Signagelive and Sony team up to bring you eco-friendly, immersive digital signage experiences [+VIDEO]

How to create engaging digital signage with a small carbon footprint

You can now seamlessly run our content management system (CMS) on any of Sony’s leading-edge System-on-Chip powered BRAVIA 4K digital signage displays, including the recently launched BZ40L range! This is big news, as together, Signagelive and Sony can deliver an immersive, high-impact digital signage experience – at scale – AND reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

So, what’s special about Sony and Signagelive and why should you use them together for your digital signage

Why choose Sony BRAVIA 4K displays?

Sony BRAVIA 4k displays are market-leading, offering sensational viewing experiences that can be reliably rolled out to any business. Take the Sony flagship BZ40L Display range as an example. Designed in 32”-98” screen sizes, the displays exemplify many of the cutting-edge screen technology features for which Sony is renowned. To give you more support for business, they offer around-the-clock 24/7 operation, and come with a large 32GB storage capacity, so you can store and run all your data and apps, without incurring any slow-down in performance.

The range also delivers an incredible life-like and immersive viewing experience. With their 4K HDR Processor X1, the displays can refine and sharpen the on-screen appearance of lower resolution content in real-time. Colours are also more realistically portrayed in every hue and shade, and even the most fast-paced video sequences are smooth and judder-free. 

Features, such as the Deep Black Non-Glare Coating ensure that this exceptional viewing experience can be uniformly created for any user case scenario. Designed to reduce screen glare and reflections, this feature effectively works to optimise visibility, even in the most challenging lighting conditions, such as in shop front windows, or in harshly lit office or foyer environments. Jay Leedy, Sony Head of Business Development, tells us that the feature can reduce reflectivity by as much as 44%.

Sustainability in business

Excitingly, this enhanced picture performance doesn’t require any additional energy consumption. In fact, thanks to a whole series of initiatives and technologies from Sony, these screens actually help to reduce your business’s overall carbon footprint.

To help cut down the use of conventional, and environmentally harmful plastic, the back of the screens are made from a recycled plastic, SORPLAS (Sustainable Oriented Recycled Plastic). Made up of optical discs from discarded DVDs and optical sheets used in LED screens, this recycled plastic can be recycled time and time again without any quality degradation.

Even the packaging makes a big difference. Simply by using smaller and lighter packaging, more screens can be transported at the same time, which helps to reduce C02 emissions per unit from product transportation by fifteen percent. Usage of print ink is similarly kept to a minimum, and allows for further energy savings.

Why use Signagelive with Sony displays?

When you pair Signagelive with SoC-powered Sony 4K Bravia displays, you can optimise efficiency and ensure the perfect performance, management, scheduling and delivery of your digital signage viewer experience. As Signagelive is a cloud-based content management system (CMS), it saves you the trouble and expense of having to invest in any energy-guzzling on-premises servers. Moreover, unlike physical servers, our cloud-based solution won’t ever need to be checked or maintained in person, so it will also save  you time, money – and energy in the long-term.

Content design and structure

Prior to scheduling, you also have the option of managing the presentation of your content. You’re also able to present content in a full-screen format, or alternatively, in a  multi-zone layout, with,for example, multiple company news updates, or with different  advertisements from retailers on mall digital signage. With built-in Signagelive platform tools, you can even add extra interest to the screen, using features, such as on-screen countdown timers for events and promotion launches.

Content scheduling

Signagelive also reduces the on-going need for day-to-day content management, enabling you to schedule and deliver content to one, some or all your screens, and from absolutely anywhere. You’re able to schedule content at a moment’s notice, and even edit and update posts that have already gone live. With the advanced scheduling functionality, it’s also possible to select the start and end times for campaigns, so that time-sensitive promotional messaging never stays on-screen beyond the relevant period. With features, such as built-in tagging, you’re able to categorise your campaigns and messaging according to, for example, region, so that relevant messaging can be sent out automatically to all the relevant screens at the same time.

Data visualisation experiences

When you use Signagelive with Sony BRAVIA professional displays, you have the ideal support to roll out eye-popping, and engaging data visualisation strategies across all your organisation’s screens. As an ISO-27001-certified company, Signagelive has the credentials to keep even the largest volumes of sensitive data safe. What’s more, built-in Signagelive data integrations make it easy to share company key performance indicator (KPI) reports, and budgets from any business intelligence tool, including Microsoft PowerBI – in real-time and in any presentation format you need. 

Go big with your digital signage plans

With Signagelive and Sony, you can go one step further and “wow the crowds” with experiential digital signage. The “integrations Signagelive brings to bear” are, as Sony’s Leedy explains, one of the many reasons why Signagelive can add so much value. While Sony provides the incredible audiovisual on-screen performance, Signagelive takes care of the interactive experience, with features, such as Real Time Events (RTE). This functionality enables you to use the platform to switch connected devices on/off at prescheduled times during the content. The result is a super-immersive experience that allows you to utilise everything from the smart lighting to smart speakers to help set exactly the right ambience for your on-screen messaging.

With Signagelive Triggers and partners like Nexmosphere, you can also build additional interactive experiences that enable relevant content to automatically appear on-screen, when someone picks up a prop in a showcase, or presses a physical button. 

In effect, when you pair Signagelive with Sony displays, you can do so much more than deliver digital signage. You can actually create immersive – and interactive experiences that instantly build an emotional connection with your viewers. You won’t even have to up your energy consumption to do this. In fact, quite the reverse – you can actually save more energy than with most other digital signage solutions.