The Digital Signage and Media API

Here’s the scenario, you want to deploy, manage and update a network of devices capable of playing back audio, video, HTML5 apps, in fact, pretty much any media asset.

  • You are looking for a platform that will allow you to create your own Media Player or use any of the existing supported Media Players or System on Chip (SoC) Displays.

  • You want to create and publish multiple visual zones of content to a Media Player or SoC Display creating a digital signage experience.

  • You want the ability to build an application that controls the publishing and management of your media, plus control every aspect of your Media Player’s performance including remote screenshots of visual media.

  • You have built a HTML5 web app and want to, publish it to a media player or SoC Display ensuring it works offline and control and monitor its performance across hundreds of thousands of remote locations.

  • You want to group your Media Players or SoC Displays and trigger instantaneous changes to the media playing.

  • You want to build your own monitoring dashboards and apps containing near real-time status information of your Media Players, Media, Playlists and Web Apps.

  • You want to build Power-ups to extend your applications with the latest web technologies including but not limited to; Slack, Zapier, IFTTT and

If the above sounds like you, Signagelive’s range of APIs are what you have been searching for, so why not become a Signagelive Builder today.

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