RevelTV networks powered by Signagelive extend the marketing reach of digital signage

Signagelive cloud-based software makes digital signage a viable option for retailers and quick serve restaurants

RevelTV, a top provider of turnkey solutions for digital signage services and applications in the United States, has deployed Signagelive’s cloud-based CMS into its core business to create a fully packaged digital signage offering for the retail, automotive, hospitality, educational and finance industries.

Signagelive integrates seamlessly with an extensive range of media players and display types, including legacy Windows PCs and new Samsung Smart Signage platform (SSSP), enabling RevelTV to source AV equipment from different vendors to create a purpose-built solution for different customers. Retailers already enjoying the benefits of digital signage powered by Signagelive and RevelTV’s Channel Valet include convenience store chains Maceys and Maverik.

Maceys-owned convenience stores were dependent on printed posters for all in-store promotions. These were not only costly to produce and replace, individual stores were unable to generate promotional campaigns for hot items at short notice because of the timescales needed to produce printed material.

Further to installing a RevelTV solution powered by Signagelive, Maceys can now create and publish appealing content to 200 different displays on a location-by-location or store-wide basis within 24 hours. Promotional messages are not department-specific; the deli departments, for example, can display special deals on groceries or pharmaceutical products, encouraging shoppers to browse the entire store and arrive at checkout with fuller baskets as a result.

Maverik wanted to increase takings and improve brand loyalty by replacing printed posters with digital advertising. The drinks fountains installed in different locations all featured a large, static printed advert on the front panel and the company saw this as an ideal opportunity to replace printed posters with digital content.

RevelTV has deployed more than 1,250 Signagelive powered displays across multiple locations to date and its digital signage network is resulting in increased overall sales through the display of dynamic video to promote other Maverik products, such as hotdogs or confectionary.

The Maceys and Maverik installations are based on the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP). Signagelive’s SoC software has been seamlessly integrated into the SSSP, eliminating the need for onsite media players to run and manage content and allowing digital signage network users to create and manage their own content without needing third-party support.

“Digital Signage is becoming more and more of the norm and that’s where people are moving,”

says Matt Dopp, CMO of Revel Media Group.

“It’s no longer a topic of “what is digital signage?” but a topic of “how can we do it”. RevelTVs powered by Signagelive mean faster content and fewer phone calls.”

“Signagelive’s cloud based software supports all digital platforms regardless of supplier,”

says Raffi Vartian, CMO of Signagelive.

“This means that RevelTV can deploy a digital signage solution to their end customer without having to worry about software compatibility. Furthermore, Signagelive is cloud-based, which means fast installation and low cost, making it a highly appealing business offering.”

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