operations of Krispy Kreme were already taking advantage of digital signage to manage its menu displays at store counters, to outline options and influence purchases. But the company wanted to wrest day-to-day management and control back from the services provider and have internal staff handle updates and changes to menus and promotions. 

Outsourcing content management to the third-party service provider caused unwanted delays in making important changes on variables like pricing, special offers and new products.

Krispy Kreme wanted a content management platform that was easy to use, reliable, ready to scale up with growth, and malleable enough to adapt to changes and integrate with other business systems. Krispy Kreme managers also wanted to reduce management costs and the month-to-month expenses for software licensing and infrastructure.

The company also wanted to introduce outdoor drive-thru menu displays in key locations – both as a new customer option but also as a tactical measure to counteract indoor ordering and dining restrictions put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Krispy Kreme wanted to convert to a new services provider, but wanted to do so quickly and with minimal disruption. Any transition from one platform to a new one had to be largely seamless and invisible to customers.



The Australian digital signage integrator Amped Digital won a tendered bid for the project at the end of 2020, working with partner Signagelive on a CMS software solution. 

“We were up amongst some very strong and well-known system integrators and software suppliers,” recalls Dylan Holtzhausen of Amped Digital. “So when we received the call that we were successful for the project, it was an important milestone for the team and company.”

The existing digital menu displays deployed in Krispy Kreme’s Australian and New Zealand stores were aging and due for replacement, enabling Amped and Signagelive to take advantage of the reduced costs and streamlined installation of Samsung’s smart signage displays – all-in-one commercial flat panel displays that build the media storage and playout capabilities into the screen, using System On Chip (SOC) technology.


Creating a network on the cloud-based Signagelive digital signage platform realised several advantages for Krispy Kreme:

  • A simple but powerful software user experience that can be fully managed in-house;
  • Secure cloud-hosting with high availability that removes the day-to-day management burden for Krispy Kreme’s regional IT services team;
  • An agnostic, web-centric platform that uses tools such as data-tagging of players, locations and media assets to maximise accuracy of content targeting and scheduling, but minimise the work needed day to day to refresh and distribute new material.

“If the various elements of a digital signage network are described and tagged within Signagelive, a content targeting and scheduling job that would take hours on other platforms can be done in a matter of minutes,” explains Jason Cremins, CEO of UK-based Signagelive. “It means minimal management time to run the network, but provides maximum control over how things look and work.”

Inside the stores – more than two-dozen across Australia and New Zealand – the set-up involves a minimum of four screens tiled in a row, behind the order counter. Promotional content can also be synchronised across all four screens, on demand, for can’t miss promotional campaigns.