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Dension CPX-1 player and Signagelive digital signage software bundle now available from Exertis Micro-P

Exertis Micro-P, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DCC plc and a leading retail and B2B distributor within the UK, been appointed as UK distributor of Dension’s CPX-1 digital signage player. The innovative System on chip (SoC) and Android-based media player has been built to work with the Signagelive cloud-based digital signage platform. It will be supplied bundled with a Signagelive three year licence, updates and support and is available now through Exertis Micro-P IT and AV resellers.

In a move that responds to the increased demand for robust, feature-rich smart signage technology – and to offer additional value to existing customers – Dension Signage Ltd and Signagelive have pooled their skills and expertise to develop a cost effective, energy-efficient Android-based signage solution for wide-scale commercial use. It incorporates advanced features such as scheduling, playback and multi-zone capabilities normally associated with Windows-based systems.

Dension CPX-1 powered by Signagelive

Dension CPX-1 powered by Signagelive

The new product, the CPX-1, is the latest in Dension’s growing portfolio of digital signage products. CPX-1 has been purpose built to support signage applications and enables resellers and end users to integrate digital signage technology into their core business cost effectively. CPX-1 has been designed and built by Dension using commercial-grade hardware components and has no moving parts to offer maximum reliability. CPX-1 has also been developed to seamlessly interface with Signagelive’s cloud-based Player API to replicate and deliver advanced capabilities that historically have only been available on expensive PC-based solutions.

Unique features of this innovative new media player include LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI input to enable picture-in-picture capabilities and mobile connectivity using standard USB dongles.

Signagelive’s Android-based Player API, used to power the CPX-1, replicates the scheduling playback and management capabilities of its Windows-based Display Edition licence. It incorporates features such as advanced scheduling, conditional scheduling, multi-zoning applications, QR code support and integration for third-party widgets and content services such as Twitter, Yahoo Finance or Screenfeed.

Signagelive’s cloud software also supports different content formats including streaming video, live TV, and media RSS feeds. All content can be managed and updated centrally or remotely via different devices including PCs, Smartphones or Tablets.

Ian Aitken, Visual Business and AV General Manager at Exertis Micro-P, stated,

“ Dension’s industry leading media player, in conjunction with Signagelive will enable Exertis Micro-P to offer our customers a bundle that will turn any LFD screen into a total signage solution quickly and easily.. This solution will bring full signage functionality at a price point never previously seen in the UK. This is a real industry first!”

Ferenc Balogh, Managing Director of Dension Signage Ltd commented;

“The appointment of Exertis Micro-P as our UK distributor for the Dension CPX-1 digital signage device is provides us unrivalled access to the UK IT and AV reseller market. Together with Signagelive we have developed an optimised digital signage media player that satisfies a growing demand for cost effective, smart, non-PC based solutions. The low power consumption of the CPX-1 compared to conventional PC solutions means we can present our product as the “green option” for Digital Signage. Unlike other Android digital signage players on the market, the CPX-1 has been built from the ground up to provide reliable functionality to users. In addition, its unique features, which include HDMI input and USB mobile dongle support, demonstrate our commitment to providing a reliable solution that our partners and their customers actually want.”

Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive stated that;

“The Dension CPX-1 is the first Android based digital signage device build from the board-up for unattended, enterprise applications. Whilst there are other Android devices available for digital signage, these are based on consumer grade components with limited functionality. With Micro-P now distributing the Dension CPX-1 with Signagelive, UK IT and AV Resellers can embrace digital signage without the costs and complexity previously associated with digital signage technology.”


About Exertis Micro-P Ltd
Exertis Micro-P is one of the leading distributors of IT, communication & home entertainment products in the UK and a wholly owned subsidiary of parent company DCC PLC, Ireland’s sixth largest company.

Exertis Micro-P represents over 180 manufacturers in the UK alone spanning more than 22,000 products across computing and accessories, print, consumer electronics, networking, servers and solutions, communications and mobile and AV solutions. World class partner brands include Acer, Huawei, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Nokia, Western Digital, SonicWall and Netgear.

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