AOPEN media players and Signagelive software bundle strengths


AOPEN, a leading hardware manufacturer that specialises in small form factor computing devices, has been working together on a bundled digital signage offering with partner Signagelive. Signagelive is a global software leader in the digital signage industry with a cloud-based platform which has been used to pre-image mulitple AOPEN Digital Engines. The devices combine the commercial-grade AOPEN media players with the Signagelive enterprise-grade content management platform.

The new Signagelive/AOPEN pre-imaged players are easy to implement and user-friendly. Simply unbox your AOPEN device and connect it to power and network. The Signagelive software will automatically load and you can activate your AOPEN device. It’s really that simple!

There are five AOPEN models* enhanced with Signagelive images. 

  • DE3450-S – Cost-effective UHD (4K) Media player
  • DE3450 – UHD (4K) playback, excellent connectivity
  • DEX5550 – High performance 4K display
  • DE6200 – AMD based three-output player for video walls
  • DE6340 – AMD based four-output player for video walls

*The specsheets of these media players are available on the AOPEN website.

Signagelive licences are available for 1, 2, or 3 year terms or on a monthly subscription (MOQs apply). Furthermore, Signagelive software can be used by an unlimited number of users and has free software updates for the lifetime of your subscription.

AOPEN and Signagelive currently offer a bundle across all commercial territories which is a 90 days free trial with Signagelive and an AOPEN media player. 

The new products will be visible at the Exertis ProAV Expo in Birmingham, on the 5th of November. Stop by and have a talk with our sales executives to find out more! 

This bundled product shows the synergy between AOPEN and software vendors such as Signagelive. Via our cooperation, I think we created something that works for the customer and simplifies implementation.

Erik Siera, Business Development Manager EMEA, AOPEN

It is vitally important to clients and integrators to know that they have a reliable solution from proven vendors. This is exactly why both the Signagelive and AOPEN technical teams have gone through rigorous procedures to approve the below devices, in order to cater for different use cases of the digital signage industry. The coming together of two market-leading vendors such as Signagelive and AOPEN gives peace of mind to any installation, not to mention ease of use and a ‘plug and play’ feel.

Aferdita Qesku, Sales Director, Signagelive


AOPEN creates hardware for different solutions in different scenarios, using our broad in-house knowledge as the backbone for the operation. As well as focusing on digital signage, our devices are also ideal for analytics, surveillance, kiosks, machine vision and many more.

With a product range of Digital Engines, all-in-one touch displays, Chromeboxes and Chromebases, there’s an AOPEN device for every situation.

AOPEN was founded in 1996 in Taiwan as a component manufacturer. Over a period of 20 years AOPEN developed from a component manufacturer to a small form factor computing device manufacturer in an ever growing and exciting market as part of the Acer Group. We now operate in more than 100 countries worldwide, and our products are applied in a multitude of scenarios with a vision of penetrating more.

To continue our growth, we intend to maintain our values of an open environment and share our knowledge with our channel partners to uphold our quality standards.

About Signagelive

Signagelive’s digital signage platform is used globally by over 2000 organisations to manage their networks.  

Supplying digital signage software and services to multiple markets including retail, education, and hospitality, to over 46 countries across EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific. 

Its innovative technology media playback software is written in HTML5, is cloud-based and is compatible with an unrivalled number of display screens, mobile devices and video wall display systems. 

Jason Cremins, Founder and CEO,,