Why should a coffee shop use Signagelive digital signage for their business? What would be the benefits to them as a business to use this product?

1_CoffeeShop_headerAre you still using old-fashioned paper menus and displays at your coffee shop? That has been fine up until now but digital signage is the way forward for your business. Digital, dynamic and interactive displays will allow you to show a huge variety of up-to-date content to current and potential customers, and you can store all your content in the cloud. More companies are using digital signage to enhance, inform, upsell and improve their business performance and here is why.

There are many benefits to using digital signage in a coffee shop including:

Attention-grabbing displays – all of us, including B2B and B2C, are surrounded with adverts every single day. You need to do something different to make your products stand out from your competitors. Paper displays may be well designed but are static and can easily be ignored. Digital signs are dynamic and more eye catching. Special offers could be shown at different times of the day e.g. morning choice of coffee and croissant for breakfast, afternoon coffee and cake! Who could resist!4_lower_overheads
Cloud-sourced content – keeping marketing collateral up to date is very expensive and time consuming. Using a cloud based system means that your content is easily accessible and you can instantly update images, text and videos – even across several branches. Content can easily be updated with new themes – e.g. timely promotions for Easter, Christmas, charity events.3_Cloudbased_contentLower overhead potential – the short terms costs of a digital platform are of course more expensive than paper, but in the long term huge savings can be made. Updates to the design can be made at a click of a button using content in the cloud rather than the cost of a whole new design each time there is a new product or price changes, which saves time and budget. Promotions can be instantly updated and flashed on the screen to push sales on items e.g. cookies/cakes that need to be eaten on that day, loyalty schemes advertised e.g. buy 5 coffees and get the next one free!5_brand_awareness
Better brand awareness – digital displays can display a large variety of products, special offers and brand messages which as well as promoting an increased brand awareness can also help to boost sales. Great digital displays will be noticed and talked about by its customers and will appeal to all ages.

Impulse purchases – increased sales volume is crucial for all businesses and digital signage can help to deliver. In today’s world of digital technology customers are more likely to respond to eye-catching, interactive displays than old fashioned posters and brochures. So make it stand out and get noticed!6_impulse_purchase
Understanding your customers is the first step to building an effective and strategic branding campaign. Using digital signage will help build brand awareness which is always difficult in retail to have a USP and to stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

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