How to boost manufacturing production and operations using digital signage


Digital signage is increasingly being used in manufacturing to address a variety of challenges related to supply chain issues, operations, and managing a frontline workforce.

One key challenge that digital signage can help address in manufacturing is the need for real-time visibility and communication within the supply chain. By displaying real-time updates on production schedules, delivery times, and inventory levels, digital signage can help manufacturers improve communication and coordination with suppliers, partners, and customers. This can help reduce the risk of delays or disruptions and improve overall efficiency and profitability.

Look out for data integrations, such as Signagelive’s Secure Dashboards, which enable sensitive business data to be scaled out and securely showcased in real time across a digital signage network.

Automatically updating as regularly as every five minutes, data can be displayed from almost any business intelligence platform, including Tableau.

For the most secure CMS solutions, consider working with an ISO-27001-certified CMS provider – that is, a provider that is verified to be able to handle and protect large volumes of highly sensitive data.

Digital signage can also help manufacturers improve operations by providing real-time information on equipment performance, production rates, and safety alerts. By using sensors and other technologies to collect data, manufacturers can use digital signage to display real-time updates and alerts, helping to identify and resolve issues more quickly. This can help improve overall equipment uptime and efficiency and reduce the risk of costly downtime or accidents.

Cloud-based CMS solutions can be connected, for instance, to sensors that sound an alarm for noxious gas leaks or spills. When the alarm is activated, they can automatically trigger content to screens, which informs workers about where the problem is located, and where to go and what to do.

In addition to improving supply chain and operations, digital signage can also be a valuable tool for managing a frontline workforce. By displaying training materials, performance metrics, and important announcements, digital signage can help engage and inform employees, and improve communication and coordination within the organisation. This can help improve morale, productivity, and retention, and ultimately drive business success.

With integrated CMS YouTube and IBM Cloud services, manufacturers are able to streamline training. Simply by using their digital signage to live stream training sessions, they can train employees across multiple sites, with just one experienced trainer.

Integrated CMS no-code content creation tools, such as Screenfeed Connect also make it easy to create more personalised employee communications to facilitate cross-department collaboration and foster a sense of inclusivity.

For example, content can be created to introduce new starters by integrating employee pictures and brief biographies into announcement drafts from almost any connected data source, including Google Sheets.

Overall, digital signage is a powerful tool that can help manufacturers deal with the challenges of supply chain issues, operations, and managing a frontline workforce. By providing real-time visibility, data insights, and communication tools, digital signage can help manufacturers stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.