How to get the best out of your Corporate Communications using Signagelive Digital Signage [+VIDEO]

Every company or organisation regardless of their size or number of employees have a need to communicate openly and engage effectively with their teams. We have many tools to help you. This video will give you some insight into using digital signage for Corporate Communications including: 

Single Sign On – we support a range of Active Directory choices including Okta, Azure, PingFederate and OneLogin that saves you time and allows you to manage your Network users from one place.  

Network Management – for those in control of your network management you can use the Signagelive platform to deliver all the information and reporting you need.

Tagging – this is useful when managing different locations, teams, environments and content structures. An extension of tagging is Conditional Playback which allows you to specify a subsection of available players. – 

Marketplace – we know that many Signagelive users do not have access to content creation tools so our Marketplace is available for free with over 500 Apps which are continuously updated. 

Proactive Monitoring – this is for managing larger networks to notify the administrator of any issues via an alert or a ticket.   

Broadcast Player – allows a URL to be delivered to an unlimited number of personal devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

Local Playlist – allows Administrators to create playlists that are available to Local Users so that just a segment is available to those who need access.

Support levels – we offer a wide range of support levels – from our free standard support including Live Chat and email, to a Premium or Enterprise support levels for a more one to one experience, or tailored training sessions.

To learn more about Corporate Communications please contact the Signagelive Support Team via Live Chat or by emailing